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  1. This is like giving credit to a football team for taking more risks and throwing the ball downfield a lot when they're down 14 points in the second half.
  2. No, but I would be concerned about a six game lead in early September, which is why I'm relieved the first two games of the series won't be Thor and DeGrom vs our #6 and #7 starters. As you may recall, even a seven game division lead in mid-September isn't always safe. BTW my post was very complementary of your team's effort of late. Not sure why you felt the need to talk trash in response
  3. Da Gildz shtick aside (big fan of scoring Murphy's .344/.387/.605 likely runner-up MVP season as a win for you, btw), gotta give credit to the Mets for hanging tough. 8-2 in their last ten, hanging on in that second wild card race. Nats are catching a bit of a break with them moving DeGrom up to face the Marlins tomorrow. If they had stuck with DeGrom/Thor Friday and Saturday facing some mix of Cole/Lopez/Latos in those two games we're probably looking at needing a Sunday night win to avoid getting swept in Queens- which would definitely give us a bit of a scare.
  4. Gotta admit #veteransforkaepernick is pretty cool. One of the better uses of social media that I can remember, and the kind of thing that can make you feel pretty patriotic even in the midst of this dreadful 2016 election.
  5. That's how you know which car is the weed delivery. service.
  6. I am starting to suspect that you might harbor negative feelings towards those who fall left of center on the political spectrum.
  7. He's in SF, so I assume he meant the gay neighborhood west of the Mission.
  8. Looks like I owe someone an apology. DeGrom's K rate has indeed come up a bit since his relatively slow April/May start and are just a tick off his career rates.
  9. When I first heard what Kaepernick did, my initial thought wasn't "good for him" or "what an #######." It was glee at the prospect of the forthcoming hot takes. And neither the media nor the FFA has disappointed.
  10. Yup, welcome to the intersection of capitalism, democracy and free speech. Worst system around, except for all the others.
  11. Post is thirty minutes old and already a ton of people have offered serious responses to this drivel. Best shtick in the game.
  12. To the extent they do own those parties, it's with the hope of nudging them towards business friendly policies like reducing environmental and public safety regulation, reducing securities compliance burdens, and flattening tax rates. In other words they're buying political parties in hopes of making them look slightly more like Gary Johnson and Libertarians. Ivan is right that there is some corporate welfare interest as well, so I'd amend my previous statement about Johnson being the wet dream of Wall Street and Fortune 500 boardrooms to exclude the handful of companies that rely heavily on government contracts. But otherwise, yeah, it stands. If all four candidates had an equal chance of winning, who do you think Exxon/Mobil would prefer? How about Walmart? You don't think the car companies would love to see a Libertarian in office to rein in those pesky EPA folks who recently caught Volkswagen and Harley-Davidson installing emissions defeat devices and polluting the atmosphere? They'd be lined up around the block to throw their millions at him.
  13. True, but it's also rational behavior based on the way our elections work. You'd expect people to gravitate towards one of two parties, especially if a third party vote is followed by a presidency those third party voters don't like. This won't change unless we adopt proportional representation in some form or another.
  14. I also enjoyed the part of the video where they chastised Clinton as being a friend of big business, as if a Libertarian candidate isn't the wet dream of Wall Street and Fortune 500 company boardrooms. Come on. If Johnson had a real chance of winning every single Wall Street investor and corporate officer in this country would throw him their support faster than you can say "income disparity."