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  1. Hi Fellas, I’m currently 5 years into a 30 year fixed at 3.875. Mortgage guy says he can get me to 3.25 (no points) on another 30 yr fixed. I don’t need to pull out money. Is it enough to be worth the refi? Or am I in too far to refi for less than a point?
  2. Zona not adding another RB should be proof enough. Good luck!
  3. I just reached an agreement with my fantasy leaguemates for the rights to Lazard over the next 8 years. It’s not even a dynasty league.
  4. I don’t remember this. Who was the screen to? Edit: Nevermind. Thought you were taking a lot Kyler Murray since were in the DJ thread.
  5. Lazard's new involvement should boost Rodgers back into the conversation to Top 3 QBs ROS.
  6. Lizard is this decade’s waivers MVP. Already.
  7. Count me in. Lazard looks the part and has the opportunity and blessing of Aaron Rodgers.
  8. Think it’s drugs? Head trauma? Or both?
  9. Geez, He seems like the calmest guy in the world.
  10. I thinks she said “backs and t1ts”. Not sure though.
  11. I’m between starting Jameis Winston and Murray tonight. Tougher decision that I thought with Kyler heading to Baltimore.
  12. Fangio looks fresh off the set of Cocoon.