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  1. Dolphins can't quite pull off the win, but Falcons dominate. Lions currently at pick #5.
  2. Broncos win. Dolphins win. Redskins win. Detroit sitting at #6, and could reasonably fall to #3 (Miami has 3 winnable games, Skins have Giants, Falcons have Jaguars & maybe Panthers). Unless they win a game, but we'll see about that if it happens.
  3. *shrug* game came down to the final seconds. Plus who predicted Ravens & Niners would be THIS good? Plus (moreso), Detroit and Dallas are locked into hosting Turkey Day games. If you want to argue for that instead of NO/ATL, you'd have more ground to stand on. -- Meanwhile, the quest for a top 5 pick continues for the Lions! It's been an amazing season where they've looked like they've been in every game, despite (lack of) talent.
  4. What? Lions give up a late lead? That never happens this year!
  5. 3rd and 1 on 5. Tie game in the 4th. Bo running well. Lions give the ball to the backup, fall short, kick FG instead of attempting to ramp up the pressure. Welcome to your summary of this Lions season.
  6. I will never know what's a catch. But I'm thinking they call that he never had possession.
  7. Though admittedly, Blough's proving far more competent than I thought. At least so far.
  8. For Bears fans, I'd only be concerned if they win by less than 3 TDs.
  9. Dagger, given how the D played on just that drive.
  10. Also a note that you could be watching MST3k covering Space Mutiny right now. Big McLargehuge!
  11. Apologies in advance for people watching the Lions in hopes of seeing even mediocre football.
  12. Might as well change the title to 3-12-1. D looks not-awful against a team that can't score TDs and they still find a way to lose. I fear and pity the team that loses to these Lions. Crank up the talk of who's good in the top 5, what percentage of the staff will be back, and how much the Fords are paying attentions. You know, more than usual.
  13. 1) Need Wilson & SF D to score at least 8 points. Could start Jimmy G, but I'm going for the lower floor. 2) Carson to get 25 in 1/2 pt PPR. >.<