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  1. I don't know the answer, but I would say that it won't be an issue because you will likely change your movie watching habits. If you want to watch a movie, you'll probably just stream it. Also, instead of watching movies you already own, you'll probably watch something new since you have access to so many. Could be wrong, of course... but I think it will be like the transition many people have made with music - my kids will never own a CD or .mp3 because they'll stream everything they want to hear. It certainly went that way with us - we never use DVDs any more. Even in the car on road trips, we have some movies on a Sandisk that the kids stream from via bluetooth.
  2. Haven't read the responses, but go for it! Everyone speaks English anyway, your kids will learn German, you'll have a home base from which to take train trips all over Europe... sounds like a great opportunity.
  3. Wait, did you tweet this today? I feel like I already read this.
  4. @kutta nailed it - just stay awake until Australian bedtime on that first day and you should be fine.
  5. Whoa - I assumed nobody was ever going to actually answer about what was gross. So for you it's the noise... gotcha.
  6. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/744807-official-kodi-streaming-thread-tips-help-add-ons-etc/?do=findComment&comment=19966275
  7. Since this makes no sense to me, I need to ask the people this bugs some questions: What's gross about it? Is it the action, or the nail bits that probably end up on the floor? The sound? If it's the nail bits, what about doing it over a garbage can? Is filing nails also gross? Is blowing your nose into a tissue in your cubicle gross?
  8. Doesn't bug me at all. I don't do it, but I can't think of anything gross about it.
  9. Threw a used tampon into the crowd, right?
  10. Eventually, but we didn't really meet him until late in the show as I recall... he was in some dream sequences early, but it felt more like it was JJ vs. her own demons (that he caused) more than it was JJ vs. him for the first half of the show. Hazy memories here, though - I could be way off.
  11. Yuck - I don't like this stuff.
  12. We'll see. I'm 4 episodes in, and it's not a bad show... I just think it doesn't measure up to the other three Defenders shows. I think it might be that the villain isn't clear yet, so we're not getting any charisma from that side. Jessica Jones lacked this a bit, but Daredevil and Luke Cage had magnetic villains early, even if Cottonmouth wasn't the endgame villain.
  13. If you have Titanium, it auto-updates. Sports on Kodi are not worth the frustration IMO - I'd rather miss an event than have to hunt for streams for the first 15 minutes of the game, then again after 2 minutes, then again 30 minutes later. It makes me insane. I'll watch on USTVNow for network sports. Some people pay for a solid pirate stream, but I don't do that. My Fire TV and Sticks aren't buggy at all going around the interface - not sure what's up with yours.
  14. 2 episodes in, not loving it yet. Weird to see Faramor as a bad guy.
  15. Nah.