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  1. Is that the one where about 20 episodes in, the guy broke script, said he couldn't fake it anymore, and quit? I thought it was great that they kept that as an episode. I didn't make it too far past that episode due to female vocal fry annoyance.
  2. I drove 16 hours over the last two days. Probably 13 of them were spent listening to The Dollop and Lesser Bonapartes (the Moorish Spain series). Good stuff.
  3. There's a good variety of fawn/fon/foo-awn pronunciations in that video.
  4. I picked up the $30 Fire 7 tablet, installed Kodi, and watched shows in bed. Great little device IMO.
  5. I'm liking this - there are a couple of shows I can't get through Netflix or Amazon that I like to keep up with, but I like to watch TV in bed. The $30 Kindle Fire works well for that.
  6. I'll be back - there are some mountain bike trails I intend to ride between Flint, Detroit, and Ann Arbor. I'll eat real food on that trip.
  7. I did it today, 17.3 with Titanium. I haven't used it a ton, but did get an episode of Fear the Walking Dead going without any real problems. During the install, I did run into two hiccups. First, I couldn't click Install on the Kodi APK. Restarting the tablet fixed that. Second, after establishing the source for Supreme Builds, I couldn't find the place to install from a zip file. I'm not even sure where I eventually found it - somewhere under Add-Ons / Running.
  8. I would think that with Vue, you won't need Hulu.
  9. I got my Sleep Innovations memory foam mattress in 2012, and still love it. I'd say it's the same as new. We're 130 and 175 pounds. When I bought it, I figured that at that price, even if I had to replace it after 5 years, it would be worth it compared to the old Beautyrest-type mattresses.
  10. Thanks to those who recommended the Archer C7 router. My router got fried in a storm over the weekend, and I picked up the C7 to replace it. It was quick to set up, does what I want, and fixed a minor but annoying problem I've had for years with a game (World of Tanks Blitz) that disconnects all the time in the middle of an online match.
  11. Because you already have an iPhone, GoPro, drone, flat screen, laptop, iPad, desktop, hot pot, and Yeti tumbler. It's next on the list.
  12. Prime Day reminder: Kodi can be installed on Fire tablets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rN6qEbT_CtY $30 today for the model in that video.
  13. TV channels. I find it a lot easier to look for a sporting event by finding out what channel it's on, then checking that channel in Mobdro. I hate navigating Kodi for live sports.