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  1. You're really burning the midnight oil here.. no spotlighting..
  2. I'm guessing I'll feel like I have to at some point, but I don't really want to. I reckon it's what people do out there though.
  3. yeah work has been up my arsenal today.. I just hope there's wifi on my plane tomorrow, for a few reasons
  4. @sn0mm1s mix is very enjoyable, not much here that I don't know or at least know of, but this is a good party mix provided everyone at the party is cool with Mr Morrissey. The Cracker tracks are a high point. The Specials kickoff is cool too
  5. They never caught on with me much in my younger years, for whatever reason, but anytime I hear them lately I am usually digging it
  6. Dammit snooms I just shoved an icepick into my ear twenty minutes ago to get rid of this
  7. I think PIK's pick might be the only KISS track NOT on there, and I'm not mad at that
  8. I love the Ed Fitz, and Sundown too. No accounting for taste! Thanks for listening snomms.. glad you found something you liked there
  9. Eeph mix was real good.. steady eddie.. I liked the Ballboy song about dick, it reminds of the time I went to Dick's and got some balls For real though out of the handful of acts I wasn't too familiar with I'm most interested in checking out more of their stuff. I need to listen to more Thin Lizzy now that I'm older and wiser. That MSP song is nice too I still don't need to listen to anymore Bangles
  10. Full Fathom Five rules, one of my favorite all time live albums
  11. My "disc 2". Basically all the crap I had on the list over the course of the draft, cleaned up and sorted I have to give credit to the big full jukebox draft playlist from last year, for the initial assist with ideas.. I didn't take a ton right from it but it definitely got the wheels turning Will add these to my main mix after people have a chance to check it out as drafted