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  1. If you guys haven't checked it out, the database is really good IMO. It's just the average of two guys' rankings, but I tend to agree with them, and it's sortable by different criteria, including by streaming service. I've been working my way through the Netflix and Amazon movies rated 90+. Death of Stalin got a 96 and is next on my list.
  2. I have Elliott on a lower-middling team and was really torn on how he related to Barkley now, and in the end couldn't sort it out either. Surprisingly, after some inquiries, I got offered Barkley for Fournette plus my first, which I jumped on. It's weird not having a first on a team that's now definitely in a rebuild, but I had to take that deal. Next year with Barkley and Elliott looks pretty good. The same guy owns Sutton but wasn't interested in trading him away.
  3. I'd shop Mostert. Maybe see if you can get Barkley-plus for Elliott?
  4. I’ve auctioned off a 6th before for FAB. Just a league-wide email saying you’ll sell it to the highest bidder. It could backfire and stick you with 1 FAB for it, but it might be worth a try.
  5. If you can get that, jump on it. I'd be surprised, though - even 4+Vaccaro for 3 is unlikely. I tried to dump IDPs last season during a rebuild and got these after a lot of shopping:
  6. Some surprises: Frank Clark 43% of snaps. ETA: Illness. Who's Eric Wilson who had 92% of Vikings snaps? ETA: Expected every down LB now. Demarcus Lawrence 37% of snaps (Aldon Smith 81%, Griffen 75%). ETA: Lingering knee injury, keeping snaps low? Trevathan 48% of snaps.
  7. Here's my current list of places to check for IDP waiver wire pickups... last two are behind a paywall. ETA:
  8. 46% LB, 29% FS, 17% slot, 8% OLB (edge)
  9. Yeah, I had a bad offseason for grabbing, then dropping guys who broke out. I kept one Aldon share, but dropped the rest. I also dropped James Robinson about a week before the Fournette trade.
  10. @UtahEc @KBellf54 @FFIDP_Jase @JoeyTheToothIDP
  11. @Ryan Sitzmann Can you help us out here? I'm looking at the rest of season rankings, and I'm confused. It has your name on it, but appears to use Norton's projections. It also seems to show some surprising stuff - in my balanced scoring league (Zealots), it shows Joey Bosa 21st behind Suh, Godchaux, and Marlon Davidson. Am I reading that right? It would tell me to drop Bosa for those guys if this were a redraft league, unless I'm misunderstanding.
  12. If you have Tuesday waivers, FBG has traditionally had the Rudnicki IDP Waiver Wire article, and that's all. I didn't notice if Sitzmann's Rest of Season Rankings for IDP was up before the waiver deadline or not (I just checked, it was 2 AM Wed morning... also, it appears to use Norton's projections, so I'm not sure how Sitzmann is involved). I'm having a hard time decoding it, though - it seems to tell me that Joey Bosa is projected to be outscored by Marlon Davidson and Davon Godchaux over the rest of this season. This week, I found lots of other IDP waiver wire articles around the internet - Mike Woellert had a great couple of articles at 4for4, FantasyPros had one, DLF had one behind a paywall, Sharks had one by Gary Davenport, IDPGuys had one (not sure why it's free), IDPGuru had one (it's Sitzmann, so it would be cool if this were cross-posted at FBG), I just found one at a place called Rotoheat and another at a place called Razzball, but I don't know when those were posted. Norton's projections are really nice to have, but they come a little later in the week.
  13. I've broken both of mine... you can still feel where the line is for a few months. I feel like I've seen NFL guys who come back too soon break it again quickly, but that's certainly not scientific. 6 weeks sounds like when you can start working out again, not when you can start tackling NFL players.
  14. TEN Bush 100, Vince 59 TEN Fitzpatrick 100, Edmunds 100 NYG Martinez 100, Carter 100, Downs 22 TEN Evans got ejected, messy LBs, but Brown 100, Landry 97. TEN Clowney DEN Johnson 100, Jewell 98!