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  1. That’s some cold stuff right there. I had an ex-GF’s ticked-off ex tell me they did anal, but thank God none of the wife’s ex’s have followed suit.
  2. Any room in the inn?
  3. It’d be nice if he wasn’t playing with a broken back as well.
  4. Thank you, Todd Gurley.
  5. Great game. So many wide open receivers in the first half. It looked easy. For that reason, I gotta give equal credit to Shanahan and Garoppolo.
  6. None of this garbage will change a thing.
  7. Nightmares.
  8. I’ll give him a +1 for it being a night game, but a -1 for it being on the road. Startable, but we can’t expect another great outing like the last two.
  9. Dan Bailey active
  10. Wilson is amazing and I’m grateful for every last stat up to this point, but man, his first 2 FF playoff matchups are worrisome. 14: @JAX 15: v LAR