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  1. Fitzpatrick has an easy schedule ahead if he can get his head straight. Week - Pass D Rank - Opponent Week 8 - 31 @CLE Week 9 - 18 @MIA Week 10 - 17 LA bye Week 12 - 24 NE Week 13 - 29 IND Week 14 - 25 @SF Week 15 - 18 MIA Week 16 - 24 @NE
  2. AB was knee'd in the thigh and was limping. Should be fine after the bye.
  3. So far, so good.
  4. I came to post the same thing. Vick was horrific for Brown, not exactly Landry.
  5. Charles TD. He looked nice on that drive. Such a smooth runner.
  6. I wouldn't go that far. KC will see how much of the old Charles they can get back one week at a time.
  7. I think David Dodds went to Valley.
  8. Starting Ware against the Raiders in all leagues. Can't see Charles going from 0 to 60 today.
  9. Frank Gore (chest) returned to practice Thursday. Gore sat out Wednesday, but it was likely just a rest day for the veteran. He should be good to go against the Bears.
  10. I watched the All 22. Alshon didn't look as gimpy as I expected (he always looks lazy), but it's obvious he was commanding the double team and Hoyer took the path of least resistance. A few of the biggest plays came when Alshon took the attention of the safety and Royal or White snuck into an empty zone, one in particular was Royal's 64 yard catch. 4th quarter was worthless since Chicago went all in on running out the clock. Alshon gets open on comeback routes and I'm sure Cutler would have forced the issue a few times. Hoyer also plays it conservative and doesn't attempt the deep ball much. Alshon could have had way better stats with a QB and offense interested in going his way.
  11. Alshon playing decoy?
  12. Yes. Its not even close. Period
  13. A nice game against a rough defensive front. Those last few carries were brutal with the Jets geared up for the run.
  14. What's with his targets in the second half? He's looked great and had almost 100 yards in both 1st halves, then goes radio silent.