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  1. Hi all, Looking for active owners for 3 orphaned teams - Year 5 of 12 team, live auction keeper with blind bidding waivers league. Up to 4 keepers per team with min 0 keepers required, so there is some benefit to going in with less keeper money allocated and more money to spend in the auction. . . Team 1 - The Downward Spiral Team 2 - Phil Dem TD's Team 3 - Truffle Butter If interested, post here or contact Scott Morin at Thanks! LEAGUE DETAILS * 12 team salary cap auction keeper league (H2H scoring), Entry Fee - $80.00 * Draft - 1 Live Auction Draft each August, Non-Serpentine style for nominations, consisting of rookies and unkept players * Keeper stipulations - Up to 4 players (can keep 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4) - Kept salaries increase $5 of previous year - Already increased for 2019 * Starting Roster - 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 RB/WR/TE flex, 1 TE * Waivers - $150 (not real) budget, Blind bidding waivers once a week, then FCFS * Winnings - $585 winner, $235 2nd place, $80 reg. season high point scorer * Playoffs - 13 week reg. season, 3 week playoffs; top 7 teams advance to main playoffs; bottom 5 teams advance to toilet bowl League Scoring Page League Settings Page $200 draft budget. $150 blinded Free Agent Budget.
  2. Colts over Texans; Ravens over Chargers Chiefs over Colts; Baltimore over NE Baltimore over KC Bears over Eagles; Seahawks over Cowboys Saints over Seahawks; Rams over Bears Saints over Rams Saints over Baltimore
  3. 10 team, redraft non-ppr (I know, I know) Big Ben - drafted Gurley, CMAC, Conner - all drafted (playing Mack - FA in place of Conner) Diggs, Lockett - both drafted Ebron - FA Lutz - drafted Bears D - drafted (1.01, went Gurley, McCaffrey, D. Freeman to start)
  4. Oof. Good one. Recency bias on my part. Equally brutal although the Saints seemed to have the momentum in that game so don't know how OT would have gone. But you're right; now we'll never know. . .
  5. If they do land out (finish behind Pitt in division), the two plays that will hang over the 2018 season are definitely that KC 4th and 9 incredible miracle play, and the Tom Brady on the move, attempt to throw out of bounds duck INT by Haden. Man, NE should have had that game. The NFC appears to be a bloodbath, but agreed that the AFC is wide open.
  6. Well, he's certainly the most talented of the RB's of the roster with the highest draft pedigree. His problem has been getting and staying healthy (suspensions aside). 3 NFL knee injuries (sprains, pulls and tear) to go with 1 knee and 1 ankle in college. In the short term and due to time with the team, he looks to be the co 1A-1B with Edwards, well ahead of Montgomery in passing game, and all 3 are well ahead of Buck Allen with Montgomery and Allen seeing a good bit of ST action. I doubt with that kind of injury history that he will jump Edwards in carries the RTS? In the long term, could he pull a Frank Gore and play for 87 years? Sure. Is it likely? Probably not.
  7. How crazy was that 4th and 9 throw by Mahomes across his body. Damn it. Well, we can blow up all the above with Pitt losing to Oakland, Ten trouncing Jax and Denver coughing one up to SF (how good is Shanahan? He's doing it with like 4th stringers) although the KC loss while crippling in morale, wasn't unexpected. Watching Pitt on a 3 game L streak sure is fun, regardless of who wins the division or makes the playoffs. Anyway, after week 14 in the AFC, currently in the 6th spot winning the tiebreakers because of a better conference record and common games with Indy and Miami. Really all comes down to the Chargers (who are in already at 10-3) and winning the strong Ravens lean game vs TB.
  8. PPR - Cook & Diggs to score < 37 Here's hoping it's a Thielen game!
  9. Trying to stay positive, but as I was digging into the scenarios, that's where I landed too. Agreed that the most likely way in is to win the division, not the wild card. Really hard to see Pitt beating the Saints at home, but that Pit/NE game gets interesting.
  10. Oh man, 0 from the TE position is brutal (especially since you went for upside and handcuff with the Cincy stack) to miss by a point. Great job on Mahomes, Kamara, Barkley, White, Breida, Conner, Hill, JuJu, Boyd. Well done.
  11. So let's talk playoffs *queue Jim Mora - Playoffs?*: 7-5, 2nd in division, 0.5 games back (somehow, that 9-12 OT loss to Cleveland looks even worse now) Remaining schedule: at Chiefs, vs. Bucs, at Chargers, vs Browns (opponent winning record 58%) Steelers remaining schedule: at Raiders, vs Patriots, at Saints, vs Bengals (opponent winning record 55%) You have to imagine both teams will hold serve with Bucs/Browns (although Bucs could be more lean Ravens or tossup) & Raiders/Bengals, leaving the division up to the other 4 games. Of the 6-6 teams (Dolphins, Colt, Broncos, Titans), Broncos and Titans have the easiest remaining schedules (opponents win records of 40%.) Titans are basically eliminated if they lose vs. Jax this week. Really afraid for Broncos who are getting hot and their remaining schedule of 49ers, Browns, Raiders, Chargers bodes well for them.
  12. Agreed. For the league described in the OP, I would contract offensive players and stream defensive as you stated. I'm in a similar league on Reality Sports Online. I'm locked into a 4 year contract with Alec Ogletree which looked great 2 years ago, but the backend has not been value added. There is just so much depth on the WW at pretty much every position except DE that you are better off swinging and missing on offense than defense.
  13. 5 dynasty or keeper leagues with a mix of formats (IDP, 2 QB, etc.) I always join a league or take over a team looking to diversify. But over the course of the season, tend to land a lot of familiar names via waivers, trades, etc like you mention. Like Dr. Octopus said, if I like someone, I like someone. Two examples for me this year were James Conner and Jonnu Smith. Started trading for or acquiring Conner in every league this summer because I thought Bell would skip camp, come in rusty and get injured. Jonnu flashed and kept being compared to Walker so picked him up in most leagues where I had bench room. Similar to your situation, I had a bunch of 1sts this year and split Kirk and Pettis in two different leagues when having to choose between either. I felt much stronger about Pettis' talent and situation (at that time) but wanted to diversify.
  14. QB Rivers (5x), pick one of RB Gurley (10x), Gordon (7x), Conner (5x), John Brown (4x), Hooper (7x)
  15. With "down" weeks from Gurley and Gordon, saved by Jonnu Smith (12.30) and Nick Vannett (20.20)!