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  1. Bummer. Would have been fun to see Gore in a Raiders uniform before he turns to dust.
  2. No problem. I’m not sure about metals testing.
  3. My son was suffering from really bad OCD over a year ago. While western doctors were prescribing a kids form of Prozac and CBT therapy, we found an alternative doctor who went a completely different direction and CURED it. I’m still shocked to this day. Long story, short. The alt doctor told us our son has high levels of metals and mercury in his system that he is sensitive to. He named off numerous ways a child could be exposed to them as well. He then said our son’s OCD will go away and never come back unless he’s re-exposed to the heavy metals and mercury again. We thought we had nothing to lose so we went ahead and started treatment. The doctor put him on a natural chelation therapy and within 5 months, the OCD he’s had for years was gone. Not only that, the Tourette’s syndrome he’s had since he was a baby is now gone as well. The reason I bring it up in this thread is because I used to suffer from gnarly depression around the holidays and through the winter. Watching my son’s massive improvement, I asked the doc if it would work for my depression and he said it would definitely help it. So I started taking some of the stuff my son was around last July. The holidays came and went. It was the easiest Winter season I’ve had in almost a decade. I went from a total skeptic to a massive believer. You guys might want to look into chelation therapy or have your blood checked for high levels of metals/mercury. It seems like some people are more sensitive to them than others. Good luck.
  4. Our PPP came through. Got a number and will be signing loan docs on Wednesday.😎
  5. Raiders - Lynn Bowden Jr.? 5’11, 204 lbs. Mayock drafted him to play RB.
  6. Unfortunately you can’t add all the players Chicago can’t sign over the next 5 years.
  7. You’re missing 2 HUGE things. 1. Paying Mack and 2. He didn’t want to come back.
  8. Voted Carson. Maybe because my most recent memories of Letterman were the old grumpy, bitter and political Letterman. Unfortunately, we’re seeing a number of comics and entertainers going this route today. I don’t care about your politics. Just be fun and funny. Let me forget about all the current event garbage and just have fun watching you be funny. edit: I also LOVE some of the stuff Conan has been doing over the last few years. Especially Conan Without Borders.
  9. Thanks. Would love to read, but it’s behind a pay wall. Could you paste it?
  10. We sent ours in right away on the 3rd of April. No dice. Using a community bank.
  11. I think a lot of new business men and women will now know what it means to build their war chest for a rainy day.
  12. Here in Sacramento my three nurse friends from different hospitals still say they are only seeing 2 to 4 Coronavirus patients at a time. Sometimes only one. One said last week two people died. Both were morbidly obese and had been in out of the hospital for months already. Besides that, the hospitals are empty and doctors and nurses are being paid to stay home.
  13. My bank rep let me know today that we are approved and in the queue, just haven’t been excepted by SBA yet.