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  1. I put in for $500 at .32 a week ago. Small amount. I did the same thing with COBCF. That was a $450 loss. Hoping for different results, but small enough it doesn't bother me.
  2. I just put a small position into HIPH. Water company who uses CBD.
  3. Another stock that is climbing the charts. Where are all of these suggestions before the climb? Let's hear some of your ideas of stocks that you think will go off (before they start going off). SImilar to the stock competition thread. I don't invest much, but use two approaches. 1) value investing (Buffett) 2) longshots. I don't put much in longshots, but they are fun to try and hit (see COBCF, I'm down about 50% from that one).
  4. I also hate JC and Sam. They blindly vote with L6 without having any assurance or in their alliance all season.
  5. Said this earlier. He’s an All-Star this season. He would have been sniffed out any other season.
  6. Dad is working on this, but let's assume it happened the way in the OP.
  7. I have kids, but not boys so I wasn't sure how to answer this question for a friend of mine. Friend's son is 12 years old and plays hockey. From what he tells me the kid is pretty good. Last night in practice they are running a drill and the kid blows by the coach with a great move. Coach apparently was pissed about it and slashes the kid as he goes by (two hander on the arm). Kid now has bruising and pain in his arm and can't make a fist. Friend hasn't taken him for an x-ray yet, so injury for now is just a bruise. Coach is President of the Hockey Association. How would you handle this situation if it was your son?
  8. Someone brought this up earlier, but I am hoping that Fessy goes out and Scotty comes back. It'll only last for a week, but Fessy's jury house footage would be amazing.
  9. But wait- expect the unexpected. If production can only create some mystery power by Thursday, but considering we're not voting on it, probably not in the cards. Producers are still shaking their heads Kaitlyn couldn't solve the easiest puzzle ever.
  10. I agree, but Tyler was the original spy. Brett has done a good job of it too lately. Not sure why the other side wants to believe them so much. If Scottie/Haleigh had any backbone this game would be different. Different note- all Fessy had to do is ask Sam if What JC was feeding him was true. Why not at the least do that? Same story with Chris (SC, I can’t stand his and RS nicknames, I refuse to use them) all Kaitlyn had to do was investifate the BS being fed to them and compare notes and it would have been over. I don’t watch the feeds, FWIW.
  11. Or as Fessy thinks- power move of the game. Terrible gameplay all season long. Tyler is good, but these HG's are making him look like a top 5 BB player of all time. He should have been evicted weeks ago.
  12. I still can't figure out why Sam and JC followed the Brett alliance blindly, without even making deals or being included in the group. This is the worst BB season in a while.