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  1. tricot I think they just have a new single, last album was last year Liking these Eastern ladies on a breezy Saturday morn. Math rock? Maybe. They play it loose. Good sound. That 485C is pretty great too also, Courtney Barnett is the boss now
  2. Yeah I don't know em, this song Seventeen is cool but I didn't like the newest song as much. I don't have much means to keep up with local stuff.. back in Baltimore unless it was an Ottobar band (Double Dagger/Trans Am types) I'd never hear of anybody until they popped up nationally, and I lost track of that scene too. Still not sure what a Wye Oak is
  3. After further listening, it's more like Helmet-y Helmet-y goodness. Miami dudes, Torche adjacent
  4. Fiddy! Listening to the new APC.. sounds pretty gd good
  5. Well I think Hockey Dad and Soccer Mommy should collaborate, tour or get married or something
  6. WRONG - feel great Helmet-y/Melvin-y goodness
  7. pill ♥♥♥ New 11 minute Deafheaven tune scratches the metal itch. New ASG coming too! Single's OK. I think I may slobber on them more than most here.
  8. Thank you!! Clear eyes, full hearts
  9. We've got uber fees due too rodg, I will shoot you a PM over there today or tomorrow abra-shazam - the deadbeat is you
  10. Yeah his lyrics are a little too goofball sometimes Saw them at Fox Theatre and it was all pretty excellent
  11. My favorite music bio is Bill Graham Presents If you're looking for somewhat lighter fare, I just finished Satan Is Real, The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers by Charlie Louvin and enjoyed it quite a bit Baseball fan? Check out the Molina book
  12. Yeah I thought so. That should be a good loud show, I'm in a wait and see on it, don't think M will want to go
  13. https://open.spotify.com/user/juddzilla/playlist/7hbz0PIzNsJujYh1RkeOKy?si=ExhcmIsGRle3Av5jF1px4g my 2018 so far I like the new AWOLNATION as a whole but I haven't settled on a track to put on my mix. Lots of ear candy tho. Also liking Calexico, I prefer the "deluxe" version that's on spotify, the bonus tracks are as good as the rest
  14. I'm in Saw Dirty Fences there a couple mos ago. I enjoyed the venue Helms Alee and Whores 4/16 .. is Mrs E hard core enough?