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  1. Ruiz can hit? Probably not worth the disruption, but we'll see. I don't think a Chooch in the clubhouse is a bad thing at all.. this is no Papelshmear
  2. Maybe give him a couple more seasons to see if the bat comes back around
  3. All the love, shady, so sorry bud
  4. I have to apologize to wikkid.. I guess he did say "hunnit". Just at the end, but all the time, and it's pretty corny but.. somehow I've gotten by without breaking a glass or even noticing No regrets, that was some good Eastwood-esque fury. I say we hurl all these ### #### kids into the sea.
  5. The ineffectual ground he's growing in is hoed by generally older white racists, and the press. Maybe take your focus off the kids and look at society as a whole?
  6. Trump is a direct product of years of racism/xenophobia spewed by the GOP and their mouthpieces. Far cry from millenials. Bernie was their boy.
  7. Lot of bitterness in some of these wikkid posts
  8. Colbert.. man.. those bits, with the hat, and the laying on the ground with a guest whatever that is, and the confessions.. jesus #### that is so bad. Like they called Fallon and asked if they could go through his trash. Even that nobody James Corden has landed on a successful recurring bit, like six months ago
  9. Blaming millenials for Trump is almost Trumpian shtick, though
  10. Not following the anger logic but we can all agree Colbert is a massive disappointment Can't believe Conan is the best again. And he's not very good.
  11. Like the NBA, the talent is now spread way too thin
  12. Nightly Show was cancelled last week, BTW. No viewers. I thought it was a shame that a host who was able to present a black American perspective in today's society the way Wilmore was able to, was hamstrung by a sloppy format and bad writing. Actually should have tried less to be funny, and stuck with one guest at a time.. NEWS guests not celebrity goofwads and second rate comedians. There was potential.
  13. Well, I didn't watch it very much, what with it being pathologically unfunny most of the time - the panels were a ####show and the program clearly never figured out what it wanted to be - but what I did I don't recall him saying it that way.. might have sometimes just for shtick, or maybe he just shouted out HUNNIT at the very end of the show just to piss you off. I'm sure I never hung around for the goodbyes, and @ midnight is awful too. Come to think of it, all late night is now awful.
  14. If grandchildren don't soften em up, well, some men, you just can't reach
  15. Again I don't think he said it that way