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  1. I'll be the guy to vouch for post-hype Devontae Booker at some point this season. I went back, watched all his carries/catches from 2016 and came away more impressed than I expected to. Booker can run with power and his hands are great. My rational is ...Year 2, looked good in camp, even listed as #2 on the depth chart prior to injury. Denver's gap scheme fits his talents better than zone (ala Murray in 16), will help the vision issues he had last season. Could set up as a do-it-all with GL, full workload and pass catching roles. Playoff schedule is NYJ, @IND, @WAS. He's likely sitting in the free agent pool and set to return in the next few weeks.
  2. The new NFL Game Pass app for Apple TV GEN 4 is awful. - No 10 second fast forward or rewind - Blitzed with commercials and highlights - Has that MS Windows feel with cascading tiles Wishing I could go back to the old version. I saw nothing wrong with it.
  3. Cohen looks on the small side, but he doesn't look as lean as Wolfe.
  4. Here are all of Cohen's carries in his start against the Arizona Cardinals 1's. Howard was out with an eye injury. Week 2 Preseason
  5. Re: the extra $100 gift card: The initial offer was for the deal mentioned, plus a $200 gift card. Then I let the rep know that it still wasn't enough to get me where I needed to be, price wise. I acted as though I was ready to get off the phone, then she started to stall. At that point I let her know I needed to go, but if she wanted ask her supervisor to add anything extra I would hold on. They came back with the extra $100 gift card that had to be cleared with the supervisor at the end of the call.
  6. Called DirecTV at 866-284-2816 a week after cancelling. Choice Package - $65/Mo. $200 Visa Gift Card $100 Visa Gift Card - Tell agent to ask the supervisor for it Free NFL Sunday Ticket Max Free 3 Months of movie channels 1 Year Contract Thank you, fellow FBGs!
  7. How many notches for the wife makes her a whore?