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  1. Pretty good stuff, vox and guitar for days
  2. While we're on the stoney stuff.. Pontiak - Dialectic of Ignorance I've liked these guys a while, but they were always pretty raw.. not so much now.. this is great 3 Virginia mountain bros, they also make beer
  3. fn rules too.. finally something with cajones
  4. !! Glad these guys are back
  5. To be fair, you ran out of positional games pretty early, and were left with only a surplus of UTIL games to play. I can see how that could happen using the phone app. I didn't do anything but have a pretty lucky draft, tbh. Kept healthy guys in the lineup. I don't know who 2/3 of Mamba's team are
  6. Not sure why you burned games the way you did.. got you your big early lead but made bad math sense. Maybe you thought everyone was going to die. I still thought you'd hang on until Black mamba came out of nowhere, nice job Black Pretty good league if I win money
  7. Slowly getting better, still spotting and coughing all over the place. Thanks!
  8. I'm out, just don't have the bandwidth to get caught up
  9. but the ####### SMURFS? fine, it's perfectly normal, smurf me up smurfy
  10. Go for it.. I'm not sure how pretty this was gonna be for me no matter what.. everything I'd come up with was getting sniped this time around. I'm finding this more fun to witness than participate in. School songs.. not my strong suit.. Sad I have a few in my pocket still if anybody wants, stuff I had my eye on for a bit later in the exercise
  11. Planting ads in the questions is too much.. I know Alex don't like that ####
  12. You guys are doing too great a job, and you're going to have to carry forth without me. As this ####### flu slow rolls me and takes its toll on my brain as much as my body, work is piling up and I'm going to need all the focus and energy I can muster for that Guess I shouldn't have blown all those Red Sox Sorry to throw "ABC" back into the pool like this but it's happening.. now
  13. What's with all the lame Smurfs ####? Jeopardy doing that bad?
  14. Go.. I have nothing.. my second choice will be there when I figure out a replacement for the femmes Too sick to think