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  1. Old fart stuff.. Wang Chung from 1997.. this song crushes, not sure if I originally heard of it here or what
  2. Funny.. I heard this just the other day and said to the lady friend holy cow I didn't think these guys had any more good songs in them
  3. I turned on Giants v Pirates and this is happening a lot. So much I had to switch it. Ric Flair revival?
  4. I just don't have the time to commit all the way through. I feel like we did an oughts DID what, 5 or so years ago? I would probably take all the same crap again and then you'd make fun of me
  5. Sorry to miss this but glad it's going on.. will enjoy from the peanut gallery
  6. You might be right that it should be, but are not right that it will be It'll be fine but I kinda hate this season too. Agree with stop mixing in returning players. A dud cast overall.
  7. She and the puppet master and their sad little meltdowns.. yah jeez do you think it's obvious the "kids" were absolutely right not to count on you as tribe "leadership"? These people are all insufferable tools. I'm wishing for a whole episode over at Reem's place now
  8. Wonders never cease.. Corey Dickerson almost made it a whole week!
  9. Usually a little too weird/unfocused for me.. solid enough that I'd always give em a look tho In other release news.. For you REAL metal fans.. Yngwie just put out a (mostly) covers record! Still got it 🎸 (eta - it's actually pretty ####### good)
  10. Never thought I'd say this but King Gizzard have put out two listenable singles in a row