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  1. 2017 Outside of the loud stuff I owe a lot of this to you guys I was told soulseek is still hopping..haven't tried anything with it
  2. Hipster cheapskates?
  3. That's what I said Everything is bassackwards now
  4. Artists apparently don't want to sell CDs anymore, only records and tapes, so they'll have to be content with the four tix I bought
  5. Yeah he is money all through that vid They made up a silly song on the fly last night about the opening band, that dude was killing it on the skins They ####### rule
  6. Ah, I remember saying a couple years ago don't get too comfortable, Republicans will #### us when they get the chance. I was assured the country is only going to get more liberal. LAM
  7. Yeah put those dudes in the top 5 of the last 20 or so years, if not flat out at the top, just an outstanding body of work that keeps growing. Kudos to BD. Still wish I had that damn picture from school. It occurred to me that, unless my memory is messing with me as usual, we must have watched the Challenger explosion together in history class. Three years later I saw him play, with that exact history teacher on drums, and that remains the only time (that changes in July)
  8. Pissed Jeans out today
  9. Yeah I was just in the Village a few months ago. I would compare it more to Baltimore where I live. Baltimore has better restaurants. DC is like if the Village and 5th Ave had a super obnoxious baby. All pomp and no circumstance.
  10. Yeah it's on 14th, between Rhode Island and U St. U'd be amazed at how different it is.
  11. It was a strange event The opener was a local act, celebrating their record release. Putrid. One of the worst I've ever seen. But the venue (Black Cat) was all about them It wasn't in the main performance space, but in some back area I didn't even know existed. It was hot as ####. Crowd was borderline awful too. Matt Korvette spent a few minutes berating people for talking. DC is starting to suck The in-between music was Blink-182 DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME ON ME YOU'RE ALREADY A VOICE INSIDE MY HEEEAAD, whatever the hell that's called, on an endless loop. Presumably chosen by PJ, it played after they finished too. It would have been cuter if the opener and atmosphere hadn't been so awful already But ###### they rocked it and the new record is good too