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  1. Picked up another 1000 CYDY at $1.07 to add to my earlier 1000 at $1.10. I might add another 1000 later to put me at 1%. That would be my max. So I'm on the train. Good luck to everyone that's with me.
  2. Interesting. I see smart people discussing political issues.
  3. Instead of using a bond tent in retirement, would it make sense to just sell bonds to live on in case of a downturn in equities and wait for the market to go back up? Don't sell any equities in a downturn. This is what I plan on doing.
  4. Just saw he signed with the Patriots
  5. Cujo, it's another Stephen King but I still remember some parts of it to this day as very scary.
  6. Florida man rides on hood of car going 70 mph
  7. I'm a CPA and those ads are BS. The only way to get tax forgiven is if you don't make any money and don't have any assets. Some people fall under this and can settle for a fraction, most can't.
  8. Time to bump this thread. Celtics need to step it up if we are going to go 4/4.
  9. Hercules Tires. They buy molds from discontinued name brand tires and then make them under their own brand. Not the very cheapest but you won't have to spend as many investable dollars as the name brands.
  10. This belongs in the little kids get owned thread.
  11. My wife tried this chair at my work and liked it so much she bought one for her office. You can get it for much less than list.
  12. As a CPA I'm just glad they finally made a movie depicting what my job is really like.
  13. I bought this at X Bought this around Xmas and finally got around to reading it. It was a good thriller and I will buy the 2nd book. How are the books doing?
  14. I started with Vanguard. You can buy their funds and EFTs for free. Do some research on diversification. When I felt ready to buy individual stocks I used Motley Fool for research and I hold long term. No short term trading.
  15. YA’HANSUM GUY I'm glad this thread got bumped. It reminded me of this. My daughter lives in Ft Wayne and saw this hospital billboard. FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A baby name that has appeared on a billboard in Fort Wayne has raised questions about its legitimacy. A viewer sent NewsChannel 15 the picture posted above that clearly shows the name YA’HANSUM GUY. Parkview Health, which rented billboards in Fort Wayne featuring the names of babies born at its hospitals, confirmed the name is real and that the scrolling message hasn’t been hacked.
  16. It's usually just me and my wife and I'm very glad I got the large. The medium definitely would have been too small, imo. Thank you to all who replied. Looks like I'm going large.
  17. I'd like you guys advice on what size to buy. The kids are pretty much gone (college and such). I think I can get my wife to agree to buy one but I don't want to go much bigger than I need. I've been cooking on a modified Brinkman and mostly just cook for me and the wife. I'd especially like to hear from people who bought the smaller ones and are satisfied or wish they had gone bigger. Or couples that bought the bigger ones and wish they had gone smaller. I'd probably like to cook a butt once and awhile, what is the smallest I can get away with?
  18. The FFA is on the case. I love it. We will solve this thing.