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  1. Hi all, Two teams taken, looking for one owner for Clever Team Name. Reminder that you can select 0-4 keepers at the price below (Rodgers/Bell, etc.) or keep no one and go into it with the full $200 to spend. Or anything in between. CLEVER TEAM NAME PLAYER2016 YTD PTSBYESALARYDRAFTEDTRADE? Gabbert, Blaine ARI QB92.958$10 Palmer, Carson ARI QB308.708$15 Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB459.108$34 Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB (Q)317.409$49 Ivory, Chris JAC RB94.508$13 Jennings, Rashad FA RB125.70-$16 Mathews, Ryan PHI RB (Q)144.6010$20 Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB52.7010$ Turbin, Robert IND RB97.0011$6 Agholor, Nelson PHI WR88.0010$6 Boldin, Anquan FA WR157.70-$6 Edelman, Julian NEP WR200.609$31 Kerley, Jeremy SFO WR136.6011$25 LaFell, Brandon CIN WR172.306$15 Nelson, Jordy GBP WR292.108$30 Royal, Eddie FA WR87.90-$6 Barnidge, Gary FA TE115.20-$18 Witten, Jason DAL TE150.306$8 Bailey, Dan DAL PK132.006$6 Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def119.008$7 Thanks!
  2. Hi all, Looking for owners for 3 orphaned teams - Year 3 of 12 team, live auction keeper with blind bidding waivers league. Rules below and at\ Up to 4 keepers per team with min 0 keepers required, so there is some benefit to going in with less keeper money allocated and more money to spend in the auction. . . Team 1 - The Downward Spiral - Team 2 - Clever Team Name - Team 3 - Undead Kamikazes - If interested, post here or contact Scott Morin at Thanks! LEAGUE DETAILS * 12 team salary cap auction keeper league (H2H scoring), Entry Fee - $80.00 * Draft - 1 Live Auction Draft each August, Non-Serpentine style for nominations, consisting of rookies and unkept players * Keeper stipulations - Up to 4 players (can keep 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4) - Kept salaries increase $5 of previous year - Already increased for 2017. * Starting Roster - 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE flex, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Team D * Waivers - Blind bidding waivers once a week, then FCFS * Winnings - $585 winner, $235 2nd place, $80 reg. season high point scorer * Playoffs - 13 week reg. season, 3 week playoffs; top 7 teams advance to main playoffs; bottom 5 teams advance to toilet bowl $200 draft budget. $150 blinded Free Agent Budget.
  3. The change from a flex to a superflex/2 QB will be up for vote after the league is full again. May or may not pass but was suggested so it's up for a vote. Typically, we don't have such broad changes from season to season affecting competitiveness. If passed, it goes into effect for next season (2018), not this upcoming season (2017). So all teams have 2 offseasons (trading, 2 NFL rookie drafts, 2 August redrafts) and 1 full season to adjust rosters. Currently every team has 25 players. We'll hold a 3 round May rookie draft (after NFL draft), then teams select 18 keepers from their team. The non kept players and undrafted rookies go into the pool for the 7 round redraft in August. Drafts are conducted via slow email (to foster trading), but always take less than 2 weeks to complete. Understand if the 2 QB thing is offputting (sitting on Min QB as my QB2 under that format) but hope you would still be interested.
  4. Hi, Looking for an owner to take over an orphaned, championship quality team (playoff team in all 5 season, champion in 2015). League makeup is 1/2 home league, 1/2 FBG members. All 2017 rookie picks (1.09, 2.04, 3.09) Start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 K, 1 D QB - Brady, Goff, Osweiler RB - Bell, T. Coleman, B. Powell, J. Charles, T. Hightower, C. Thompson WR - Julio, D. Baldwin, E. Sanders, Maclin, K. Rudolph, D. Walker League Rosters - League Bylaws - Please post here or reach out to me at if interested. Thanks!
  5. Eli gonna Eli
  6. Church/Cyprien and Jenkins. I'm not sure that Jenkins doesn't have the higher upside and higher floor than Berry due to matchups and tackle opportunities.
  7. I have Orr and Whitehead shares in my IDP Super Bowl. I would stay put. Definitely not benching Debo or Orr (matchup) and probably Whitehead for same reason. Mine (current leans underlined): DT: Akiem Hicks vs. Washington, or T. Jernigan at Pitt (start 1; Chris Baker, Tyrone Crawford, Brandon Williams available) LB: Whitehead at Dallas, Ogletree vs. SF, Wagner vs. Ari, Orr at Pitt, Kirksey vs. SD (pick 4) CB: M. Cooper at Seattle, K. Jackson vs. Cin, P. Amukamara v. Ten, Kirkpatrick at Hou (pick 2; Arite Burns, Tony Lippett available) S: Tavon Wilson at Dallas, Shawn Williams at Hou, Swearinger at Sea, TJ McDonald vs. SF (pick 2; Mike Adams, Micah Hyde, Keith Tandy available)
  8. Ppr, bonus for long plays DJAX not to score 49.
  9. No. 3 DE in my scoring system. 5 game sack streak. Just have a weird feeling about Dallas with JPP out also. Option is Kony Early vs. SD.
  10. Agreed. He's a weird situation: "stud" cover corner who takes too many chances so QBs won't shy away from him.
  11. Pick 4 lbs (cos I sure get it wrong every week!): Derrick Johnson vs TB Ogletree vs Mia Kirksey vs. Pitt Wagner vs. Philly Whitehead vs Jax Orr at Dallas
  12. Sure, short bench leagues like ESPN standard or actually, doing it this week. Just don't like waiver options more than my current roster so same situation.
  13. Pretty happy with my split studs/gems approach at RB: David Johnson and Gordon McKinnon, Ware, and Michael Losing K. Allen's injury and M. Floyd's no show killed my WR crew though: A. Brown, Marvin Jones, Shepard and Funchess.
  14. Oh my gosh, thanks for that. It's like Survivor if instead of eliminating participants, the island was just nuked. Wheeler? Upshaw? Hawk?
  15. I meant this mockingly because I preferred Jones and Campbell but guess which two Sims juked on top of each other. . .^tfw