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  1. The guy is a hack, who argued for Matt Flynn even after the 2012 season. He has some decent info, but his opinions are horrible.
  2. He was out of a walking boot the night of the injury, I believe. From people that have seen Russell, they have said the injury wasn't as bad as it first appeared, based on how RW has responded. That all said, it wouldn't surprise me that RW would try to will himself through the pain.
  3. Love it. "Massive troll". Like I said, irony. It is amazing how self unaware you are.
  4. Classic FFN. It actually is impressive how oblivious you are to your own post history.
  5. It's even funnier when people think they know the definition of irony, correct someone on its usage, but they are incorrect. Not surprising you don't understand the irony here.
  6. It is amazing how often FFN is wrong.
  7. So Seahawks in the real draft go OL, DL, RB, TE, OL. WR/CB nowhere to be seen.
  8. Apparently Seattle thought Cleveland would take Ifedi, and they didn't want to risk it. Plus, if they had liked Lynch internally, they would probably prefer him to go to an AFC team...and it also somewhat put SF in a tight spot, now lacking a trading partner for Kap. I think all of those combined plus the 5th year outweighed DAL's offer.
  9. If true, gotta figure Hawks pick at 26 is in the mix.
  10. Big part of Seattle's draft plan is UDFA. They basically consider it a second draft. Hawks have to be near the league lead in amount of UDFA on the roster.
  11. Seahawks drafting Treadwell.