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  1. Everyone at work who has one has picked their favorite orientation and locked it down - nobody varies theirs throughout the day. It seems like the company should just have one that people can try for a week until they decide if they're going to be sitters or standers, then buy a fixed desk at that height.
  2. I feel like I read an article about one of these towns repopulating itself by inviting in refugees. Link - now he's being accused of abetting illegal immigration:
  3. Tick

    FBG IDP Content

    One other thing I'd love is the ability to reclassify player positions in MyFBG. I'm trying to remember who it was this season, but there was a player FBG had as an LB and MFL had as a DE. Since my leagues have position-specific scoring, it was annoying to have to translate his stats and recalculate the projections... particularly early in the season when multiple IDP projections were being blended by MyFBG. Alternately, maybe find a way to list some players in both positions - as a LB, this guy blows, but as a DE, start him this week.
  4. Tick

    Fantasy offseason dynasty rankings?

    I was just coming in here to post links to those. Thanks.
  5. Tick

    FBG IDP Content

    I might just be a turd, but I really liked a deeper list of names right around the time when teams know whether they're playoff contenders or not. was a Bramel article in week 12, it lists 11 DE, 16 LB, 6 S. I'll pay closer attention to your article next season - I can see the value in a weekly look at fewer names as well. It might not be exactly what I was thinking of, but I'm not the only audience here. (I was the reader who nagged Jene that he mentions at the top of the article).
  6. Tick

    Your favorite Podcast

    I'm the same way with Barstool and PMT. I'm sure I'd like their new Gold episodes, but I'm not sure I can send Barstool money.
  7. Tick

    Fantasy offseason dynasty rankings?

    Jene didn't leave FBG, he just left the IDP side (except for the rookie tier chart). No idea if it's permanent.
  8. Who's the GOAT now? Tebow is my choice.
  9. Tick

    FBG IDP Content

    Not really - I'm following @IDP_Dude, @IDPSharks, @TheReadAndReact, @DFF_IDP, and @TomDegenerate on Twitter, but most of the content from them is in the form of links to articles on their sites. @TomDegenerate (Tom Kislingbury) posts a lot of Twitter-only content, often with cool visuals to go along with it, but he also has articles on other sites. I'm pretty ignorant of who's a staff member somewhere or a freelancer, though. 10,000 responses is great - you're already flooded with ideas and feedback.
  10. Tick

    FBG IDP Content

    IDP stuff I like at FBG: The infrastructure is just great. Leave out the quality of the projections and look at how you can use them. MyFBG or the Lineup Dominator app are exactly what I want... weight different projections, customize to my scoring for multiple leagues, project every player, tell me which guys to start, tell me who's better on the waiver wire. Everywhere the player is mentioned, it's a link to find more information. I haven't seen anything half as good as this anywhere else. Weekly Top 200 rankings - these are massive for waivers. It's really valuable to be able to compare weekly vs. rest of season value. Do I pick up the CB projected with top-10 numbers this week? Oh, he's ranked 60th for the rest of the season... probably not. Do I drop my SS who's projected to score only 4 points this week? Oh, he's ranked 19th for the rest of the season... probably not. @Aaron Rudnicki's Upgrades/Downgrades article is a great resource. A quick summary of the top performers and whether they're a fluke or not, and it comes out before waivers run in my leagues. I get more value from this article than anything else in the IDP world. @John Norton's EOTG is still great. The depth of the projections - they basically project every player's stats every week. That's such a huge thing to do, and has to take so much more effort than ranking players based on just one scoring system. Does anyone else on the internet actually project IDP players weekly? I don't think I've seen more than rankings elsewhere. Stuff I'd like to see improved: Dynasty tiers or rankings in January. Dynasty leagues are all in their offseasons right now and thinking about waivers and free agency periods. We're coming off a season where we had tunnel vision for our own players, and might not realize who shined late in the season and is positioned for a better role next year. We haven't thought about contract situations or the impact of coaching/scheme changes. I'd like to see what FBG's experts think. If it's a fool's errand to rank, do tiers like @Jene Bramel used to do - that seems to be a good compromise to allow an expert to express to us that it's hard to compare a player with a 50% chance to be in a great situation vs. a player with a 90% chance to be in an okay situation... and to tell us which guys are replacement-level that shouldn't clog our rosters in the offseason. More weekly projections. If nobody outside of FBG is doing projections, is that because they don't have the infrastructure? If FBG hired someone like Tom Kislingbury, with FBG's tools would he be able to add another set of weekly projections? Integration of Rudnicki's Upgrades/Downgrades into MyFBG the same as Bloom's offense version. A focused look at dynasty stashes around week 11 of every season. Bramel used to do this over about 3 weeks, and it was great. In my opinion, it's a lot more likely that FBG could add a few voices/features to make the perfect IDP site than it is for any other site to add all the infrastructure to make the perfect IDP site. I guess my ideal situation would be for more great IDP writers to join FBG's staff. I understand it has to make business sense, but I'm just describing what I would want. @Sigmund Bloom @Joe Bryant
  11. Tick

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    Big play scoring feels a bit like old-school leagues where you only got points for TDs and 100 yard games... too much weekly volatility for my taste.
  12. Tick

    Pickler & Ben

    Can you unpack this a bit? Thanks. -T
  13. ebags has a killer replacement policy. Most suitcase companies won't warranty wheels or zippers (which are the only things that break). When a wheel broke on my ebag, they gave me 3 options: replace the entire bag, take it to an authorized shop to get it fixed, or have them ship me the replacement part to replace myself. There's a good chance I continue to buy from ebags based on that alone.
  14. Tick

    Fantasy offseason dynasty rankings?

    I'm very happy to see some offensive dynasty rankings up this week. I hope some IDP rankings appear sometime, somewhere. If people find some that look current elsewhere on the internet, please share.