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  1. Didn't think that the kids were the Trojan horse with sour patch kids . Very good point .
  2. Junior mints are are whoppers those malted milk balls? If so they are 1 step above circus peanuts for me on the candy chain
  3. I'm not knocking the choice , everybody is different but by the choice I'll guess you are 24-32?
  4. What a curmudgeon
  5. Extremely underrated. On the rare occasions I have some I think "damn these are good"
  6. Hate Red vines if they are hard but love when Swedish fish gets a harder outer with soft inside
  7. Same size box with less in it
  8. I love Swedish fish , the knockoffs just aren't the same. If I'm putting crap in my mouth want quality
  9. She's not bad for a 1%er
  10. 2012 Romney calls Russia our top geopolitical foe . Obama mocks him. Now the Dems embrace Russia as the boogeyman and in league with TRUMP. The sheeples just eat from the hand whatever is given to them.
  11. the fellas seem to be lapping it up here in the ffa so it must be true
  12. Are you trying to convince yourself this ? Chances are you're right. But this could go sideways fast
  13. In 2008 there was 1.1 million fulltime Police officers in the country. This was a middle finger to all of them.
  14. A true believer. Keep crying wolf.
  15. The mothers of the movement is the highlight for me . It's going to be the DNC's Icarus moment