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  1. In some article or podcast about bicycle helmets, I learned about some studies that found odd things: Some guy in the UK rode around with a sensor to see how close cars came to him as he rode on the side of the road. He tried this with a helmet and without a helmet, and found that when he wore a helmet, cars gave him less room. Update, though - I just searched for it and found that further analysis says it wasn't a significant increase, but that some other factors are more important (type of road, type of traffic, distance from curb) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3783373/ In Australia, they made helmets mandatory, and it might have resulted in more problems - many stopped biking, reducing the number of bikers below a critical mass where they're a constant consideration for drivers, leading to more accidents... http://www.cycle-helmets.com/c2022.pdf I'm not anti-helmet, but thought it was relevant and found these interesting.
  2. I don't like Stephone Anthony's effect on Hull. I dumped him back onto the waiver wire.
  3. One thing it does for me is knock Mike Hull off the waiver pickup list - just dropped him after a day in a few leagues to pick up guys like Christian Jones.
  4. Seems like a great opportunity... so is he crap, or was New Orleans dumb?
  5. The difference this season for Sorensen is that last season, he didn't get base snaps - just nickel linebacker. Now he's SS on base snaps and LB on nickle. Pretty much the best role you can ask for a safety, especially since it helps him stay with a S designation instead of LB.
  6. Great thread, thanks everyone.
  7. Sweet - @Darin Tietgen put out a top 200 before my waiver deadline! Nice to get an early look forward ETA - not quite - looks like it's in progress at this point.
  8. Some stuff... Brandon Graham dropped from 68% to 53% of snaps. Cliff Avril dropped from 71% to 57%. Frank Clark up from 56% to 71% - did Avril and Clark swap roles? Dante Fowler down from 44% to 31% - what a disappointment. Miami DEs in their first week: Branch 74%, Wake 57%, Harris 47%, Hayes 43%. Higher than I expected from Harris - dynasty alert. Tampa DEs in their first week: Ayers 83%, Spence 78%. Mario Edwards still low - dropped from 50% to 43%. Haason Reddick up from 55% to 79% - we'll see where he ends up when Buchanon is back. Is Christian Jones a 3-down guy now? Humber still above 90% snaps. Minter down from 58% to 21%. Ramik Wilson is a ghost - dropped from 31% to 19%. Elandon Roberts up from 13% to 55%, still not useful though. Avery Williamson up from 65% to 90% - must be a subpackage thing where if they're winning, he gets a lot of snaps. Bethea down from 85% to 73%, but that's still a lot of snaps. Mo Alexander up from 80% to 99%. Is Vonn Bell the new SS with Vaccaro benched? Was that just for this game due to Gronk or a trade precursor as every podcast speculated this week? Sorensen in for all snaps. Zettel still getting the most DE snaps - 61% to 64%. Tavon Wilson down from 99% to 42%, Killebrew up from 39% to 75% - what happened?
  9. Thanks, I was happy when I found that. My direct link (I have it on Miles Jack because the scrolling sucks on the mobile version of the page - Jack is near the middle): http://www65.myfantasyleague.com/2017/myleagues?PLAYER=12702
  10. https://open.spotify.com/track/0GrcPg89CPjXEkPAsAooGP
  11. I agree - the publish date of this article is so useful, and it does seem like this is always increasing in quality. Aaron, thanks for stepping up now that we lost Jene on the IDP side. A couple of things I'd love to see someday: A quick version after Thursday game so we can pick guys up on Friday/Saturday waiver runs. This week, that would have meant some info on the crazy NE linebacker situation as well as the KC SS fill-in (thanks for responding when I asked you on twitter about it!). Integration into MyFBG as with Bloom's offensive waiver article, so I could click on the Custom Waiver Wire Report link and see which of your recommendations are available in each of my leagues.
  12. Looking through some snap counts, focusing on my own players... -SF played 3 safeties on every play. What was the alignment? Reid, Tartt, Johnson -Kirksey, Schobert, and Collins played 60/60/59 snaps - must all have been on the field in all situations. It looks like they might have pulled a lineman for nickel/dime. -Across from Khalil Mack, it's a time split - Edwards and Autry each got half the snaps. -Tyrell Adams/Marquel Lee 41/21 snaps. Cory James got 60 of 64 snaps. -Avery Williamson was only in on 65% of snaps. -Killebrew got the big play, but was on 39%. Tavon Wilson was on 99%. -Blake Martinez had 86% of snaps, probably answers my question in the previous post. -Charles Johnson on 49% snaps, Addison on 63%. -Haason Reddick's stats were fine, but only 55% of snaps. -Arizona seemed to play 3 safeties most plays. Branch 100%, Mathieu 100%, Bethea 85% -Some new LBs on 98+% of plays: BJ Goodson, Ramon Humber, Joe Schobert -Nigel Bradham still a hidden every-play LB -Zach Brown and Mason Foster 100% snaps, Compton 0 snaps - very clear-cut, which is nice. -DJ Swearinger had 97% of snaps - good waiver target -Minter was only on 58% of snaps -Bostic was on 100%, Morrison 88%. -Dante Fowler only 44% - great stats, but beware. -Ramik Wilson only 31%, even without Ragland playing. -Ron Parker 100%, Daniel Sorensen 59%... did anyone see what happened after Berry got hurt? Is Sorensen the target? -Kyle Van Noy 100%, Elandon Roberts 13%, David Harris 3%. Pretty dramatic shakeup there. -Demario Davis and Marcus Maye 100% of snaps on an awful team.
  13. Who's the other ILB in that formation - Martinez?
  14. No, I installed it individually. I followed https://addonhq.com/pro-sport-kodi-addon/ using SupeRepo.
  15. I'd say that most of the people here are happy with Titanium.