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  1. My simple explanation to this is going back to his injury. They saw him in camp they know what he can and cannot do. Against the Boys he was on the field the whole time. Then gets a knee injury and has to miss multiple weeks. The most simple explanation is that he is not 100%, potentially has some issues in coverage right now with lateral mobility and turn and run techniques. Give it time and see what happens. I would bet he is back to 100% before the year ends.
  2. I not only read it but i depend on it. I was a paid subscriber but this basically gives me equal and most times better content than the last couple of years.
  3. I stopped paying for footballguys cause of the decline in IDP related stuff. A couple of years ago it was top notch, now I feel the message boards are the place to be. Step up your game footballguys.
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    Hey can anyone shed some light on WTF is going on with Avery Williamson? 3 downer last year, this year week 1 he was sub 50% I think, and another poor performance this week. Is it time to cut?