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  1. Yeah, they can play tower games and watch streaming services. That's pretty much what iPads are use for anyway.
  2. I loved Nothing's Shocking so much that I really wanted to like Ritual... but it never took for me. I tried for years, but I don't think I even read it into .mp3 format, and probably will never listen to it again.
  3. Nothing's Shocking was amazing to me. It's definitely in my top 10 most-listened-to albums of all times. I remember listening to it on the bus to and from cross country meets on my Walkman. I had never heard anything like that before, and it changed my taste in music - it was the album that pushed me away from hair metal, rather than Nevermind a few years later. I still listen to it every couple of years and enjoy it still. Joshua Tree totally deserved it over Nothing's Shocking, though. I recently listened to the The Great Albums podcast episode on Joshua Tree and was reminded how great that was all the way through. It might be the best non-Metallica album of the 80s to me, even though I haven't listened to it in about 8 years.
  4. That one somehow ends up the gray area... instead of being the surprisingly hot version of something innocent, it's the surprisingly tame version of porn.
  5. Haha, oral secks with braces.
  6. Wear the mouthguard. I've seen some pretty bloody scenes from soccer balls to the face. My dad was an orthodontist and always made us custom-fit mouthguards for hockey - those things were great.
  7. Cranston and Kerr episodes were very good IMO.
  8. https://dynastyleaguefootball.com/rankings/dynasty-lb-rankings has rankings behind their paywall, but based on their preview, I'm skeptical - they don't have dates on their rankings, and I suspect they're from week 1. Alec Ogletree, Jamie Collins, and Myles Jack in the top 10 of dynasty rankings seems out of date. http://dynastyfootballwarehouse.com/rankings/idp-lb/ has the same three guys in their top 10, so againI question the dates on them (Bowman listed in SF also), plus Posluszny and Derrick Johnson in the top 20. https://dynastyfootballfactory.com/dynasty-idp-lb-rankings-2017/ has Ogletree and Collins top 10, Bowman in SF, and Derrick Johnson top 20, so also out of date. http://ffdynasty260.com/dynastyidp/ has a date: 11/24... so that's a good thing to find! It doesn't go very deep, though - 30 LBs doesn't do much for roster cut decisions in most IDP leagues. https://www.versusfantasyfootball.com/rankings/dynasty-idp-rankings/ lists Chandler Jones in NE. http://www.idpguru.com/ is by a FBG staffer - some good weekly stuff there, but I didn't see dynasty stuff. http://idpwiseguy.com/rankings/tag/dynasty is from preseason. https://www.dynastyvipers.com/linebacker-rankings - Same sort of issues as other rankings, so probably from week 1. http://www.dominatedynasty.com/rankings/draft-projections/ also early season Ugh... not looking good.
  9. A cord cutter might watch Redzone via a Youtube feed.
  10. I find the guides at wirecutter.com to be useful - they have a bunch of headphone comparison guides there depending on the type you're looking for. For noise cancelling, they have: https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-noise-cancelling-headphones/ https://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-noise-cancelling-in-ear-headphones/ Here's what they said about the 2017 Beats Studio 3s:
  11. There is always a tough time in the IDP dynasty calendar between now and the NFL draft. In that gap are a number of roster decisions where it would be nice to have some dynasty rankings to refer to. To use the Zealots calendar, there are final week waiver runs, roster cuts when players on IR are activated, cuts and RFA designations just prior to free agency, and the free agency bidding frenzy. I’ve got a team that missed the playoffs, so I’m already in offseason mode there. I hope that FBG will have some rankings available this year, but I don’t think I can count on it. Does anyone know of any good dynasty IDP rankings we can refer to that aren’t behind a paywall? Does anyone want to take a shot at their own rankings here?