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  1. Yeah that's about the worst idea ever. I'm sure Trumpers are all for it. Heavy casualties all around, and plenty of fresh recruiting propaganda
  2. If only American police forces followed the same restrictive rules of engagement.. god knows they use the same weaponry
  3. Yeah in this fantasy scenario it would all be going down in Europe.. that's the battlefront as chosen by the aggressor It does no one any good to attack anyone or anything in the Middle East.
  4. I'm not attacking #### so I'm finished with the convo since apparently as I feared it does appear that I'm advocating Just one of those things that came to me and made me go hmm
  5. Really we're guessing. Make no mistake I'm talking about a group that would have to be even more organized than they are, carrying out these missions against local targets in turn as direct response to violent attacks on European civilians. The community would crack, would they turn against their jihadi imams in an effort to protect what they've worked to build in their new homeland?
  6. Hard to put this in a way that doesn't sound like I'm advocating it, but I will try I feel if they had an enemy to be worried about, that would be something new and potentially effective. Killing people solves nothing, but the anonymous taking out of religious structures *nonviolently* affects the entire community and could potentially lead to less violence, in my opinion. I shouldn't need to tell you extremists value buildings more than life Sounds like I'm advocating I'm sure. Really just a curious thought.. aside from that, there's certainly no other solution I can think of. You guys brought it up.. React however you will, again I'm not advocating
  7. That would be violent and a bit extreme (not to mention require govt/official involvement)
  8. There's only one thing that occurs to me that can be done. Not by any government or official entity, and not violently, but certainly not legal.. it involves destruction of hallowed property, and it's probably a pretty good way to get religious extremists' attention if carried out consistently in response to their horrible acts
  9. What's the deal with all this? I put in for Philly and it was like 7%.. is this basically the lottery for presale, and if you don't win this you're SOL?
  10. Speechwriter took the fall/apologized.. sounds like a BS explanation.. Rick roll not addressed
  11. This show is a sleep aid like no other
  12. I think the rick roll is a pretty good indicator that the whole Melania speech was a middle finger to the left. Trumpies have their idiot vote locked up, #### I hear he could kill somebody and it wouldn't matter.
  13. That MLBN special on Fidrych.. Sheesh, bring the Kleenex