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  1. I hated Van Halen growing up , was a punk/new wave guy but Ain’t Talkin’Bout Love is a great song. Still hat them
  2. 1st off I’ll address you as I don’t lump you in with the report every post crowd like some of the courageous Trump haters here.. You also seem like a good person Dredging this up? Do you understand the magnitude of this story? Maybe it was just a Boston thing but by the published stories this week I kind of doubt it Vanity Fair Boston Globe Washington Post Boston Herald USA Today Cape Cod Times Vineyard Gazette Independent UK New York Times New York Times again New York Post People
  3. Sorry I’m not posting in the PF anymore with the Trump haters. Too many people that don’t act like adults . There are many good Trump haters but it’s the others, the ones who report everything and anything. I know which ones are which but it’s better to go cold Turkey and just converse with my fellow Trump supporters. I replied to you because you fall into the good category. Talk to you in the other parts of the boards
  4. I was a little kid, almost 5, and can remember this on tv , was it on a Sunday afternoon?
  5. If it’s good enough for the Kardashian’s it’s good enough for me
  6. Waiting at a seafood takeout place for my order
  7. Slots between Trump Signature Neckwear and Trump Vodka
  8. I’m on my iPad sitting on the couch as my wife is reading, I start laughing and she asks what I read that was so funny , I actually tell her and she’s and goes back to reading.
  9. what kind of place is this ?? “oh noes look what he did, oh my dear he’s really done it this time” Shame on LOTS OF PEOPLE for having zero sense of humor and taking themselves too seriously. I can’t wrap my ahead around this mindset. How about everybody being more tolerant with each other and enjoy the boards.
  10. I agree with your 1st paragraph. I really wish we could solve this puzzle sensibly . Given the time and help from the rapid democrat party I think Donald could craft a magnificent health plan for the nation. A real magnificent plan, the envy of the world.