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  1. My condolences, Keerock. Any words I can offer are a paltry salve, but I am so sorry for your loss. Your son had incredible strength to fight for so long, and none of us will ever forget him. Rest In peace, Jack.
  2. I’m going to throw my time and money behind McGrath. I like her positions, her style, and I think Mitch is one of the biggest problems in government right now. Unfortunately, he isn’t as inept as trump, so his damage feels more lasting to me.
  3. Meh. Why even care about the opinions of a disingenuous troll? It’s not like his opinions are based on anything worthwhile or honest. I wouldn’t have even noticed except for your replies, which I do read, as his posts are an automatic scroll for me. The boards would be better if we all ignored the stinky bait from posters like that guy. He doesn’t know anything about us, so his pronouncements are worthless. As for this situation, I hope any and all scum attached to Epstein go down hard. I don’t care what party they belong to, or how great they seemed, throw the book at them.
  4. I’m actually in Heathrow right now, heading home after two weeks abroad with the family. Just added 4 to the list. Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Italy (including Sicily), Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Madagascar, Canary Islands, Mallorca. I’ve also been to every state except Alaska and Hawaii.
  5. If you mean it’s not really necessary to “root them out,” since it’s 9500 of 21,000, good point. If you mean that’s too many to fire, I’d disagree. These people should not be protecting anything, nor interacting with immigrants at all, imo. I’m very thankful that the people who helped my wife and her family flee persecution weren’t as morally defunct as this bunch.
  6. Yeah, I hear you. It’s not a “good” right. This is ugly and disturbing. You just have to look at things like the picture Urbanhack posted above to see what we are doing is wrong. Those are the faces of relief? People free from the torments they were fleeing?
  7. I understand they aren’t our best and brightest, but this is a far cry from simple ineptitude or laziness. This is some sick ####.
  8. Disgusting. As I’ve said before, these awful human beings need to be rooted out and fired. What kind of person can tear apart families, and throw them into inhumane conditions? These kinds of people.
  9. Not really, as Tim pointed out. It was a port for mostly Europeans coming on ships. That was who was immigrating here at the time. As for rules, of course, but they still let in most everyone. I’m on vacation, and don’t have time to find a link right now, but they let in around 80% right away, and about 98% eventually, if I remember correctly. They turned away the sick, and some criminals. Overall, I think It worked out pretty well for us.
  10. Huh. So, you are saying we should go back to the Ellis Island days, when 99% of the people came through under just such rules? When we were ascending to being the superpower status that we are desperately trying to hold onto today? Your crazy ideas are filled with craziness. We should shun you, and your super obvious logic.
  11. I’ve been reading a bit about CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) technologies recently, and I came across an interesting blog/article about the current state of these technologies from Columbia University. Carbon Dioxide Removal technologies/initiatives   There were a lot more active programs than I realized, which gave me some hope. Some of the concepts these scientists came up with are incredibly clever.
  12. Thank you for all the awesome. And please keep writing, EG, you have a real talent.