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  1. I expected Joey Porter to get the boot
  2. Nice thing is they also have a shop in Medford
  3. Big fan of Modern
  4. Wife wants to see Zac Brown at Fenway and I have no idea who he is. Well I know he’s some country guy but that’s it. Traditional? Tractor rap? Modern country pop? I hate Fenway so I’m not to thrilled
  5. We just bought a new house in October and looked at every brand. My wife ended up with the LG French door with the middle drawer. Every review for fridges we saw were negative. Biggest tip we got was if something goes wrong that Samsung’s were a pita to get parts for repair
  6. The Jam are a great example of this
  7. Would love to see the brothers reunite
  8. Waterloo Sunset one of the best songs from the 60s. Beautiful song Father Christmas is my 2nd fave Christmas song
  9. this is a hard pass. A very hard pass.
  10. I agree with this but they still had better odds, have no mathematical basis to back this up,trying to stop them than successfully recovering an onside kick with the Jags expecting it. I’m still steaming on the 4th & 1 pitch
  11. Williams said he missed the tackle. You guys are thinking too hard I feel for him. Made no excuses
  12. So he takes himself out of the play?The deepest man , no one behind him. JJ makes no sense here.
  13. Wat? Williams knows his field responsiblity. No one is behind him. He stupidly tried to upend him. Payton said he missed the tackle
  14. So the ducks out with him knowing there is no one behind him? I don’t buy that at all