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  1. I’m pretty sure Chet still went to the Ferrari dealer
  2. I've got that too. I've completely mishandled my shares the past two days.
  3. I might jump back in today for a little bit of a "loss". Taking out my original investment and buying back 20K. I'll probably lose about 800 shares from where I was yesterday. Hoping for an open that dips a little.
  4. Waiting to hear from Chet. If this gets attacked again, I'll be back in.
  5. I was ready to sell in the 9's. Had a meeting with law partner and it was shorted. Held based on all of the good news until today.
  6. This is another confusing thing. Seemingly all good news (aside from the short attack and CEO cashing in some stock).
  7. I did the same. Locked in profits. Learned my lesson after being too greedy/busy to sell when it was at 10. I'll jump back in if it falls below 5, which looks likely. Where's @chet- need an update on WTF is going on.
  8. I’m confused. Didn’t he put money in, not take out? This kind of info makes me hesitate, but from other news it sounds like this is ready to shoot up again.
  9. It looks like a cross between YMCA and Girl Scout Cookies. As long as it keeps getting good results and makes us money I don't care what they call it or what it looks like.
  10. They are not going to produce this themselves. A buyout is the only outcome if this drug is truly effective.
  11. I didn’t earn 2000+ percent, but I’m not posting sour grape posts like this because I didn’t invest. sorry you didn’t take the tip from Chet, but don’t put us down for going in on this and sticking it out. You’re sad individual(s) for enjoying everyone’s down day. Guess what though? I’m still over 1000% gain.
  12. Oh crap. Prepping for another free fall now. Send out anybody but him.