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  1. I’m not sure how many overlap .Both are outliers & disruptors. My biggest concern with Bernie would be the stock market reaction
  2. I think this is Bernie’s strength. He owns his opinions and doesn’t do what Warren does . Bernie has nothing to hide . His supporters are strong and Donald haters will vote for him , can he convince independents with his honesty to give him a try. I don’t see this as a layup for Donald
  3. A Trump dynasty would be a beautiful thing
  4. I doubt we will see a debate . I’m guessing they stab Bernie in the back at the convention and put mini Mike or Hillary in and they don’t debate Trump . As a Trump supporter Bernie is the only candidate I fear. He’s passionate, his hardcore supporters are equally passionate. The rest of the field doesn’t bring this . Bernie definitely has more than a punchers chance
  5. I like Yang but he won’t last long on cnn going off the reservation like he did
  6. This is hilarious in a forum who compared Trump to Hitler
  7. at the mini Mao pic over there
  8. If you like authoritarians , mini Mike is right up your alley