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  1. Extreme versions of consumer goods are always better than the original. Seems like draft strategies should be no different. I say do it.
  2. Gordon wasn't "historically" bad at all. After going back and watching his carries from '15, I was actually surprised by how many nice runs he made last season. He was just inconsistent and it partly had to do with O-line. I would make a slight reach for Gordon this season. SD will give him every chance to succeed, possibly even give him more carries inside the 5.
  3. You're assuming an aweful lot, yourself Historically, Haley/Pittsburgh doesn't split much time with it's backs, besides the occasional sets with 2 backs. Bell is in incredible shape entering his contract year. Also, none of Bell's injuries have been due to overuse. If his suspension is lifted, the choice between him and AB is a matter of preference.
  4. Best part was that I'm only obligated for 12 months. We get to do this all over again next season.
  5. One thing I forgot to add was to remember to include a referral account number. They will get the -$10/Mo, but at least someone is getting it.
  6. Just referenced the BigDeal and re-up'd with DirecTV. Choice Package $45 off/mo. $200 Visa Gift Card Free Sunday Ticket Max 3 months of Movie Channels $63.92/Mo. For 12 Months It was too easy. Actually easier than in previous years. Thank you @MrPack, @avoiding injuries and @Binky The Doormat!!
  7. Le'Veon Bell - RB - Steelers Suspended RB Le'Veon Bell declared himself 100 percent recovered from last year's MCL and PCL tears. Bell says he's cleared all of the mental hurdles associated with a multi-ligament tear and is as good as new. "Even jump cutting, if I decide I want to jump over somebody, jump in the end zone, whatever it may be, I feel I'll be able to do all that," he said. "My leg feels great. I felt I got all my speed back."
  8. Service cuts off tonight at midnight.
  9. @Mr.Pack & @avoiding injuries, Would you guys mind pasting the Big Deal email for me to reference? thx!
  10. Got it, thanks. So I should probably move my cancel date up to tomorrow. Sounds like service has to be cancelled before receiving the BIG Deal.
  11. K, just called and set the cancel date for August 20. What do you say for the $200 GC?
  12. Thanks mbuehner!
  13. Thanks Bagel, Hmm.. I still have 5 months left on the contract.
  14. In 17 man, it depends. What are the other 16 league mate's D2F ratings?