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  1. Poor guy has been going down a very tough path this year
  2. Well I think someone calling a politician they don’t agree with “a disgrace of a human being” a very interesting take. Not a murderer, nota rapist but a politician you don’t agree with. Very interesting take, don’t you agree?
  3. My local Wegmans(supermarket)gets it in and puts it in their display cabinet, $59. They get it regularly and then maybe will disappear for a month . I used to buy it when I see it but haven’t lately, still have one and a half left. I haven’t seen Weller in a liquor store around here
  4. I agree with this. I typically spend $40-60 but I’m real happy spending $28 Elijah Craig or Eagle Rare
  5. Little Book Chapter 3 seems right up your alley
  6. Vaping is banned in MA but cigarettes are fine $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. The Plimsouls-A Million Miles Away The Records-Starry Eyes Bram Tchaikovsky-Girl of My Dreams