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  1. Jokes about family is out of bounds
  2. The guy obviously has no mirrors in his house
  3. My D is moving in as a freshman in college next week. The advice from her HS was to "visit" all schools she was interested in online, YouTube/Facebook/school sites and visit once accepted. Process worked great
  4. tim's a little uptight this week
  5. Exactly . When @squistion not spamming the place with his Twitter feed & throwing hissy fits over anyone that doesn't like his war mongering Wall Street puppet candidate
  6. I have a soft spot for Ann Coulter. Didn't hear that remark , would have to see how is was presented. Probably give her a mulligan. She's a good person
  7. It is more but the $15-20 difference is made up in convenience for me
  8. I though Ann looked quite fetching last night. Not the greatest looker but last night she want bad.
  9. Mondale was a very low energy guy going against a nuclear reactor of energy. Very low energy , believe me, I'm telling you LOW ENERGY.
  10. I bought my latest from them when a car was dead in the driveway , might have been $20 more than at store but so worth it
  11. Without knowing your area $500 guessing battery. No AAA ? They could give you an answer and sell batteries if you need that