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  1. Talking #### about how allegations that the President you support obstructed a national security investigation have been bumped from the news cycle because the President is a racist who is throwing kids in shoddy detention cells where they are being left to die and because he was credibly accused of rape is an interesting flex. But you do you.
  2. I don't know what the recess has to do with it, they could still start impeachment proceedings when they come back if they want. But I don't think that's the point. The point is to get people to actually pay attention to what Mueller found. The actual report is very bad for the president and the party/people who support him, and it's not a great look for Bill Barr either.. But very few people have read it and relatively few have even read or heard a detailed review of what is in it- my guess is most of them relied on Barr and maybe read one article/watched one report when the whole thing came out and that was it. And since Americans seem to love television, drama, sniping and sound bites despite their claims to the contrary, a dramatic hearing with the man himself that will presumably air on a ton of TV networks and get a ton of hype is the best way to get them to actually pay attention to the OSC's findings.
  3. He's right. I was in here a lot and very few posters thought Trump would actually be impeached and removed, although many thought he deserved to be and I suspect all of them still think that. There were a few, less than five to be sure, and the people who disagreed with them were mostly people who thought he should be impeached. If you're saying otherwise I believe you're wrong, although if you want to show otherwise have at it. And if you're posting about it now (especially on a day where there's been no news on the issue AFAIK) it seems pretty obvious that you care about it.
  4. Good for them. ICE sucks, and any planned law enforcement surge that strikes fear into the hearts of decent human beings whether they are ultimately targeted or not sucks even more. But regardless of what you may think of politicians doing this, it doesn't mean they support open borders. Open borders are a totally different concept.
  5. No matter how long the people actually targeted in this effort have been here or why they're being targeted, advising people of their rights in the face of news that an agency whose abuses are well-documented will be rounding up undocumented immigrants is not remotely the same as advocating for open borders. And opposing that policy and trying to minimize its impact is also not remotely the same as advocating for open borders. Open borders means open borders. It's a pretty self-defining phrase. If someone wants to allow for free movement between the US and the countries with whom it shares a border, they support open borders. If they don't, they don't. There's no reason to try to stretch that meaning so you can apply a phrase with negative connotations to politicians that people don't like.
  6. Not sure what you're saying here, but plenty of American-Jewish organizations have spoken up about both Trump's rhetoric and about the Republicans and conservative media members who who throw out false accusations of anti-Semitism in an attempt to deflect attention from their own bigotry and divide the left. Here's one of many examples from my personal favorite: @Mile High also posted this in Tim's thread: Jonathan Greenblatt, the head of the Anti-Defamation League, said Mr. Trump’s use of Israel in his comments hurts the Jewish community. “He doesn’t speak for any of us,” Mr. Greenblatt wrote in a Twitter post on Monday. “We call on ALL leaders across the political spectrum to condemn these racist, xenophobic tweets & using Jews as a shield.”
  7. And I'm not housing them in my home either. Your question was a hypothetical. We have plenty of land and money to house them and hear their cases, if we chose to allocate our resources in that manner. And if I had plenty of land and money I would be happy to use it for that purpose.
  8. Huh? You said "if you can limit the number of people coming into your home (even if you're getting paid $750 per day), why is it difficult to understand that the country needs to limit it as well. There is not an unlimited amount of space in these facilities or in your home." My home is 1300 square feet and houses five people, a dog and a turtle, all of whom have to get by on my barely six figure income. The United States has massive resources and essentially unlimited space. The comparison makes zero sense.
  9. I was trying to think of a current/recent NBA player, that's better than anything I could come up with. Pretty much everyone loves Giannis so far, but give it time and I'm sure people will come up with some reason to hate on him.
  10. My family doesn't have a 4 trillion dollar annual budget, ownership of about 15% of the land in the United States, and the power of eminent domain. Not even close, in fact. Does your family have those things? If it does, that's pretty cool. If it doesn't, this isn't a very good argument.
  11. I agree, although I don't think many of them are well-known enough to qualify. Not a slam on the sport, just that they're behind helmets and masks all game and generally maintain a low profile off the ice. Also hockey fans can be pretty spiteful about guys on rival teams. I can't imagine not liking Alex Ovechkin but the entire city of Pittsburgh would certainly disagree.
  12. Yup, good point. Easy to confuse people who are universally respected and liked and people who should be universally respected and liked.
  13. I did: Freddie Freeman and Cutch. It seems like baseball players are the best candidates in the current era for some reason. NBA guys are just too outspoken to garner universal respect and affection, and football players are generally either not that well known or have provoked some crazy fan base by whupping on them. Pat Mahomes is a great call, though. One from the past who hasn't been mentioned: Barry Sanders