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  1. Also from a practical standpoint this is a terrible idea for the Dolphins. Players might still kneel- a gofundme to pay any penalties and missed paychecks would cover their losses in a matter of minutes. If they don't they'll find other ways to protest which means the only consumers turned off will be the ones who support the protesting players. It's also a pretty obvious admission that this has never been about distractions, since the policy would be a huge one. It's about exercising control over "the help."
  2. I don't know if you are wrong or right here, but your analysis here is missing the point and misstating the issue. The question isn't about whether a generic employer can limit free speech without violating the law- obviously they can, as you say. The question is whether this specific employer is violating their collective bargaining agreement with their employees. Maybe you're an expert in the NFL's CBA and you are certain they are not violating the CBA, but you didn't mention anything about that. If that is the case (or if anyone else here has that expertise) I'd be curious to hear analysis of the operative language. Or maybe there's just nothing in the CBA that applies here so the default is that the employer can do anything the law doesn't forbid?
  3. Both you and the idiot you quoted should have heeded this advice and noticed that the "war" the liberal in question was beating the drums about was a freaking troll war.
  4. I think this should be on topic and we should make this a thread about roots rock/Americana music. Lord knows we've covered the other stuff in here enough times already. I'm going to see Jason Isbell next week, can't wait.
  5. The difference is I never said anything about "liberal media" having an impact on the election. You, on the other hand, said that Russian interference had no impact on the election, and now you're admitting that it did (see the bolded). So, thanks for at least coming clean I guess?
  6. Guess I can put this one with "why did all the Trump administration people lie about their contacts with Russia if they were doing nothing wrong" and "if the FBI was conspiring against Trump why didn't anyone leak the existence of the Russia investigation during the campaign." Three great, apparently unanswerable mysteries. Maybe I should start a new thread so people can try to solve them.
  7. ICE

    If the police didn't exist at all until 15 years ago, and then during their relatively short existence they didn't stop crime and also they were consistently abusive and gleefully enforced perhaps the single cruelest domestic policy of our lifetimes, then yes it's just like that.
  8. This doesn't make you a hypocrite, GB. It makes you a person capable of growth.
  9. Obviously this particular Ren defense to collusion is silly for this reason, but also for two others: 1. The emails and meeting took place in early June, towards the end of the primary season and with fives months before the general election. Plenty of time for collusion on a number of things, including the timing of the release of the hacked emails and sharing data to boost micro-targeting on social media, both of which would have happened months later and are two of the main activities that people have suggested might have been collusive 2. The email from the cheesy music promoter guy says explicitly that supplying them with the info is "part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump." Any sane person who isn't already aware that Russia is working in support of Trump would have been totally stunned by this revelation. Trump Jr. doesn't even mention it in his reply and there is no record or account anywhere suggesting he was remotely fazed by it.
  10. Equal parts evasion, distraction, false equivalence and literal nonsense. This, my friend, is your magnum opus. It should be pinned so that others can fully appreciate it.
  11. I would say that this seems really unlikely considering the absolute ####storm it would kick up in a variety of respects, including logistically (the protests would be enormous and angry). But after the Helsinki Humiliation, who knows.
  12. It looks like he says something to them and then walks past them while placing a hand on one of their shoulders. If he's still signing autographs for fans and just didn't want to do it at that exact place and time I really don't see the problem there at all. Again, you're welcome to your opinion of his character. Seems like he's been kind of a ##### for most of his playing career to me too ... although he does seem like a different (better) guy since returning to the game. But criticizing someone for not signing autographs and walking past kids in a 9 second video without context or audio is definitely a nit pick.
  13. No I didn't. I asked why all the high-paid political consultants and experienced politicians and all the pro-Trump media would waste precious campaign time and energy on the emails if they didn't believe it would affect voters.
  14. I didn't say it had anything to do with his status as a player, and I didn't say you're not entitled to your opinion. I said I personally give him slack because people nit-pick the guy's behavior to death, and I used that short video that wrongly makes people think he didn't sign autographs for fans yesterday as an example.