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  1. Thinking of dropping Vikings for Dolphins with Coleman out and Kessler starting. My big concern, obviously, would be that the Vikings might just be a dominant every week D and virtually matchup proof.
  2. UCLA gets a late surprise with 4 star Maxs Tupai signing. Boom shackalacka. What a weird pick up. UCLA just started recruiting him.
  3. He's a ####, but he's also the best football coach I've ever seen. Congrats, Michigan!
  4. Mique Juarez to UCLA. Huge get. Boss Tagaloa to UCLA over Michigan, who was the other finalist from what I've seen. Great get and huge position of need. Ahem My mistake. Has it already been retired? I guess, if it's immediately. Great pickup? Great signing? Neato? Boom shackalacka?
  5. Yeah, that's a big pickup for Michigan. He's a stud and a lot of scouts think he'd be even better at DE, but he's got his heart set on TE.
  6. Boss Tagaloa to UCLA over Michigan, who was the other finalist from what I've seen. Great get and huge position of need.
  7. Asiasi to Michigan. Great get. Will Boss go with him?
  8. Mique Juarez to UCLA. Huge get.
  9. The bolded are all signed. Hansford was a surprise. Omotosho to UCLA was a surprise. So, the Bruins are down to 3 left today.
  10. been there, done that. will believe it when i see it I think you should feel confident. If I get info to the contrary, I'll post. Sounds fluid, honestly, but Michigan is getting the most buzz.
  11. Here we go with unpredictability... Audie Omotosho to UCLA. Nobody at UCLA thought they had a chance.
  12. Sounds like there's some Asiasi major buzz for Michigan tomorrow. I hope not, but it's a great option. Great school, tradition, and coach with history of churning out NFL TEs.
  13. I don't think he's a primadonna, but Maxs Tupai, DE (4 star - #295 overall), just announced he will not sign tomorrow and will visit UCLA this weekend instead and sign next week. UCLA wasn't even recruiting him until a couple weeks ago. He was thought to be down to Southern Cal and Utah. As long as academics check out, I would think deciding to wait and OV UCLA would bode well for UCLA's chances as long as he enjoys his visit.
  14. I think most of them usually do a free one week trial, which you could use for this week. I believe Scout is doing some special now and 247 and Rivals usually have free trials available.
  15. UCLA has a lot of players deciding in the next day or so. These are the last guys they are in on: 1. Mique Juarez - LB (5 star - #11 composite overall) 2. Devin Asiasi - TE/DE (4 star - #74) 3. Boss Tagaloa - DT (4 star - #106) 4. Aaron Hansford - WR (4 star - #143) 5. Garrett Rand - DT (4 star - #184) 6. Brandon Burton - S (4 star - #193) 7. Audie Omotosho - WR (4 star - #189) 8. Brandon Stephens - RB (3 star - #408) 9. Francisco Perez - OT (3 star - #644) ETA new recruit: 10. Maxs Tupai - DE (4 star - #295) - not signing until next week Apparently, it would be a shock if Tagaloa, Burton, Stephens and Perez didn't sign with UCLA on Wednesday. West coast people think they'll also land Juarez and Hansford. Asiasi sounds 50/50 between UCLA and Southern Cal. And, UCLA's not expected to get Rand or Omotosho. If they close with everyone except Asiasi, it would be great. If they close with everyone they are hoping to get (there aren't any realistic hopes on Rand or Omotosho), then it would be a fantastic class, likely around #8 or so, depending on the service.