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  1. I enjoyed the first one, though I know it sucked. The second one... can I be promised that neither of the scientists will be in it? If so, I'm all in.
  2. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 zombies, the Alcatraz map - the acid gat.
  3. 5. Arizona Ron takes over your account for a week.
  4. Did he ever finish the FF book he was planning to write?
  5. Yeah, I think the sack o' possums might be a better story.
  6. A buddy shot a squirrel in his back yard and knew that my inlaws make squirrel stew, so he froze it and brought it in to work (without asking first). He put it in the work freezer, and I kept forgetting to take it home. It sat there for a week or so. That was over 10 years ago, I still catch crap for that (and deserve it, even if all I did was forget to take it home). Also, one of my favorite stories ever.
  7. Buncha whiners here. I don't really care what they say, I'm just glad they stop by and refill my drink. US restaurant service is great.
  8. Looks exactly like Jet's. Jet's is from Detroit, but so are Little Caesar's and Domino's, so it's hard to call anything Detroit style IMO.
  9. If you log in to Netflix on PC, you can remove items from your history, and I believe remove recommendation patterns.
  10. Was this the one with the chipper shredder?
  11. Huh - you're probably right. When I saw Morgan Burnett and Kenny Vaccaro in the top 10, I assumed they were from last year. ETA: This is really confusing... Kam at 23, Geathers at 18, TJ ward at 31... I don't get it.
  12. Oh, never mind - those are a year old.
  13. Wow - google found me this: http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/viewrankings-dynasty.php?viewpos=dl&howrecent=14 Throwback look, current rankings? Bizarre. ETA: What is going on here? I go to http://subscribers.footballguys.com/apps/viewrankings.php?viewpos=dl&type=dynasty&howrecent=35 and don't get any rankings, but they're on the throwback site? @Sigmund Bloom - it looks like @Dave Larkin ranked IDPs for dynasty, why can't I see them on the rankings viewer from FBG?
  14. I wasn't ever able to find anything - did this happen?