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  1. Cherry Glazerr - Stuffed and Ready Wasted Nun -- That's Not My Real Life 2019
  2. The voice is stale for me, he's dooshy sure but there are dooshier dooshes in my regular rotation I never really got into any of their other stuff
  3. I was reading the Mark Lanegan book and he had a very unpleasant encounter with Anthony Kiedis' creep dad, and I took it as a sign to keep that off my list, which up to then I'd been undecided on
  4. Right before Seattle happened this showed up in my life and blew me the #### away, it might even be the last record that ever made my jaw drop, as it wouldn't be much longer before I became cynical and too cool for everything
  5. Aged pretty poorly, yet this album was so epic, I can still jam it... ultimately had to pass though
  6. My best weed smoking memories will always be Sunday wake and bakes with the legendary CBS SUNDAY MORNING then head right into NFL / RedZone What a perfect day..
  7. There it is, I've had one eyeball on this ##### since we started but my spidey senses tell me I've heard about enough of this choad's mouth Killer disc though, no doubt about it RIGHTEOUS AND THE WICKED ?
  8. I really want pizza now. Shouldn't have started drinking. I am fully booked to whip up a Blue Apron General Tso's Tofu