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  1. We know they turned the frogs gay
  2. I’m not revisiting my posts on this and you never apologize for anything. Never
  3. This is a lie
  4. I’d love to be able to be the rules setter
  5. If I start a Trump related thread you call it trolling You start too many threads, way too many. Sinn Fein has a good idea for a thread and you come in caterwauling and trolling , as usual by the way. A wide variety of thread starters is welcomed in my book
  6. It was about how her made her feel, she felt victimized and was shamed
  7. @Finless @#1 Fan of Ghana Soccer @Jambi
  8. The spear has to be the weakest finisher ever , weakest ever!
  9. Way to send the crowd home happy
  10. the fan in white sweats in front of Styles wife
  11. Hated Van Halen in my younger days Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love - ####### A what a great song Panama null
  12. He most certainly would work with them, much to the resistance’s chagrin
  13. Duchovny’s involvement was discovered through the Red Shoe Diaries