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  1. Is anyone else having issues with this again? I'm sure it's the MFL side post "upgrade" and not anything on FBG's side of the fence.
  2. 12 team ppr 3 Trade Final Summary - 1.02 and Michael Crabtree for Sterling Shepard, Carlos Hyde and Malcolm Mitchell Trade 1 - 1.02 for 1.06 (Shepard) and 1.11 (Mitchell) Trade 2 - Michael Crabtree for 1.08 Trade 3 - 1.08 for Carlos Hyde
  3. League Currently in 5th year of league 12 team, 25 roster spots Standard scoring with 4pt passing TD's and PPR Head to Head, no divisions 13 week regular season, 7 of 12 teams make main playoffs with top seed getting a bye. Playoffs 14 to 16. Keep 18 per season including rookies 3 round rookie draft in May / 7 round redraft in August $400 - Championship game winner / $190 - Championship game runner up / $60 - High Point Scorer in Regular Season Team This was a playoff team in 3 of first 4 seasons. Talent includes: Cutler/Tannehill/Freeman/L. Miller/CJ Anderson/Nelson/Decker/Lockett/Funchess/Garcon/Torrey Smith/Lafell Has 1.09 and 2.09 in Rookie Draft. 1.09 is on the clock. Gone are Elliott/Treadwell/Doctson/Coleman/Thomas OSU/Shepard/Dixon/Henry League- Roster - Summary League is about 1/2 home league, about 1/2 FBG online guys. This is an extremely fun, competitive, evenly matched league in Years 1-4 with 4 different league winners and 8 different championship game teams. All money was kept in Leaguesafe but not this year because I hate two way fees. The home contingent consists of my wife, my father in law and 3 good friends so if i cut and run with their money, I'm in worse shape than Lacy before all that P90X work. Post here or contact me at if interested. $60 for 2016 dues would be due before we continue with the rookie draft. Thanks!
  4. MFL

    I could be wrong but there appear to be 5-6 new team oriented skins. So that's something.
  5. MFL

    I'm in a first year Reality Sports Online league (contract auction with IDP option.) It's not the same level customizable as MFL but as pointed out, what else is. There are some positive connections with Waldman and Harstad including a review on FBG. (FWIW I also have a long time MFL league that I continue to commish and will continue to host there.)
  6. While I agree with your point and the impact of stars is felt much more in basketball, the Houston Rockets also wanted to say hi.
  7. Not my best effort here. Baltimore Ravens: Ezekiel Elliott / Kevin Dodd / Christian Westermann With the 2 QB's going 1/2, one of Bosa/Ramsey/Jack/Tunsil (maybe Buckner still after all) will be the 1st round pick. They seem sold on Monroe righting the ship so it should be a defensive pick. Felt good getting Dodd, but wish Garnett (Stanford) had fallen two more spots to not make this look so bad. Still, filled three needs, 2 with good to elite prospects and a warm body at Guard. New Orleans Saints: Vernon Hargreaves / Vadal Alexander / Adolphus Washington CB / G / Interior D-line are all top needs. Just don't feel good about this administration's history of evaluating CB's. Unless they like their young WR's more than I do, could see a top 3 at the position drafted to complement Cooks. Maybe Treadwell.
  8. Saints are about to go into a 4 hour meeting. Will take next interior lineman, preferable AW. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Been meaning to speak to you about that. I'm on this thread about as much as you so you can stop "alerting" me, lmao.
  10. With 3.70, the Baltimore Ravens select: G Christian Westermann Need depth and perhaps a starter across from Yanda (Had Garnett queued up, good pick.) 1.06 Ezekiel Elliott, RB Ohio State 2.36 Kevin Dodd, DE Clemson 3.70 Christian Westermann, Arizona State
  11. Great pick. LSU is on a run now with either nabbing elite HS LB's or average and coaching them up. I think Debo was a 4 star but didn't get to play much until last year because of the depth chart. Wish we could have had a year of him in Aranda's scheme.
  12. With 2.16, The New Orleans Saints select G/T Vadal Alexander, LSU (hope he hasn't been picked, having a hard time following the draft) Has had perceived stock drop throughout process but we knew he was never agile enough to play tackle. Will solidify a Guard spot for us.
  13. Nice upside, but man he's a mess.
  14. With 2.05 / 36, the Baltimore Ravens select: DE KEVIN DODD, CLEMSON Well, I feel pretty dumb about that Elliott pick now. While RB and G are almost needs, the real needs are CB, LOT, EDGE and WR. We've seen 5 CB's, 6 probable OT's, 5 or 6 possible EDGE DE's or LB's and 4 WR's off the board. Still some interesting WR's but not excited about CB's or LOT's available. Dodd ended the year strong (3 sacks vs. Bama in NCG) and no off the field issues like Noah Spence.