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  1. never mind. Lions squeak it out, almost despite themselves. Not a good team, but definitely entertaining. 3-3 hype.
  2. Lions trying to apply death by FG. Even if it takes them a couple tries to retake the lead.
  3. That looks like a catch. But it involves the Lions. So I will never, ever know for sure.
  4. wow. Not sure if Ridley's 27 yard catch earlier or that one from Golladay was more impressive.
  5. Good drive by the Lions to manage a FG with the time left. They get the ball in the 3rd, so we'll see if they do anything with the opportunity.
  6. Patricia's D in full form this drive. Ridley TD. Though I'll bet most didn't see such a low score going into halftime.
  7. need a microcosm of the Lions? 3rd and long with Atlanta backed up, and long fantastic catch by Ridley. Then the way-too agile (>.>) Matt Ryan avoids 2 tackles to complete a pass.
  8. Detroit with the incredibly creative run-up-middle on 4th and short. >.>