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  1. Related: Oklahoma was not very enlightened by 1996. I'm sure it's better now, but probably still in the bottom quartile of the country for being inclusive.
  2. I don't like live albums. They're like normal albums, just lower quality. I'd say my favorite was Tesla's Five Man Acoustical Jam.
  3. I went to college in Oklahoma, took a US history course, and hadn't heard of it until I read Don't Know Much About History.
  4. If you haven't before, it's really fun to watch reaction videos by people who haven't heard their greatest songs on Youtube. (The Lost in Vegas guys are always awesome - they appreciate good music and recognize crap (laughing at Danzig) and dig deeper into lyrics on the first listen than I have over 30 years of listening to songs) I wish I could hear them for the first time again.
  5. I can sneak one per year onto the summer list... more than one Primus song per year is overkill for anyone.
  6. I assume Quinn also got moved back to DE? It would also make Clowney more reliable in the case he ends up on a 3-4 team.
  7. Has anyone put together a list showing who’s a useful OLB who would be reclassified as an EDGE if MFL did a surprise switch like this?
  8. Aha - that timing seems to match up - just after that was a flurry of great deals as they shed some inventory related to the merger, now deals are comparatively minor. That said, I picked up one of these yesterday: - I bought a previous model about 7 years ago used and it's my first-choice biking jersey.
  9. Man, next time we think about complaining about FBG rankings, this is a good reminder of what it's compared to.
  10. There's also this, though it's season-long instead of dynasty (shouldn't be that different IMO):
  11. New Norton and Larkin rankings up this week.