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  1. All I did was move it.. again.. you dickbags stopped showing up. Anyway everybody's here, so whatevs RIP BTW, got like 2 weeks unless somebody ponies up dough.. not it!
  2. What are the odds you'd find an unused posty thread to drop some depressing Python news Sucks
  3. Just hang onto it and hope for the best? If she gets voted out I'm guessing Jeff will make her choose a recipient right then and there.. And they'd obviously become an immediate target.
  4. Oh yeah that's Boot's friend. Looks like he's getting a strong early edit to me. Might chillax and do well.
  5. Yeah the initial plan was split between Rachel and the spazzy guy.. they must have decided to give him another chance so just replaced his name with CeCe. Not sure what poor CeCe did. Could be an OK season, nobody too annoying so far. I hope it's not a bloodbath. I think ol bacteria eyes is pretty well put together.
  6. Good tune leading off their latest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZzmmfL6-6M
  7. Papi says his feet are done. Maybe the AL should change the rules again so one player can ride a pocket bike
  8. And it's not only about the killing, it's certain cops operating way over the line in black communities. The communities have no real recourse, other than protest. The police community is sure to call out when somebody steps to them for the actions of "a few bad apples," but who's pulling out the bad apples?
  9. No, I used your words and even quoted them when you asked me to. What you're saying is that you think the National Anthem is a bigger deal than that particular social cause. I don't think you have to rate them. I think some of these people are being dopey with their particular protest shtick, and CKs' socks were truly awful, but I respect doing what you think it might take to move the conversation (not the socks, the anthem) at the risk of making people mad.
  10. I never misrepresented your arguments. Maybe you did a crappy job presenting them. I don't feel good about insulting whoever got insulted, but I feel good that you and I are talking about all this heavy #### now
  11. Nobody said take away the cops. What I'm suggesting is hold the cops to the same level of accountability as we do a 20-year-old MP in a war-torn occupied city. Or do you think those places are safer? Black people don't feel they are being served or protected very well, because they don't have the same level of rights in the US's eyes as your average Baghdadi.
  12. jon called me stupid. Now I get to be indignant too.
  13. That's a bit much. It was more of an "if the shoe fits" thing. In any case I got a whiff of the conversation I was looking for, and you get to be offended by something new for a day