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  1. OK I might be taking this one for the song 11.06 DeSean Jackson WR PHI TOOL - Sweat @Mr. Ected
  2. Not so fast, I think the crazy clock league has caught us ETA, not really, just a lot of the same crappy TEs.. 16 leaguer
  3. How about this, if we're finishing fast.. we put all the playlists up for a poll and the winner gets to pick first for one more round, on down the ranks. Free for all between ties I'll take last pick
  4. Fine, we're almost done so it is a bit late to change, even though the league is free/for fun, still unless there's a consensus it makes sense to leave it be. We're almost done and I have plenty of bad metal to work with
  5. I swear I had no idea but these Nordic dudes wrote a song about Eli years ago Kverlertak - Undertro
  6. 🤢 I’ll take Mariota if he’s available, if not, I’ll check back in a minute.. at the dr’s
  7. I knew I'd eventually run into one of these with a song choice I have to really drag for.. limited myself to only a handful of artists..
  8. I'll be in the car a while, and I have some appointments this morning, but NoVo, simey, Eephus may have my number? Feel free to use it, just don't skip me or it's snappin time