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  1. thanks Gally, good advice naw Preston is gone (see my UTVol logo I was keeping a good eye on him lol)
  2. I am on clock in two leagues and both are available in each league one team is playoff competitive and the other is total rebuild (if that matters) but really just looking at long-term best option
  3. I would refer all you'ns back to the 2017 Kamara thread where most were labelling him a COP (he is not as good as Kamara but still a neat and near enough example to remind us to be careful of labels) And yes the Saints staff were also toting Kamara as their new COP First of all, NFL staffs lie, as the default Second of all, sometimes these "COP" guys change minds of their coaches once they get into camps But EVEN IF he is solely 3rd down and 4min drill back AND Gurley stays healthy, he is still EASILY worth a late dynasty first rounder So even with that label, pick him as your Flex and he can win you some games But when heb breaks out of that label he will win you some leagues
  4. well he is also breaking the "no name dropping" rule that is usually heavily frowned on (although some leagues don't care) we are pretty strict about that in ours even having the unethical nature of it in our ruleset (in the instance above if he gives clues out then he is trying to namedrop indirectly
  5. I absolutely LOVE the evolution this thread has taken in 8 months from "meh i'll pass he doesn't pass the eye test" to "OMG first rounder overall startup PPR dyno!!!" some folks were saying he: (looked slow and lacked burst and goes down first hit and takes everything outside) but if you would've listened you would've known in JUNE!!! that this wasn't the case and I LOVED non-Tennessee Vol fans arguing with me in the thread (and if you know me you know I have never pumped up a Vol who I thought would not make an NFL impact). Sometimes it pays to listen to folk who watched a player every snap. Also don't forget he was a 5 star recruit by Alabama so it is not like he is a diamond in the rough, he has been good forever. As for the ONE reason to doubt ... "Why didn't he play over Hurd?" ... that is a legitimate concern, but you see all the smart moves that Butch Jones made over the last few years right? /sarcasm and of course I put my money where my mouth is, here is prediction of where they would finish THIS year (i slipped Kamara into the guys question because he obviously had a brain fart while listing who HE thought were the top 4) anyways, hope he stays healthy as that is his only Waterloo *separates shoulder patting self on back*
  6. You can't have players rostered on two teams at the same time (which this basically is) You can't collude You can't rent players Above are 3 reasons why this is a no-go... definitely a deal breaker to be in a league this loose with competition/fairness
  7. i am assuming you are being sarcastic but, in your sarcasm, you have drawn the line in the sand between "winners" and "losers" mentality that being said If I am Goff and no one stays extra besides the VERY limited time teams can practice now, I would simply explain that I will throw the ball to the WRs that do stay extra. If none then I explain to them to make sure you block for the TEs and RBs who are going to receive ALL of the passes it is called leadership, the WRs were testing the rook and he failed to stand up for himself (unless this took place before Goff got the gig)
  8. so much for all the Kupp fluff pieces, does he even see the field now? or is this moving on from TAustin instead?
  9. yeah brought a 2nd and 7th rd draft pick trade value ... that is not so highly thought of that is EXTREMELY HIGHLY thought of as a prospect (remember he hadn't done anything yet on the field that would deem him worthy of that kinda trade value
  10. yeah got him 14-teamer 6th round in a dynasty startup as my WR5 (start multiple flexes) wasn't even targeting him but he was just screaming at me to give him a chance heh
  11. oh, and as for Moncrief, now is when I jump in have never owned him but i love investing in post-hype for pennies on the dollar
  12. Jordy Nelson Steve Smith (technically his 5th year but he was injured his entire 4th year) Antonio Brown Wes Welker Marvin Harrison Antonio Bryant Dwayne Bowe that's just off the top of my head in 5 minutes, prolly could come up with dozens with research all of these like Moncrief, had a good offense, good QB, good situation, and yawned their way to end of year 3 then completely exploded and, except for Brown, were all highly thought of prospects
  13. 1) has the most pure natural talent to succeed as a workhorse 3 down Rb at the NFL level? Mixon>Fournette>>Cook>>>>>>>>>McCaffrey 2) is in the best situation (team, coach, qb, o-line, etc)? McCaffrey>>MiXon>Fournette>>>>Cook 3) will have the greatest fantasy impact THIS year? Fournette>Kamara>>>Cook>McCaffrey>Mixon 4) will have the best career? Mixon>Fournette>McCaffrey>Cook 5) would YOU take with the #1 pick in a rookie dynasty draft? Corey Davis (or trade down a spot or two to get Mixon)
  14. follow the money DEs and LTs are highly paid if you don't get to the QB, there are about 25 that will hurt you, so it is whoever is winning the LT vs DE battles
  15. a1) overall a2) yes a3) your call, but i'd say in between b1) 0 or 1 b2) same thoughts as you b3) rooks and 2nd year IF they've never been activated c) with 22 man rosters 5 sounds good