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  1. Similar for us, but with one caveat: about 1/3 of the appliances get dented/scratched up during delivery. They'll take a significant price cut when it happens, and we don't really care about the scuffs, so it's a positive for us... but for some it could be pretty frustrating.
  2. Expect a 1.2% improvement in your shower experience. Not a big deal.
  3. Nice - weird URL name. I like that the dog has a wet chest, too - that's a loved dog.
  4. I just watched the trailer for The Mighty Eighth. Wow - dreading/looking forward to this, though it sounds like it's been bogged down. I hope it comes out. I'd love to see someone manage an Eastern Front show this good, though it might be hard to find anyone to root for.
  5. yesno Fro
  6. Off topic, but I had a job where I wasn't plugged in. The plant I was working at was shutting down, so there was no work for me to do. I was screwing around all day, doing FF research and reading sports articles and stuff. I was miserable - even though there wasn't really any work to do, I always had this guilt that someone was going to see my screen and I'd have to explain what I was doing. I had no pride in my job, put on weight, was late to work... everything kind of sucked. I switched jobs to a place with an active IT department where I couldn't screw around, and my morale improved dramatically. It affected my whole life, not just at work - I took pride in my work and it spread to everything I did. I recommend working while you're at work. I think you'll be happier overall. Nothing happens during the workday anyway unless the Olympics or World Cup are outside the Americas.
  7. I like Fridays.
  8. I stumbled across this, related to the kitchen garbage can discussion earlier in the thread: http://thesweethome.com/reviews/best-trash-can/
  9. I also get those based on the same old thread. Good stuff. It's weird how the price varies by color. I spent some time in Korea and loved the toilets. Can you link what you bought as a comparison to Hammer's recommendation? I looked into them awhile back but didn't pull the trigger - I think I was making things too complicated, looking for those with heated water, which turns into a wall-breaking plumbing project.
  10. When we got married 20 years ago, we bought some bedroom furniture from a local store. 2 years later, that stuff was trashed already from light everyday use. We stumbled across this Amish dealer who buys from the Amish and occasionally gets a hallway spot in the mall to advertise. We went to his showroom in the Finger Lakes and picked out replacement oak bedroom furniture that cost about 30% more than the laminate crap we had gotten previously. 18 years later, it looks like the day we bought it - just rock-solid. We ended up going back many times, getting a badass dining room table that expands to handle about 16 people, a hutch for the dining room, and a cedar chest for blankets and stuff.
  11. Morrison - Wright - dunno
  12. Bike stuff: I've been really happy with this Alien biking multitool over the past 5 years of mountain biking. I bought another for my son. I did pick a couple of chain pins to put in a little slot it has to hold them, and have been able to bail myself out of a few breakdowns, as well as others I bike with. It looks like Amazon no longer has them in stock, but these biking liners are great - just some mesh with a good pad to go inside your shorts. I've been using those for 5 years (rotating two pairs) as well and they're good as new. I'm not a MAMIL (middle aged man in lycra) - I like baggier shorts with these inside.
  13. Nice. I chose the slow shipping and have a business trip next week, so this is something for me to look forward to for next weekend.
  14. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RFCF2O0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Wirecutter's top choice, I've had it for a year (tomorrow). I'm 99% happy with it. The 1% deduction is because when the temperature in my garage is below 0, I have to warm up the USB power port's metal (just put it under my leg for a minute or so) before it will work.
  15. Wait... new alias?