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  1. Okay, I'm starting to get revved up about a magic mirror project - I see there's one driven by a Fire Stick, and I have a spare Fire Stick... hmm.
  2. Our family is on all iPhones, plus a desktop PC. We all use a family Google calendar, and it rocks - very easy to set up on iPhones, not sure about Macs. 3 kids, it's necessary...
  3. Thanks, guys - I made the deal. Both of us seemed happy with it.
  4. Did this get announced in the daily email? I found out about it today, but am disappointed that I missed the last 11 days that it was out. I assumed that going to the old MyFBG link would eventually take me to the updated tool. I also assumed they would reopen the apps forum where this was being discussed previously once the tool was ready. I guess I'm paying the price for having long ago given up on the Shark Pool, thus missing this thread.
  5. We got an Arduino for our 12 year old, he made a remote control tank with it. It's fun to screw around with these, but in the end I think you need to have a plan for it. If you get it just to screw around, it's likely to sit in the corner. If you're getting it to make an air print server or run Kodi, you have a direction to take it and a place to focus your efforts. Youtube is great for these projects - tons of good reference videos on there.
  6. My turn... I'm a little weak at LB, he's a little weak at DE. My PPR WRs are fine: Bryant, Marshall, Edelman, Floyd, JBrown, Austin, Dorsett, Strong, Devin Smith, Randle, Hardy, Abbrederis, Patterson. I give up Tavon Austin, Justin Hardy, and Michael Johnson DE I get Desean Jackson, a droppable player, and Demario Davis LB. I think it's a fair trade, but I favor it slightly. Any other opinions?
  7. I really loved the first season. I'm not looking forward to the second season, though - it would be best if they went Fargo style and started a new story.
  8. Disagree. She belongs.
  9. Sorry, Shady. I'm not sure what to say, but I'm thinking about you a lot.
  10. Out today, all 3 positions.
  11. Car spinoff thread, please. I come here to find underwear and air fresheners, dammit!
  12. For Alive fans, Scott Sigler's book The Rookie (about football in the future with aliens playing alongside humans) has now been turned into a multi-voice drama, but it's not free. Here's a sample: http://www.graphicaudio.net/galactic-football-league-1-the-rookie-1-of-2.html?utm_source=scottsigler.com+subscribers&utm_campaign=906f1adc04-08-22-2016_THE_ROOKIE_Full_Cast&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_224c321e5c-906f1adc04-32143117
  13. Love it. I think people are wrong to refer to all their recent stuff together. Yes, Load to St. Anger were bad, but Death Magnetic was good. I just hope they get the drum recording/mixing right on this one - that was an embarrassment on Death Magnetic.
  14. The first time I traveled internationally for work, my wife went to work, leaving our yellow lab (Dozer) free in the house as always. She got home to an ocean of vomit, piss, and ####, and an embarrassed and miserable Dozer. Half-crying and half-laughing at how awful it was, she played detective and figured this out: She threw away almost an entire ham in the kitchen garbage the previous night (can't remember why - 17 years ago) Dozer got into the garbage and ate the entire ham Dozer got so thirsty he drank all his water and everything in the toilets. Dante's inferno ensued. She called him Ham-For-Brains the rest of his life.
  15. Had some peach lambic sorbet tonight... good stuff.