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  1. I'm in the last quarter of the book and hoping for a good ending. This book is as much detective novel as it is sci fi, I've never been a fan of the detective novel that just pieces and pieces and nothing makes sense and everything is a dead end, then WHAM! At the end it all comes together. I like the story to be interesting all the way through and develop. I like the world he created, I like the protagonist and many of the characters. I just wish more actually happened. Hoping the ending pays off. It should make a pretty cool series though.
  2. We are warming up. The C25 plan has you walking 5min before and after your walk/jog intervals. I'll have to google dynamic stretching and read a bit more about it. We do have good shoes. They feel great BTW, no blisters or foot issues. I actually want to wear these things all day but I'm keeping them strictly for our runs. As for ramping up, my wife and I have agreed that we're doing this together. We move to the next week when the week we're on doesn't feel like it's killing us . Right now I think we're doing well enough to jump up next week. If either of us struggle or have trouble finishing that last day of the week then we're just going to repeat that week. Our mantra is take it slow but with absolute consistency. Thanks for the info and all the great encouragement.
  3. So my wife and I had our 4th run this morning, basically we're doing C25k. Last week we started walking/light jogging a couple days just to see how it felt and how shoes fit and I had a run on my own at first. So today was officially C25 day 2 for us. I think we're doing pretty good, we both felt good afterwards, the schedule seems to work great so no real barrier to getting out there and doing it 3 times a week. It's hard because of my weight but definitely not too hard. Hopefully as I start seeing results from my diet the lighter I get the easier the runs will be. So today while running I had some tightness/pain on the outside of my legs. Not my shin and not really my calf. So if my leg was a clock and the center of my shin was 12 o'clock the pain is about 10 o'clock on left leg and 2 o'clock on the right leg. I know I have under-pronation because my shoes always wear out on the outside edges. The pain is a muscle soreness. My wife has a very similar pain on the inside of her leg about 8 o'clock on her right leg. She was saying my ankle hurts but when she showed me the pain it was the muscles above her ankle on the inside of her leg. Said it hurt a bit while walking but doesn't hurt as much when we actually run. Neither of these pains are terrible or causing us not to be able to run. I just want to ask if this is normal, just muscles that have been dormant for a long time getting some use and getting a bit sore. Or, maybe something we should stretch better or a specific way. Any advice? I just don't want to ignore something small and have it become something bigger if I can do something about it now. Otherwise it seems to be going great. We're going on vacation back up to NJ to see our families in two weeks and we've already been planning where we're going to run and what days so my wife has the long term mindset I was really hoping she would. So far so good.
  4. Wow, I'm new to all of this but that race report is heartbreaking. You have another fan rooting for you @SteveC702. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing someone give it everything they have going after their dream.
  5. Later Tonight.... FOX NEWS ALERT Government Bureaucracy kills Majestic Gorilla! Democratic Inefficiency and Over-Regulation almost lead to child's death. Wouldn't privatization have saved Harambe? Trump says "What did I tell you, we're going to build a bigger wall and it's going to be fabulous, at least that's what they tell me." MSNBC BREAKING NEWS Republican Greed and lack of public funds push endangered Gorillas further to the Brink of Extinction. PETA decries "further evidence of the horrors of our animal concentration camps". NASA weighs in, low growing bushes and half filled moat caused by Global Warming. Bernie says gorillas disenfranchised, should unionize. Demands safer enclosures and $15 an hour.
  6. I was at a big BBQ yesterday. When we add together all of the burgers, dogs, and drumsticks everyone ate yesterday it must add up to a few chickens, a couple pigs, and a good portion of a cow. It was tasty. I think we kill like 100k cows, 300k pigs, and almost 25 MILLION chickens a day to feed people in this country. I understand we don't have a ton of gorillas left and I understand that some animals are cuter or more "personable" than others. But seriously, they're animals. Suggesting that we should let a child die before killing any animal for any reason, even if the child was responsible, is insane. People get nuts about this stuff when a dog or cat is killed, a gorilla is shot, someone hunts a lion and posts a facebook picture. It's so emotional and devoid of any kind of logic. The number of animals we slaughter because they're tasty, every single day, is like an ocean to a dixie cup compared to the things that happen in these news stories. I don't want animals to suffer needlessly, animal cruelty should be punished, we should steward what we've been given the best that we're able. But taking a human life, any human life over an animal's life, any animals life is ridiculous. And I don't know who is suggesting these parents get shot or lose their kids or whatever else but I'm guessing most of them don't have kids. This exact thing happens to parents all over every single day. Every day a kid gets lost at the mall or at the park or runs off in a store or accidentally tumbles down some stairs. If you're a parent and you tell me you've never had that moment when you've spun around in a panic because you've lost your kid for a moment then I'll call you a liar. It happens to us all occasionally. In this case the danger wasn't due to extra negligence it was due to the unfortunate circumstance of where they were. It was an accident and could have happened to anyone. And all this nonsense about being super careful because you're around deadly animals must, once again, be coming mostly from non-parents. You don't walk around the zoo at super high alert because of the deadly animals. You're at the zoo, millions of people walk around thousands of zoos a day without dying. You have a much better chance of dying on the way in the car than being attacked by a gorilla or lion. It's a completely illogical expectation. This whole thing is nuts. Poor family had a traumatic event that, thank God, did not turn tragic. The poor zoo lost a very loved animal and valuable exhibit. The poor animal had his life cut short but luckily doesn't appear to have suffered. There are no winners but honestly this could have turned out so much worse. The kid is safe and that's all that REALLY matters in this story.
  7. So the plan was to start running this morning. Had my clothes/shoes set out, downloaded my apps, went to bed early. I had everything ready. My daughter stumbles into our room crying around 2am covered in puke. Not a fun cleanup, some hit the floor but most hit the walls on the way from her room to ours. Son is also sick in the morning. That's ok, I'll go in the afternoon. Work goes late, everyone is sick, it gets later and later. Finally with about 45m left of daylight I storm out of the house "I'm going running." I made a commitment to myself so I'm running! On the 3 minute drive to the park it starts raining. That's ok, rain wont kill me. Finally get there, grab my phone, get ready to go..... phone is dead. No couch to 5k program, no timing anything, no music. It's like the universe is trying to stop me No matter, I went anyway. I just counted in my head. 300 seconds of walking, then 60s jobbing/90s walking about a half dozen times, then 300 more seconds of walking. I think that's what the app was going to have me do. I don't know if I was counting too fast or too slow but it felt like it was slow. I kept thinking to myself "That's a minute, a true minute, as I live beneath the Beam" (any Dark Tower fans)? The loops is 1.5miles and when I finished jogging/running I was probably done 2/3 of it, so about a mile. I walked the rest back to the car. A couple of observations. These shoes are awesome. I couldn't believe how good my knees/feet felt afterwards. Shoes seriously make a huge difference, I can't believe how big a difference. I was kind of thrown off a bit by my rough start but to be honest it may have been a blessing in disguise. No phone app, no music, nothing to distract me. It was interesting but I think it helped me pay more attention to my body. How I felt, how quick I should run so I wasn't wheezing by the end of the minute, how my legs felt depending on where I tried landing on my foot. I'm going to use the C25k app for timing but I think i'm going to run without music for a while. I tried landing on the middle to front of my foot. I read it was better for knees instead of landing near my heel. It was pretty comfortable, I think I'm going to keep trying to do this. On one hand I couldn't believe how shockingly out of shape I am and it was somewhat depressing. On the other hand I couldn't believe how shockingly out of shape I am and it really pissed me off and motivated me. It feels pathetic not to be able to simply run a mile but it felt SO DAMN GOOD to be outside running at all. If I can keep myself healthy and build up some strength and stamina I could see myself really loving this. Until then, I know for sure that if the zombie apocalypse comes and I run out of ammo, I'm doomed. I really appreciate the encouragement in the other thread and I'm sorry if I've gone on a little long. Just a lot of stuff running around in my head after today and wanted to get some of it out. If anyone reads anything that seems off or alarming about how I'm running, please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Oh, and I was reading through this thread a bit on Friday but it's so big. Going to take a while.
  9. Hey guys. I started a thread about starting out a couch to 5k and a bunch of runners suggested I come post over here. I'm north of 300lb, 6'2" and my wife and I starting the day after tomorrow. The plan is to take it slow. Do each week and if I can't do it without feeling like I'm dying I'll just repeat the week. I'm going to look for a 5k to sign up for somewhere in the early fall. 9 weeks I think is a bit too quick, I'm guessing more like 12 or more considering my current shape. I got us both some Hoka Bondis (wow, they feel funky but super cush) and we moved our schedules around so we can go 3-4x a week after dropping the kids off at school. Wish me luck! (Here is my other thread if you're interested... )
  10. Just picked up Altered Carbon, starting tonight. Really interested in the Cixin Liu books though, probably next in line. Been trying to read Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Having a hard time getting into it. Going to set it aside for Altered Carbon and try again after.
  11. My wife and I listened to this on a drive not too far back. It's almost exactly 6 hours and really funny. Easy to follow and a really fun, light comedy.
  12. No, but spygate and all the other cheating in that article is not so gray. The only thing Deflategate did was confirm that nothing has changed. What it really did was indict Brady. Everyone assumed most of the other cheating was Belichick and Brady was along for the ride. The actual infraction in deflategate was nothing compared to their previous cheating, it just showed us all Brady's character.... or lack thereof.
  13. You can't watch Brady play the game and not think he is one of the greatest QB's ever. The guy has the best deep ball I've ever seen in my life. No amount of cheating or foreknowledge can make that just happen. He is tough, he sees the whole field, he is an amazing QB. That's why it's so sad he had to cheat. Much like Lance Armstrong. He may have been able to do what he did, or much of it, without the cheating. But we'll never know. His first 3 Super Bowls were pre-scandel. So deep in the cheating years. Those Super Bowls were won by 3 points each. Is he just a great closer? Super clutch? I'm an Eagles fan. I know that in that Super Bowl we looked like the superior team in the first half. The second half everything changed. I remember the post game interviews, before we ever heard anyone ever say anything about spygate, a couple Eagles players said "it was like they were in our huddle" or "we got out coached, they played like they knew what was coming". Was this because Belichick is such an amazing coach and adjusted? Or is it a half time spent going over Eagles play calls and then knowing what was coming? I also know that Andy Reid and McNabb combined for the slowest, most flabbergasting 2 minute drill I've ever seen. It's so bad that years later they were interviewing some Patriots coaches and they said Belichick was freaking out because he thought they were tricking him. He was screaming "what are they doing" because he thought it was so inexplicable that it was a set up for some kind of trick play. So did the Eagles lost that Super Bowl? Absolutely. Were they in that position because Brady and/or Belichick knew what plays were coming in ahead of time? I think so. Sadly, we'll never know. The NFL destroyed tapes, didn't follow up, and buried that story as quickly as they could. So I think "tarnished" is the right word. Brady is great, his physical talent is undeniable, his toughness is evident, he is clutch. But would he have top 5 numbers and all 3 of those Super Bowls without taping the other team, possibly taping walk throughs, stealing plays, and whatever other cheating went on in an organization where cheating was fine if you don't get caught? We'll never know.
  14. Umm, ok. I concede to your point. I agree, Brady is absolutely amazing... except for that cheating thing. And you can ask Armstrong, Bonds, and Ben Johnson about how quickly everyone forgets the cheating. The only difference is that their leagues weren't complicit in the cover up to keep the tv contracts rolling in every few years.
  15. If you can read the ESPN story from last September and still feel like Brady/Belichick's accomplishments aren't tarnished then you truly are a homer This article absolutely destroys every argument and vindicates all of the accusers who were shouted down over the last 10 years. We still don't know the whole truth, the NFL was complicit in destroying evidence and covering it up. Those are facts. Statistically is Brady top 5? Of course. Top 3 at least, HOF first ballot, the whole deal. But he is a cheater and so is his coach. All these false equivalencies to salary cap misuse and stick 'em are ridiculous. The Pats have an astounding organization-wide legacy of cheating that continues to this day. The NFL has done everything they could to keep pushing it under the rug because it hurts the brand and calls into question at least 3 Super Bowl championships (all won by 3 points by the way). This should be just as big, if not bigger, than Barry Bonds.