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  1. Well that last pick is truly irrelevant
  2. Thanks @Eephus! This one's for you The Jesus Lizard - Thumper grunge fin
  3. I think that should get tossed onto the playlist anyway.. maybe even lead it off
  4. If that's what you're looking for I can make it happen
  5. Nobody actually took the Who song It was a clue last night at trivia! Dave recognized it before I did. My Who-fu is not strong.. "I'm Free" was one also and I didn't recognize that right away either
  6. if I gotta repick, fine, but I'm not sure how to see what's open..
  7. They've been mentioned but so far as I can tell, not drafted.. Good thing about these guys: you take one song, you just took em all The Ramones - Judy Is A Punk
  8. Take ANYTHING or just the open cats?
  9. 44 & 45 Oldies Nina Simone - Sinnerman Joe South - I'm Snowed I wanted the version by Frans & The Never Mind Band but it's not on Spotify. Dude sings cool, I'd like to shake his hand, but he's probably dead
  10. 42 & 43 Psych The Black Angels - Entrance Song Sleepy Sun - Galaxy Punk
  11. 40 Emo Steel Train - Bullet 41 Synthpop AWOLNation - Sail
  12. More for the punk list Bad Religion - Suffer Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments - When The Entertainment Ends a fave from the nineties.. Ron House.. I like these dudes' stuff And there has to be some Bad Religion. Though there are some other have-tos that I'm sure we're leaving off
  13. OK, I'm catching up now, for reals. Apologies for falling behind 36 & 37 Classic metal Sir Lord Baltimore - Hard Rain Falling Bloodrock - DOA Weirdo little tune about a midair collision. Both from 1970
  14. As I waited for something lesbian to happen at the bar, I couldn't decide whether that would be out of tune for this show or not I've liked this season slightly less but it's a high bar and I'll miss the series