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  1. Def Lep and Poison are solid. I never really got into Poison but I saw them open for Lep a few years ago and they were honestly pretty great live. Engaging, sounded good, put a lot into it and this was Baltimore aka phone-it-in town. I expect Crue will be on point? I've never actually seen em
  2. Sigh I can't quit you guys
  3. Yeah let's do this.. tix on sale tomorrow or what? It's at the ballpark yeah?
  4. Do we know if they'll still be releasing "bootlegs" for sale right/soon after every show? Assuming yes.. hope so.. I'm not crazy about the new song but it's at least interesting. The Men have a new single too, it's a similarly unexpected style, but I like it more.
  5. How did you do? I got tix through Ten Club, just for Saturday, but haven't found out where they are yet I just did a 10AM ticket grab myself, for Sleaford Mods 4/23 at GAMH.. join us..
  6. (17) Say Sue Me - At The End Of The Road I saw these kids last night. Big fan of their guitarist since Eephus first dropped them in here last year. I don't know what they're saying but this track feels like a proper send-off to our oceans 🥂 (18) Volbeat feat. Neil Fallon - Die To Live A little face rocker with the Clutch guy And I guess I'm done here, I'm reaching a bit and about to head out of town.. looking forward to the mix in full.. thanks guys!
  7. Mellow covers (15) Luna - Something In The Air spoiler - we didn't get it together then nor are we now (16) Trampled by Turtles - Our Town didn't know this was a cover when it first appeared in my RR but I like it. From wiki-
  8. (13) the best parkayquarts song of the year Iguana Death Cult - Nude Casino (14) the rare rap pick by me, check how woke I am clipping. - Nothing Is Safe
  9. For 11 & 12 I'm taking the two tracks I like from Josh Homme's Desert Sessions 11 & 12. One is sung by Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears, the second is sung by Royal Blood's Mike Kerr. I like the throwback QOTSA sound on these tunes (11) Desert Sessions - Something You Can't See (12) Desert Sessions - Crucifire
  10. Tis the weekend for some more fresh faced Michiganders (9) Mover Shaker - Service Provider
  11. Last coversy thing from me for now, Trampled By Turtles' new EP Sigourney Fever is solid, especially "Our Town" which I had never heard before