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  1. It's ok little buddy , it's ok
  2. Don't hear about that one . I follow a photographer on instagram from the berkshires that had pics from Northampton . My D goes to Williams and Greenfield is where the closest mall is , real big time Berkshires metropolis. Btw I believe Penn Jillette is from greenfield , not sure why I included this. I always stop in greenfield to pee in McDs
  3. I'm calling a TO and stepping out of character here. It was in Northampton MA. Remarkable that 2,000 marching in even a metro area never mind a town of 25-30k like there. Northampton has Smith College & Umass Amherst is the next town over. Still impressive 2000 show up for anything but this didn't go down in Appalachia
  4. Incredible remark
  5. Big fan of pie & love a good crust Ricotta all year round Key Lime June-September Pumpkin November-January
  6. Never had it with pineapple, never even seen it with pineapple . Love ricotta pie
  7. I think the audible lost it's way last season . Didn't listen to 1 episode in all of 2016. Really used to looked forward to listening on Fridays
  8. I realize players have to execute on both sides of the ball but I'm furious about the Ds game plan . I'm
  9. would have made no difference
  10. maybe he was given a talking to about it
  11. Krafty Bob likes his tea
  12. Butler's got some explaining to do. I know Hogan ran free on a couple of player mistakes but that gameplan was doomed from the start
  13. #### the Patriots. But I really want Goodall put in a bad spot