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  1. I see nothing wrong with this. I’m actually thrilled with it with so many early picks at stake. This reads as typical Rotoworld crap-throwing at the Raiders. Daniel Jeremiah says it isn’t uncommon: @MoveTheSticks: When I started scouting in 2003, most teams allowed scouts and coaches to see the draft board. By 2012, most teams only allowed 3-4 people (HC/GM/Personnel Director/College Director) to have access to the board. This isn’t that unusual.
  2. Allen is a stud, but viewed more as an OLB in 3-4 that drops into coverage, than a DE who rushes the passer. Perfect for the Jets new scheme. (Who pick right before us at #3).
  3. My buddy scouts for another NFL team. He says Allen doesn't fit our scheme. Williams and Bosa are more likely picks if they drop to us. He also thinks that with the Bucs/Giants at 5/6, the Bengals have interest in our pick at 4.
  4. That’s only a few picks away from Oakland’s 3rd & 5th picks.
  5. He was brought in to counter Dee Ford, Von Miller AND Bosa.
  6. Yes, OLED would be more comparable to your plasma. For that same reason, I'm waiting for OLED to see the big price drops in the next few years before I replace my plasma.
  7. 14 Team PPR QB: Allen RB: Zeke, Mixon WR/TE: Juju, Diggs, Gronk K: Zuerlein D: Cle
  8. Didn't Clinton Portis have a big playoff run with the Broncos? I recall a 5 TD game. Amazing!
  9. McCoy 2013 14 - 40 fpts (Snow Game) 15 - 17 fpts 16 - 38 fpts
  10. I remember it being said last year that this was the record for most FPTS in a playoff performance. Faulk or LT was #2.
  11. Odell Beckham went God Mode in 2014 14: 11 - 130 1TD (31 FPTS) 15: 12 - 143 3TD (44 FPTS) 16: 8 - 148 2TD (35 FPTS) 17: 12 - 185 1 TD (36 FPTS)
  12. Needed a dud from Cam to advance to my Fantasy Super Bowl. Got it.
  13. Starting Allen over Wentz in my FF Super Bowl. No choices, clean decision.
  14. How do guys normally play with the flu?