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  1. I'm OK with the $50 thing.. it is only magic baseball and it's $50 more in the pot than we get with option 1. If he moneys then great, hats off
  2. Something called U.S. Girls (a solo act I think) with a new album I thought sounded pretty good, fresh/hip with a lot of influences, that kind of thing
  3. I think it's a slippery slope to let banana play "for next year" but it's a crummy situation, no great answer, I'm OK with whatever rodg decides There are ways to offer reparations come keeper time next year, like letting him pick through the drops
  4. This is the one turkeys $164 ish
  5. A message from Dr. Detroit, received via pigeon No electricity, no internet, but still watching the Red Sux get their asses kicked.
  6. For the record, while I'm not interested in being part of the overall discourse at this place - Nothing really to contribute at this point - This thread doesn't mean much to me at all. My thoughts on Kaepernick are somewhere in the middle and while I think he'd be one of the better backups in football, I don't lose a lot of sleep for the guy.. he's under somebody else's influence, somebody way more left than I'll ever be, and tends to do/say sloppy things NFL teams know where their bread is buttered. On the list of who's to blame for CK's employment status, I think it's still fair to put CK at the top Also, I don't know a thing about squistion except that he's been in everybody's head since around the election, there are smileys and what-not dedicated to him.. that type of thing is more in line with why I'm hanging back But I'm still lurking about, music and baseball, a little shark pool now and then for a shot of the good stuff
  7. New Metz stuff is sounding pretty solid
  8. This is ####### great How's erbody doing.. been a busy summer but you lot are going the lord's work in here. I don't think I've found anything in a while that I didn't lift from this thread That Ghostpoet was almost blowing my stony mind a little.. real cool
  9. Well that last pick is truly irrelevant
  10. Thanks @Eephus! This one's for you The Jesus Lizard - Thumper grunge fin
  11. I think that should get tossed onto the playlist anyway.. maybe even lead it off
  12. If that's what you're looking for I can make it happen