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  1. Hilliard getting the goal line (4yds) carry?
  2. Thoughts on Calvin's production this week, if Julio sits? Haven't seen any commentary that covers the scenario.
  3. It's a startup, so no keepers yet. But as this is a keeper league, age is factor when drafting.
  4. Thanks, that's kind of where I am now, having mulled it over. I have them ranked as Barkley, McCaffery, Kamara, Zeke (some positive noises this weekend), Chubb. So I expect to take Chubb at 5, at worst.
  5. Seems like a simple question but I'm rather torn. The consensus is Hopkins, but as I know many of the guys in this league love to stock up on RBs, taking him would mean I'm waiting until the 20th pick (2.08) to grab my first RB. Guys like Williams, Fornette, Jones, Johnson etc. These guys are RB2s not RB1s. As this is a PPR keeper league (just 2 players), I feel more inclined to reach for an RB at 1.05, but can't decide whether to go for a win now approach and draft DJ or plan ahead with Chubb (on the assumption that Zeke doesn't sign today or tomorrow) Any thoughts are appreciated.
  6. With 1.02, and badly needing a RB, I'm also torn between Sanders and Montgomery. The irony is that I need to look more at Jordan Howard than either of these two. Why did the Bears use him as they did last year and cut him loose and what have the Eagles signed him for.
  7. Thanks for the input. Do you have any examples? I'm struggling to identify any players that might fall into that category and could be available i.e. owned by a team that is out of playoff contention. The best I can think of is Emmanuel Sanders, but I'm not convinced he's much better than Baldwin. I own T.Y. Hilton, who would be an obvious choice.
  8. Hard to say without context. Assume dynasty. Are you playoff bound or planning for next season? All things being equal though, I would make this trade. Mine:
  9. Following this week's matchup, I now hold a one-game lead in my division. My two remaining games aren't too scary, but you never know. Having come 3rd in the league last year, I really want to push on for the title. As there aren't any trade deadlines in this league, this time of the season often sees a few trades of veteran players from managers who are out of playoff contention for future picks from teams still in the mix. So, I've been making some enquiries. How does this sound: LeSean McCoy & Doug Baldwin for my 2019 1st round pick Both are 30 but are still productive. McCoy has another season left on his contract, while Baldwin has 2. I can't really speculate whether they'll both see out their contracts or be cut to save cap space. What are your thoughts? Having taken Mike Williams (bit of bust) and Calvin Ridley (looking good) in recent seasons at around the same pick, I'm not sure passing on another WR is so bad and I can't imagine there would be much at RB at that point. FYI, I offered 2nd & 3rd and was shot down. He proposed the 1st, so he'll obviously accept it.
  10. I can start up to 4 RBs, with 2 RB slots and 2 Flex. Of course, the frequency that I've actually been able to do that is extremely low, what with the various injuries and suspensions that they have all endured since they all entered the league. The same goes for my lesser RBs; Donta Foreman, Elijah McGuire. I literally had to pick up a player from the WW this week to fill the RB 2 spot (Marcus Murphy). Good point about trying to target younger, but somewhat established, WRs rather than the gamble of a completely unproven rookie next season. There are plenty of WRs that have been drafted in the 1st round that haven't had the impact that was expected e.g. Corey Coleman, Treadwell, Doctson, Corey Davis, Zay Jones, John Ross spring to mind.
  11. Absolutely take it......NOW.
  12. In my main money league (Dynasty, PPR) I'm now 3-4, so my playoff hopes are quickly disappearing. In the past, I've waited too long to try and trade older players and am now stuck with Dez Bryant as an FA and Jordy Nelson producing a fraction of what he used to. As Hilton is now 29, I'm considering my options for him while he's still a WR1 (or thereabouts). What are your thoughts or whether to trade him or not and if so, what type of trade should I be looking for? I'm sure a contender would offer a 1st for him, but is 1.11 or 1.12 worth it? For context, I've been quite unlucky this season. Finishing 3rd last year I felt I'd be a true contender myself, but have a lost a few close games and have had a few injuries (Dalvin Cook, Jay Ajayi etc.) Gurley & Zeke form the core of my team and have a couple of young WRs for the future in Calvin Ridley & Mike Williams. No solid starters behind TY though, just bye-week fillers in Jordy, Marvin Jones, Pierre Garcon etc. Thanks in advance and leave a link for any question you have.
  13. I'm starting him as my WR 3 this week (behind Ridley and Jordy), but not over anyone of any real consequence - Mike Willams, Pierre Garcon etc. With TY out (who I also own) and Marvin Jones on bye, Rogers seems like a good bet. As a Colts fan, I'm fairly bullish about him, having seen him play well the last couple of weeks.
  14. I'm ecstatic. I was fully expecting an 8 carries for 25yds performance. I suppose it depends what role he is filling on your team. In one of my leagues, he's my RB4, in another, he's likely the RB1 this season. I started him in both so I'm happy.
  15. Thanks guys, good advice here. I think I'll stand pat for now but maybe put out some offers post FA & Draft. Duke Johnson's value may rise if the Browns don't draft a rookie RB and Ajayi's when the Eagles release Blount. Out of interest, what do think the value of Dez or Jordy would be in draft picks? I can't imagine it's that much.