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  1. Might have to dust off the ol bit torrent MP3 is actually $1 cheaper at amazon than on their site
  2. Purling Hiss, more great stuff that's not streaming anywhere
  3. Don't let your gamblor friends lose my winnings
  4. Ouch, giant white man to the groin
  5. Deserves points IMO
  6. I don't know where the Republican party goes from here but they've never had much shame before and I'm sure that will hold true when it comes to Trump. They can flip anti-Trump statements back in the Dems' faces too, as they see fit. The party of Limbaugh remains. Looking forward to business as usual!
  7. That's a question of judgment, not knowledge. You can't compare a Secretary of State with these two drips.
  8. I immediately thought of Merkel or King Abdullah of Jordan. Many better answers than
  9. Clinton isn't treated with kid gloves, she's just the only one of the three who knows what she's talking about. When you know what you're talking about, you get the benefit of the doubt.
  10. Johnson really really really ought to have known what Aleppo was Bad phrasing but there's not much between Mosul and the open border
  11. fantasycurse is the trumper who reminds me most of trump
  12. Announce an all out urban offensive like this, it gives civilians time to prepare and protect themselves. See 2003 SHOCK AND AWE.. that was us (this isn't) ISIS is going to use human shields anyway. They have them where they want them. You watching any of this or just listening to Trump? A secret operation to get a Baghdadi or Bin Laden.. yeah you don't announce that
  13. Well I'm not here to argue military strategy with you, and I don't know that much about this particular offensive. Maybe someone else knows more than I do. One thing I will say is the Iraqi army is enough of a ####show, ISIS probably knew it was coming anyway.