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  1. It looks pretty straight forward and a little challenging with the slew of RB's currently on the team. I am down.....I will send you an email with my info
  2. Here's my last draft of the year....figured I get one of mine on this forum. It's a little different than I usually draft. Even though I think its well balanced, upside is limited to win it all. Thoughts? QB: Brady, Winston RB: Lynch, JStew, Martin, Joique, Artis-Payne WR: Cobb, Edelman, Fitz, Roddy, Coleman, Perriman, Aiken, Beasley TE: Kelce, Sefarian-Jenkins, Ebron D: Philly K: Scobee
  3. Here's my first drat of the year from the 11th spot. WR's are a definite weakness QB: Rodgers, Manziel RB: Murray, Stacy, Spiller, Miller, Jacquizz, Hillman WR:A. Brown, Watkins, Shorts, Streater, M. Williams, Britt, Hartline TE: Reed, Gates, Ebron Def: Cin K: Novak As well, I overlooked gates bye week when I hopefully Ebron is productive by week 10 or I will need some help. They will still give me another flex option if needed. Thoughts?
  4. Chris johnson...... I really like the draft spot. You can sneak in a decent receiver and get 3 solid RB's i meant , who else was there at the pick? sorry man...i read fast sometimes. As for RB's that usually go in the 2nd: sproles, bush & MJD. All QB's were available, all TE's except graham. The only Wr's that were gone up to this point were CJ, Dez, and Marshall. I was tempted to take D Thomas in the second, but I really feel that CJ2K will live to his RB1 potential with the revamped line. I actually drafted spot 8 a couple weeks ago and 5 WR's were off the board by my pick in round 2.
  5. Chris johnson...... I really like the draft spot. You can sneak in a decent receiver and get 3 solid RB's
  6. Not sure what I think about this team, but I am happy with the balance. Drafted 7 spot RG III, Dalton Rice, CJ2K, Murray, Hillman, Du. Harris Colston, Nicks, T Austin, Streater, C. Patterson, Avery Finley, Cameron, Dickson Houston, Greenbay Tucker