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  1. It's that time again, merry Eephmas everybody Fantasy baseball season has officially started
  2. Collect call from Mr Raiders FWIW I think ESPN is better for hosting..
  3. FDAS told me he's out, I suppose I can /announce this as well
  4. Wow. I'm not sure I like it but that's some range The bassist and guitarist apparently
  5. Scaling down to 1 catcher might be the only rule we ever changed
  6. I know I took Javy Lopez and Pudge at like the first turn
  7. I think it was 04, same year chat started, Hoss was around and setting #### up left and right. But I could be wrong.
  8. I believe Jethro has departed the greater FBG universe. I don't think it was my fault. Maybe. I started this league in 2004 and I'm ending it right here. Kick off a new one.
  9. First Win Butler gets the NBA MVP and now this Trump's America ,S, though, great list
  10. Manziel was not good at football when he was catching flak. I'm not sure Cam or ODB would get much more heat than Gronk as long as they're at the top of their position.. But Gronk is a legitimately positive, fun person.. Cam/OBJ notsomuch (Manziel either)
  11. Manziel and Gronk are the same guy but one is good at football