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  1. I look at this as I'm starting Winston/Arians. The volume will be there. Expect a fire fight between TB and Houston.
  2. Titans playing it smart. Best thing for a tight hammy is rest.
  3. Indy went deep over and over on TB last week and it worked. I can see Detroit trying the same. Blough isn't afraid to chuck it.
  4. I can't bring myself to start him this week. Maybe next if he shows well with a lot of usage or McCoy goes down.
  5. Limited today. He practiced last Friday, limited this Friday. I'm making other plans. He's too risky.
  6. I took a look at the all-22 of the Texans game to see if Fuller pulls up lame on his last play. There wasn't much. His last play was a 3rd & 6 jerk route toward his sideline. Watson completed it to Hopkins for the 1st and Fuller casually walked to the sideline. Never came back into the game. Houston finished the drive for a TD. Went 3 and out on another then the game was over. Maybe he's fine? I'd check on his practice today.
  7. I watched Fuller closely the other night. He was in more than any other receiver for much of the game, even a number of 1WR sets over Hopkins. Up to that point he easily played more than anyone else. However, on the last few drives he wasn't on the field. I'm not sure if it was precautionary or if he re-injured his hamstring. I fear the latter. DO NOT start Fuller unless you see some good practice participation by Friday or Saturday.
  8. The public was made aware of the appeal yesterday. The NFL knew of the racial slur accusation before then.
  9. Hi Fellas, I’m currently 5 years into a 30 year fixed at 3.875. Mortgage guy says he can get me to 3.25 (no points) on another 30 yr fixed. I don’t need to pull out money. Is it enough to be worth the refi? Or am I in too far to refi for less than a point?
  10. Zona not adding another RB should be proof enough. Good luck!
  11. I just reached an agreement with my fantasy leaguemates for the rights to Lazard over the next 8 years. It’s not even a dynasty league.
  12. I don’t remember this. Who was the screen to? Edit: Nevermind. Thought you were taking a lot Kyler Murray since were in the DJ thread.