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  1. Any of you trust D. Henry over J.Williams and D. Williams this week? 3 in a row?
  2. Hi Sig. .5 ppr Need 2 RBs from: Chubb/Mixon/J. Williams/Coleman/MaGuire Need 1 WR from: Baldwin/R. Anderson 1 Flex from the remaining above .5 ppr Would you start David Johnson over the following: J. Williams/Mack/D. Williams? (looks like Ware is out) Darnold or Keenum over Lamar Jackson? .5 ppr Need 3 RBs from Chubb/D.Henry/Melv Gordon/J.Williams/D.Williams (looks like Ware is out) Thanks!
  3. This. Been using CBS as a host for well over 10 years now and they do not do stat corrections. Everything is locked final at 9am est Tuesday. Not sure why free leagues at ESPN, Yahoo, etc. can figure out how to apply them and pay for league like CBS cannot. I got screwed by an MJD fumble reversal back in 2008 that still haunts me to this day. bah.
  4. Exactly. Run the clock a little, get your guys set and run a dink n dunk for a 4 yard loss. But yeah he should know better.
  5. Something is not right. He rarely throws down field and when he does its off his back foot and there is no one there. He aint any good. Never has been. I thought he was a victim of Jeff Fischers craptastic coaching but man as a Bronco fan bring back Siemien. I guarantee if Kelly was still here he would be starting. This dink n dunk crap doesnt work. He should be making these rookie WRs better and he isnt. Bad signing. Cut and take your loss.
  6. Best case he'll be active as a decoy lol
  7. Need 2 RBs and One flex .5 PPR Jackson SD Wilson SF White NE Chubb CLE Sutton DEN Brees or Mahomes 4pt TD thanks