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  1. Fair enough - I was confused about Pettine's schemes in the past.
  2. What makes you say GB will be a 3-4?
  3. Both 2nd round picks last season... which of these two is the better dynasty prospect? Bramel listed Turay as the much better pick last season in rookie drafts here, FBG staffers agreed with their rookie rankings here. Ourlads shows Lewis as the starter over Turay here. Turay outscored Lewis over last season in FF, but Lewis outscored Turay weeks 10-17. Turay had slightly more snaps, but pretty even. It seems like an opportunity spot if one can step up and claim the spot. Is one of these guys worth a shot?
  4. Some guys I'm not sure about based on moving teams: Dee Ford probably moves from LB to DE Preston Smith - not sure, but he could become a DE Za'Darius Smith probably moves from LB to DE Clay Matthews probably moves from LB to DE Throw in some other DEs who weren't on many rosters but switched teams like Alex Okafor and Markus Golden, and this is a great offseason to throw some darts at possible breakout guys at DE.
  5. Very cool, @Dan Hindery added a Superflex column this month. Thanks!
  6. Some odd teeth choices in that video.
  7. ... all while not having to hold a job, not being hungry, attending a well-funded school, being able to afford entrance fees for multiple colleges, etc. It's certainly not fair, and sad that with all those advantages, some still decided to cheat.
  8. That was fun, I hope there's a second season with the same players. The last scene where... uh... the redhead player is talking through the half-elf while playing the princess speaking with the DM's voice is pretty funny.
  9. I love using these when people get mad in a video game and DM me after. They're swearing and fuming, and I'm super over-cheerful. Them: "You stupid #######, I hope you die!" Me: "Is this game great or what, Friend?" T: ####### learn how to play, you pos. M: Thanks for the tips, Boss! T: Uninstall and kill yourself. M: Well played, Sport! T: I hope you get AIDS. M: I hope I see you around more, Chief!
  10. Sounds like Jabrill Peppers is going to NYG in the Beckham deal... I'm not sure where he'll fit in, but that has the potential to sink Bethea.
  11. Bethea to the Giants is a good landing spot - he moves into Collins's role and even though he's old, he showed last season he can still produce. Man, I remember him filling in for Bob Sanders... seems like 20 years ago.
  12. If he gets a DE designation, this could be a huge boost for IDP. Pettine does more 4-3 than 3-4, we just have to hope for the DE tag.