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  1. i'd lean cooper.
  2. Cool thanks. I meant 3 of those 4; my bad.
  3. Inman and if you need the upside go AP if not Hopkins
  4. Bryant. I need to dump Tucker too,
  5. Ok cool . Pick 3 of these 4 .5 ppr: Watkins/Gabriel/D. Adams/TY Mont. QB: Marcus or Trevor? eta MEANT 3 of 4 not 2
  6. I hate to bench Marcus but I have Trevor on the bench. 2 QB league with Jamis as my other. BAH! Hate the cold
  7. Ahhh gotta love SEA stat trackers. Bobby Wags with 5 assisted tks lol.
  8. At this point what difference does it make??
  9. He got rolled up in a pile. Limped off on 4th down. Was back out for one play the next series then Quizz came in. who knows.
  10. i'm playing him and Thomas. Wanted to bench Cooks and put D Lewis in the flex but dont think i can
  11. :evans:
  12. Same. I cant seem to sit Cooks; he can win your week and in this case might make me lose. Thomas was the odd man out this week for me.
  13. Must be johnny decoy today. Of course I have M Thomas on the bench. FML. For those that need to see my roster I started Cooks/Evans/Jordy and Smallwood in the Flex.
  14. Per the hourly forecast winds will be 8-12mph around kickoff and throughout the game
  15. According to ESPN's Adam Caplan, Wendell Smallwood is expected to "play a lot" against the Packers on Monday night.