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  1. Sucks for me with Jones against an owner with Fournette.
  2. Jones still not in. Hot hand Fournette getting the carries over the dude that balled out last few weeks. Thanks a lot🤯
  3. Seems they're running him straight up the gut most of the time too.
  4. I dropped him this week. 🙄 However since I'm in last place I can pick him up first next week. 😂
  5. My opponent who is 5-0 and last in waiver order somehow got him this week. I was pissed, but it turned out great 😁
  6. Just get me 7 more yards to hit 100 and get a 5 point bonus
  7. So no Brady sneaks at the GL Give it to RiJo to make up for that BS
  8. So the refs blow the whistle incorrectly and no RoJo TD WTF
  9. Sat on my bench for Jacobs😡🤬
  10. Thanks a lot 0-3 and needed every point right now he has 4.2 points 😢
  11. Is Henderson out or McVay an idiot? I guess he sees Brown as the “hot hand” 🤪
  12. Not tonight. The experts had Minshew the #1 pickup at QB. Hyped it like crazy. I've been playing 20+ years and I fall for it over and over. On paper it looked like a great play. In reality, a dud! My other choice was Brady, so of course he's going to go off.
  13. I agree they'll figure it out. I was very pleased with CEH otherwise. Going to be an exciting year for him.