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  1. It's weird that I haven't seen a million photoshops of Trump's face on that famous picture of the Iraqi Information Minister.
  2. I assumed you guys did the Hitler book review yesterday, but maybe not? Here it is if you haven't seen it. It's incredibly well executed. There is no mention of Trump, or anything else that's happened in the last 75 years, and two years ago it would have read like any other book review of a historical biography, but the writer's intent is unmistakable: In ‘Hitler,’ an Ascent From ‘Dunderhead’ to Demagogue
  3. I suspect he said that because we already know the stories you're citing, and there's enough new material about this POS to keep us going all day, every day. I could find something newly abhorrent about the guy every half-hour from now until the election and never run out of material. In fact, I'll do one right now: Employees at Trump's California golf course say he wanted to fire women who weren't pretty enough That's in the LA Times this morning, and is thoroughly reported and documented with links to court filings. I just found that in thirty seconds by going to my twitter feed while I was writing this post. No need to go back to the guy lusting after his daughter when you can do that, right?
  4. This election has brought out the best in all kinds of print media types, not just investigative reporters like Fahrenthold and Eichenwald. That NY Times book review of the Hitler book a couple days ago was incredible. I loved this post-debate takedown of Trump and how he got this far in Rolling Stone too:
  5. I actually don't think the Cuba thing will hurt him that much nationally. Yeah he's a criminal, but that's hardly news, the law he broke was a silly one, and the details of the transaction are complicated enough that people might not bother to wade through it. But it'll hurt him in Florida, and if he loses Florida the election is over for sure.
  6. Hoo boy. Buckle up, GB:
  7. Good news for Team Trump- this Cuba story might divert some of the media attention on the Alicia Machado story. Should play great in Florida, too
  8. My bad, busy day yesterday. I'll get my priorities back in order today.
  9. Or General Tso. Who doesn't love the General?
  10. Yeah they should be fine. Scherzer goes Sunday and then pitches again on Friday with Game 2 on Saturday, so they can throw whoever they want out there on Monday (other than Roark, who should pitch this Saturday) and they'll be fine. Interesting local note- Hunter Renfroe, the dude who's been single-handedly keeping hope alive this week for us for home field advantage in the NLDS by killing the Dodgers in San Diego, has a tie to the area. He played for the Bethesda Big Train in the Ripken collegiate summer league in 2012 and got a lot of attention (or as much attention as you can get playing for the "Bethesda Big Train") at the time. They retired his number. link
  11. The second and third ones here are decent but kind of hard to really predict. The first one, however, is very much real and important. It's something I see constantly. I don't think people realize how much an administration shapes these sort of day to day decisions that affect people's lives. If Clinton wins, I'm confident the people doing those jobs will be good people dedicated to public service, likely idealistic and sharing many of the priorities of Sanders voters.
  12. As requested, more positive Hillary material to hopefully demonstrate to people on the fence that she's not the evil monster right-wing talk radio makes her out to be: link I have a four year old girl and an 18 month old girl, and an almost-three year old boy between them. The next president will be the first one all three of them know about/remember. Given the striking contrast between the two candidates on feminism, I don't think it's over the top to say that the winner of this election will impact how all three of them perceive gender roles for their entire lives. Like Ted Cruz says, vote your conscience.
  13. It'll depend on his initial recovery, but I'm hoping the Nats maybe give him a QO. Seems like it would be a win-win if they think he'll be healthy enough to play within the first month or so.
  14. Totally agree. They're gonna be 2-1 dogs in this series. No fan can reasonably expect them to win a 5 games series with Kershaw starting 40% of the games, without Ramos and Strasburg and with Harper and Murphy less than 100%, and with LA having home field advantage. If you're still holding out hope that the Nats will hang on to home field in the NLDS, today's lineup has Drew in the 3 hole, Zimmerman batting 5th and Brian Goodwin batting 6th. So ... yeah.
  15. The polls showing Trump as the winner were online polls. If we decided stuff based on online polls the Cowboys would win the Super Bowl every year, the Yankees would win the World Series every year, and Ron Paul would be ending his second term as president of the United States.