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  1. I recommend listening to this week’s Individual Defensive Podcast with Gary Davenport’s DL rankings. Since he’s setting positions for MFL this season, it’s worth noting: - Khalil Mack: GD considers him a LB - Chandler Jones: GD considers him a LB - Jadeveon Clowney: GD leans toward DE. - Mario Addison: Not discussed, but listed in GD’s DL rankings.
  2. I picked up: $25 gift card with $5 credit Dog bully sticks A 4-pack laser tag gun-only set for $37 Some cleaner Wirecutter recommended Nat Geo watching guide - we have some bird feeders outside our kitchen window and we all enjoy the birds Amazon basics T-shirt for the wife - to see if they're any good
  3. Some of those east coast pronunciations are bonkers. Milk = Melk, Vanilla = Vanella, Robot = Robutt, etc.
  4. Some great dog stuff on Rex Chapman's Twitter feed.
  5. Looks like a great solution for a traveling family - cool find.
  6. Cool, GM. Tell any new-diagnosis parent that to help them to keep from freaking out that first week.
  7. Just get a Fire tablet. You can probably get one for $30 on Prime Day in a couple of weeks.
  8. Take a picture, measure between pupils. Example:
  9. Yeah, it's just that FBG already knows my rosters in MyFBG. I don't want to enter 53 players for each of 4 dynasty rosters manually - I want the RMT button on the MyFBG page. There was once a way to paste an extension on the end of the MyFBG address, including a MFL league number and franchise number. That would work, if I could find it.
  10. I just ran into the Alabama recruiter for Michigan at the ice cream stand and chatted a little (I was wearing my Alabama Dad hat). He said there are 90 freshmen going from Michigan to Alabama. Since almost all are going for the automatic scholarships, they're a batch of all-stars. He said last year's Michigan class averaged a 3.9 and 31 ACT. My daughter's not rushing, which is a relief.
  11. I noticed this week on podcasts that people are now pronouncing it like Castilian as Arthega-Whiteside. He's from Spain, so that makes sense. Just an adjustment when I read his name now...
  12. Ours was from Roses and Oak in upstate NY 20 years ago. It still looks perfect despite daily use. When we got it, it was something like 25% more expensive than a crappy laminate set at the local furniture store that lasted about 5 years.