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  1. Yeah that was a good pick. I've barely had time to catch up this week. Great disc for sure, double dipped now, and I wouldn't say either one is the best song on there
  2. This draft has gotten so grungy I can't help but slip some into our Showtunes Afghan Whigs - The Temple (Jesus Christ Superstar)
  3. Pink Floyd - Fearless psychedelic post-Sid, pre-Dark Side, and not the most psychedelic thing you've ever heard but I do think it'll work nicely on the mix
  4. Torn between a live and a squeezy. Guess I need to just do it. I mentioned these live tracks when I took Bleach in the album draft a few months ago. I love em.. Chad Channing owns it Nirvana - Dive (Bleach deluxe edition) (live rock track)
  5. Put me on skip please, I'll make my 19th rounder later today
  6. Yeah looks like @Ramsay Hunt Experience and then @Yo Mama for two more
  7. And this is my rd 18 pick I think. Malachai - Snowflake trip hop
  8. I still owe one for yesterday. I wanted to draft this song for Power Pop Dramarama - Anything, Anything (I'll Give You) However the only version on Spotify is a live version, and it sounds pretty good, so instead I'm going to take it as a Live Rock track
  9. How about something brand spanking new, for alt-country Big Thief - Shark Smile
  10. Best drinking song, easy pick. Fun to listen to drunk, anyway. I said that don't befront me George Thorogood & The Destroyers- One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  11. Forgot how bad ### Toy Box is
  12. Here's my first shot at it, good use of a work from home morning