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  1. What does it have to do with Trump?
  2. Just sick of blankets
  3. If someone on welfare buys a steak it's their right. Dont confuse welfare theft and legit people on welfare
  4. there is only one candidate up there who headed the bimbo eruption squad
  5. do you like things made of jelly?
  6. just discovered this show
  7. Only sho nuff brings the irony in this thread
  8. Something doesn't seem right about the video
  9. As a father of Ds I can't imagine anyone making a claim like this up. That said he's been a very naughty boy himself but that's not an excuse to escalate and post about kids
  10. So on the last page of a thread over there he posts about oral with a posters wife and anal with the same posters mother.
  11. I actually think it will propel one of his kids into politics
  12. Good work Clouseau
  13. It's way over the top. Very disgusting but why not deal with it when it happened
  14. He said this happened in July about his D. And attacking him at :e: , they place is all attack all the time besides of course Christo's wonderful posting there