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  1. They’re trying to be like Deebo Samuel and SF. The Rams and Steelers run that play effectively too.
  2. might want to consider deleting all your previous comments. they do nothing for the looks of the place.

  3. A bit corny but entertaining.

  4. May be about time for another cornbump

  5. I've seen worse. Raiders' fans, I mean.

  6. Hey, just holla if yever need 'nother Corn Bump.

  7. When & where?

  8. 5*'s, that's right, count'em, 5.

  9. I drank FD&S's load last weekend.

  10. Blouses.

  11. One

    Only if he's gentle.

  12. FDAS

    you down for butsechs? furley's looking.