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  1. Downcast is excellent. I found the native Podcast app to be awful.
  2. Which way are you driving back? Canada route or Pennsylvania? Niagara's great, but as someone said above, you stand there and stare in wonder for 5 minutes, then you're done. There's some wax museum type stuff there, and there are some interesting tours (Maid of the Mist is probably the best), and there's a casino if that's your thing. The Canadian side is the better place to view and is more built up.
  3. Alaska was great growing up. Not the same as Hawaii btw (though I think it might have been back in the early 80s).
  4. Is that the place that has German food? If so, they had a great sausage/cheese/bread/mustard platter 20 years ago that was great.
  5. Part of it depends on what you like. There's a cool spot at High Falls called Triphammer Forge that is very small, but a neat look at the old water-powered forging machines driven by a water wheel. The Erie canal is pretty interesting - you can see the spot down town (Broad Street?) where there used to be a canal/river overpass. The canal now crosses the river south of town.
  6. Garbage plate is awful. The High Falls area didn't suck 10 years ago, not sure about now. It's really not that great of a place to visit, though it was fine living there.
  7. Comments from the Medtronic/Enlite perspective in bold.
  8. No tips to help with this, sorry. I can say that everything we look at makes it seem that we should be paying $1200 for Enlite sensors, but there's some cryptic note that just says "adjustment" that drops it to $400. We think it might be one of those "you don't have insurance, so we won't gouge you like we would an insurance company" things. Our son has the Medtronics pump that talks to Enlite sensors, and it's been great. We never used Dexcom.
  9. Any mormons in the family? Someone might already have done the research - that's where my grandma found out about her birth parents (despite her birth certificate being lost in a church fire).
  10. Just remember that track is nobody's primary sport - they're there to stay in shape for their real sport.
  11. Meh - awful bags under her eyes, big nose, weird lips when smiling... I said she doesn't belong, but I think you guys are off by saying it's insane.
  12. I'm going to preemptively support goramzgo here. Everyone's going to say he's crazy to list this woman, but looking at that linked picture series, it seems to be a question of whether she's smiling or not, and whether she's airbrushed or not. When smiling and not airbrushed, that's a weird set of facial features. Doesn't belong in the thread, but it's not so ludicrous as the airbrushed pictures at the end of the series make it seem.
  13. Thanks for posting. Some LB feedback: Kirksey seems high with Collins in town. Zach Brown is strange so high with Ragland presumed the MLB and Brown a FA. Burfict is completely unreliable – could be out of the league at any second. Man, is that ever a cliff after 32. Wow. Levy at 60 doesn’t look right at all. Health, but you have Jaylon Smith and Bowman in the top 17. Levy’s a monster if healthy. It seems like some mediocre SLB replacement level guys are ahead of guys with more upside like Morrison, Kwiatkoski, and Martinez. I’d have Daryl Washington somewhere on the list.
  14. Good run, dude! Have you done the math on how much you saved in total?
  15. Sky is from the UK. Kind of like UK HBO. Canal Plus is the French version.