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  1. What's with his targets in the second half? He's looked great and had almost 100 yards in both 1st halves, then goes radio silent.
  2. Is Coleman worth stashing with Kessler behind center and Gordon returning?
  3. Ware is low because Charles is still listed in Dodds' weekly rankings. Might bump up a little when JC is ruled out.
  4. Enunwa moved to Marshall's X position when BM went down.
  5. Canary Security Camera My Apple Watch received a photo alert of two dudes in my living room. I called the cops. A 1 hour fence-hopping chase ensued and both burglars were caught. The camera is shaped like a cylinder and blended in with some candles I have in the living room. The 5 minute video is priceless and the detective said he had no problem putting them away. Pic (The video is actually clearer than the screen shot.)
  6. Ya never know :¯\_(ツ)_/¯:
  7. Place one of these behind your night stand.
  8. Pre-ordered the Jet Black iP7 at midnight. Didn't realize the white Ceramic Apple Watch was $1,200. Stuck with Series 2 Stainless Steel.
  9. Go with whatever helps you sleep at night.
  10. I'd be SO pissed if I were a Minnesota homer.
  11. Interesting to watch how high players tackled back then.
  12. Got my gift card last week
  13. You drafted over 200 players in a 14-man league and not one owner could find a reason to take Ware?
  14. Wow. Saw him go in the 10th for both of my drafts over the weekend.