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  1. Why would Terry McAuliffe embellish at best anything about the scumbag white supremacists. Instead he has to Clinton it up. Politicians just can't be factual on even the simplest things
  2. Wolf Blitzer wondering if the tragedy in Spain today was a copycat of Charlottesville......
  3. KoyaCo, what am I ? Just what do I stand for?
  4. Not being from the south I view these much differently from others. I have no problem people wanting these moved , I don't think they should be destroyed
  5. Jordan obviously is an alias but so is Bacon is delicious or something like that. Both seem to have much different political outlooks The 7 minute response time comment is about previous veiled and unveiled comments by GM and his relationships with people who happen to be moderators.Ball busting
  6. Why is it an either or scenario? I prefer option C
  7. 7 minutes response time this is is a very bad look for you my man you call out Jordan but have no problem with the Bacon alias
  8. He has zero self awareness and absolutely loves pontificating on any and all subjects. Some might say a blowhard, not me mind you.
  9. Virginia & West Virginia get renamed first