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  1. 1.) Better bench stash going forward: Viska or Bryan Edwards? Would you drop Brandin Cooks or Jarwin for either? 2.) Sanders owner with Clement on bench. Would you drop Clement for Viska?
  2. 1.) Jonathan Taylor or Gallup in nonppr? 2.) Nonppr-Need a RB and FLEX out of: Ronald Jones, Clement, Edelman, Emmanuel Sanders, Viska Thanks!
  3. Doyle, Goedert, or Ian Thomas at TE this week?
  4. Non-PPR. Need 2 RB, 2 WR, and a FLEX from the below: RB: Henry, Miles Sanders, Mostert WR: Julio Jones, Davante Adams, Kupp, Slayton Thanks!
  5. Been holding lottery tickets like Pollard and Armstead. Worth dropping one of them for Walton set to come back in WK14? Henry and Miles Sanders are my two startable RBs right now
  6. RB needy team. Non-ppr. Would you trade Sammy Watkins for Sony Michel, Miles Sanders or Breida?
  7. 1.) What to do with McLaurin (my WR4)? Drop or Hold 2.) What to do with Engram? Drop or Hold? 3.) Currently have Mahomes and Stafford in start 1QB league. Worth keeping Stafford?
  8. RB needy team. Non-ppr. Rex Burkhead and Darrell Henderson are available. Would you drop Mostert, McLaurin, Damien Harris, or Justice Hill for either of them?
  9. 1.) Non-ppr: How would you rank these bench stashes going forward: Pollard, Darwin, Mattison, Damien Harris, Dare? 2.) Non-ppr. Who to start at RB this week between Dare, Pollard, and Darrell Henderson? TIA
  10. Need 4 out of the guys below. Which 4 would you play for the championship? Fournette, Jaylen Samuels, Jordan Howard, CJ Anderson, George Kittle, Robby Anderson. Thanks and good luck this week!
  11. Thanks for your help this season. 1.) Lamar Jackson or Matt Ryan? 2.) Bears D, Cowboys D, or Colts D? 3.) Need 3 out of the following: Fournette, Jaylen Samuels, Jordan Howard, Robby Anderson, James Conner, CJ Anderson Thanks and best of luck with your games.
  12. I think you misunderstood my post. That was more expressing excitement about WK15 and a placeholder to draft my question.