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  1. Love it! how did they “obtain “ a copy of the letter??It pisses me off to no end that calls get “leaked” and no this. It’s incredible
  2. Found this looking up info on Stella & Chewy’s but thanks for this 👍
  3. Stop harassing me. FULL STOP!. I posted in the wrong thread and you keep giving me a hard time about it . Stop.
  4. What the hell is going on here. Don’t take quotes from other threads and use them here and I didn’t insinuate, I asked
  5. Use my words???? What are you on today?Im stumped here
  6. Are you comparing the current cast of jabronis to Obama & Bill Clinton?
  7. You heard THE MAN, please try to keep on the subject of the thread. Thanks.
  8. Search schtick, my schtick is spelling shtick , schtick
  9. This is a brilliant idea for Popeyes when they bring their magnificent chicken sandwich back