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  1. Sounds like they syskey’d the machine. Format the box and put a hold on all accounts and a fraud alert on her credit. Change passwords for everything important immediately. There are no other options.
  2. Depends on my mood. everything from Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin to Lamb of God and Behemoth... and everything in between. I tend to listen to live sets the most though. A lot of Primus, Deftones and Tool lately.
  3. Same, plus Arsenal, Cristiano Ronaldo and Brazil/Neymar.
  4. One of my favorites as well. New High on Fire coming out next week as well. Really looking forward to that one. The single is awesome.
  5. I saw him open for KIller Mike and EL-P at a venue with like 20 people in attendance, when KM and EL-P were touring their solo albums and just finishing up the first RTJ album. He didn't even have a DJ or use trackstar. He just played the instrumentals off his phone through the PA and rapped over them. He'll never release an album. He's been working on it for over a decade now, with no end in sight. He also runs that Frankel's Deli in NY, so that probably takes a lot of time. My favorite track by him is Crap Artists, off that old Def Jux compilation.
  6. Indian dudes #1-100 = Leave giant piles of pubes and puddles of piss around every urinal. Lucky wives these Indian dudes have.
  7. Anyone played the demo for Star Wars Battlefront 2? Seems like it's a good improvement over 1. Plays more like a Battlefield game. Open world for all of the vehicles, unlike the 1st. I'm pretty deep in the Destiny 2 addiction, but this one might pull me back from the abyss.
  8. Just finished my annual DTV barter 30$ off for 12 mo. Stars and Shotime for 3 mo. Genie upgrade 99$ for ST super thingy with the RZ and mobile whatever. Basically they offered me either RZ or ST free, but not both, unless I signed a 24 month. Didn't want to push the envelope as they're giving me $360 off my yearly bill.
  9. The whole LA and celebrity fans argument is just silly. Celebrities go to events in LA because celebrities live in LA! Not because they want their faces seen in TV or whatever. They represent a tiny percentage of a huge fan base. If celebrities lived in Cleveland they would be going to Browns and Indians games. Doesn't that guy from Price Is Right live in Cleveland? What about LeBron James?
  10. F&L... just curious if you're going to update positional rankings again before season starts? Been checking your blog for the last couple months and haven't seen anything since around the draft. Really enjoy your blog BTW.
  11. Quit May 5th of this year, after smoking a pack a day for 18 years. Started with about 10 pieces of the 4mg Nicotine Gum a day. Down to 2 of the 2mg now. I plan on keeping them around as a safety net, just to be safe. I'd rather chew a piece of gum, after a night of drinking, than slip up and smoke a cig. Can't believe how much better I feel already!
  12. First off, great blog F&L. I've always found it very useful and informative. Question... I'm a little surprised that you have Brian Brohm ranked, but not Matt Flynn. All indications point to Flynn being the clear back-up in GB. Granted neither holds much value with Rogers at the helm. Any reason why you're higher on Brohm than Flynn?