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  1. I thought Thompson won the last 2 rounds, but it was close imo. I was rooting for Rory. That dude has horrible luck with his nose.
  2. In the meantime, the NRA has sent out their annual National Gun Owners Action Survey, which has comically charged language in their questions, seemingly designed to produce anti-gun control answers. IMO the NRA needs to take a leadership role now, before american voters reach a tipping point and take responsible gun owners opinions out of the conversation altogether. We need to prevent irresponsible gun owners, the NRA should help.
  3. Yeah, I think he was kidding since you know we aren't dropping nuclear bombs and #### like that
  4. I don't blame people for believing crazy ####. infowars is strong.
  5. my infowars coworker said Sandy Hook was staged. Thoughts?
  6. So many complaints. I can't believe that whoever installed this message board software finished and said "yeah, that'll do". What the ####, man
  7. Ohh OK. Thanks for filling me in. So I think you are also factoring in the volume of rounds fired, right? I agree that is an issue. I like shooting (medium caliber hunting/target shooting, skeet/trap), and was never a fan of what seemed to me the silly ability to shoot 100+ rounds in a few minutes. I can't see how anyone can color that as anything other than designed for human death. It's not like you are mowing down 30 deer with your AR or protecting your home with 100 rounds flying through your walls. That's foolishness.
  8. Sorry, what is the limiter. Forgive my ignorance. Are you talking about banning powders? bullets? I have no idea what you are talking about here. Please forgive my ignorance.
  9. if the issue here is a madman killing innocents at near pb ranges, then talking about velocity as it relates to distance doesn't mean much. I'm cutting into a conversation that I haven't read though, so if you are talking about trying to shut down all sorts of killers, then my bad.
  10. I'm a reloader, but I'm confused at the points made here. Why is velocity so important to you guys? Muzzle energy is most useful. And I think that is one of the main objections with the AR style .223 calibers, is that their muzzle energy is pretty low. I also don't understand how limiters would be instilled, considering you might be talking about pulling certain powders? That seems unrealistic.
  11. "Taking the gun off safety increases the velocity by 100%" Math is hard. I guess that's why they are soldiers.