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  1. Tick

    Box Safeties

    I picked up some shares over last week and this week of Teamer (latest Charger SS?), Reshad Jones (back healthy, someone cut him), Deionte Thompson (possible Cardinals SS), and Khari Willis (FS, but scoring well).
  2. Keep in mind that he's in Telvin Smith's spot, so the long-term future is cloudy.
  3. My son asked me why there's a statute of limitations. I guess I never considered it, and couldn't really come up with anything compelling as an answer.
  4. What length is her hair? Assuming it's long, do you want her to keep it long instead of going for the old lady cut?
  5. Outlook was great, then gmail showed up, and it was nice that it was so portable. Then google became evil, and gmail never really got some of the features that are in Outlook, and Outlook untethered itself from the desktop. Now, it seems like Outlook has all the advantages of gmail, with more features. That said, I still use gmail for home and Outlook for work.
  6. Kiko Alonso dropped in a league... he's getting no snaps yet in NO despite Anzalone's injury. Should I snag him? I'm solid at LB, but he's there...
  7. I picked up some Connelly and Okereke shares this week (and Roderick Teamer, but this is a LB thread).
  8. Tick

    Box Safeties

    Tom Kislingbury ont he IDP Read and React podcast went through every team and mentioned how safeties were used after week 1, splitting them up between box safeties, interchangeable, or deep safeties.
  9. Tick

    Box Safeties

    I guess Jenkins surprises me most from that list. Where did you find the data about who was in the box?