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  1. Sorry for the Raiders fans.
  2. Garrett's sideline faces remind me a lot of Wade Phillips. Wade always looked like he needed to go the bathroom. Jason looks like he's trying to decide if it's gas or the real thing. We need to have a new OC. Priority #1. His attitude after the game, not talking to the media indicates a lot about him. Let him go and get someone else pronto. Priority #2 BIG run stuffer. No more small 3 tech guys pretending to be run stoppers. Get a big body bruiser inside. Priority #3 Safety. Heath is not the solution there. Priority #4 TE. Keep Swain and Shultz and get a vet of the waiver/cut list. I was disappointed at the loss, but like Bankerguy, felt they had a very good year for a young team. Looking forward to next year.
  3. Please Jerry do not extend Garrett after the season Plz dont do it.
  4. Yes, I thought Zeke would be easily over 100 yards. Never did I think LAR would be rammi g it down our throat
  5. If Dallas has any chance to get back in this, they need a long drive to start the second half. Score and give the D a rest
  6. A hold and a double team. I thought you couldnt double team any more
  7. If you love the fantasy game of football you will always second guess decisions you make. As long as you put every effort into it and double checked your gut instincts, then you let it roll. The fantasy Gods can be cruel (Brees last week) and generous(CJ this week). I think the problem for most folks in season long leagues is that it's tough to lose when you make a wrong decision in a close call. Most would rather win big or lose big. That being said, I need 18 points from Nelson and Richard tonight to win my big money league!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope I made the right decisions.
  8. 17.01 points from Richard and Nelson 1/2 ppr
  9. Wish my opponent left him there. 26 points with bonus🤯 Need 17 points from Nelson and Richard tomorrow
  10. Wish my opponent left him there. 26 points with bonus🤯
  11. Dropped him when i decided to stick with Hooper TD's are brutal to predict from TE's