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  1. Connect your mperks to your credit cards so it happens automatically (though you have to confirm it on the screen in the auto-checkout lanes).
  2. @Moe. OU alumni email link: http://askit.ou.edu/customer/portal/articles/2391278
  3. Did you link your mperks to your credit card? It takes out a step. Meijer's great. A Wal-Mart moved in across the street and nobody is ever there.
  4. Yeah, I'm down to US soccer games, OU college football when available, and occasional NFL games. I grew up in a hockey house, but it faded away for me. There used to be something I loved to watch, but I don't think it exists any more... it was a one-hour EPL roundup show where half of it was a condensed game of the week, and the other half was highlights of all the other games. I'd watch that show for every sport weekly if I could find it... well, except for baseball, which blows.
  5. Does anyone know of a good way to find a special version of a movie? I've heard there's an "Assembly Cut" of Alien 3 that makes it a lot less crappy, and I'd like to find it on Kodi if possible.
  6. When I cut something like five years ago, I went with a Fire TV, Amazon Prime (for the shipping - the TV is just a bonus), Netflix, and Kodi. It turns out I very rarely use Kodi - since I don't get antenna reception, I used Kodi to watch USTVNow, which is legal anyway (designed for overseas troops, but open to anyone who can't get antenna reception). By far the most surprising thing about it for me was how my family just quit watching almost everything. It's been nice. The kids each have a show they're wading through on Netflix, and we watch documentaries on Netflix together... that's about it. I did get cable for a month for the World Cup, and signed up for a month of Sling for the Summer Olympics.
  7. @Otis, try something that doesn't have everything you say you need. You'll probably find that you don't really miss it, or that you can get it in another way. Don't wimp out because you think the kids won't be able to find some specific show or won't be able to navigate - they'll figure it out in 30s and find a new show they like. The wife is the only real variable.
  8. @tonydead knows the Turkey method.
  9. A few... 1. Fire stick, install Kodi, get Pro Sports add-on. Quality isn't great, but it's free. 2. Get a VPN, tell it you're in Turkey, order Sunday Ticket at Turkey prices. Watch it on your Fire stick.
  10. I've been enjoying this as well. I'm jumping around, since I'm not a horror buff and skip those that talk about movies I haven't seen.
  11. They discussed it on the last episode of Around the NFL. Wesseling sounded good, like he had no doubt he'd kick it.
  12. The Aziz Ansari inteview was great. AA really had trouble continuing when they talked about a former friend who died. It's rare that you hear someone public get choked up like that over something real (not just NFL HOF induction).
  13. I didn't know that was Wesseling - Tybee Island makes sense, though. Around the NFL is my favorite podcast.
  14. http://dev.nflprophet.com/zf_board.htm http://dev.nflprophet.com/zf_chart.htm Those summarize the Zealots drafts... over 50 leagues. Incredible work by Hands to the Face from Zealots.