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  1. Pierce may get a 'this is your last chance' look Thursday, but Forsett will definitely at least split carries, and if Pierce's track record is any indication it doesn't look good for him. Forsett's probably the guy to get for now. If you don't believe Forsett can last, then maybe you want to snag Taliaferro as a long play for later in the season. But, given Kubiak's history with RBs, and Forsett's encouraging game last week, he could be a steal looking back on this in a few weeks.
  2. I think the question Fitzpatrick owners need to ask themselves (because I would assume he was a wire pickup in nearly every league this year), is if they're sitting on a Top 8 QB1, is it a smart move to move that guy for a piece of top talent elsewhere in light of Fitzpatrick's emergence.