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  1. No problem....don't be turned off by the graphics. It is really nicely made and a very deep game. Not sure what the cost will be on xbox, but you cant go wrong with the price on the pc.
  2. Stardew Valley is an amazing game that fits your description and probably your laptop specs. It was on sale on steam for about 8 bucks of the best games in that genre I ever played! I highly recommend to anyone.
  3. It looks pretty straight forward and a little challenging with the slew of RB's currently on the team. I am down.....I will send you an email with my info
  4. Here's my last draft of the year....figured I get one of mine on this forum. It's a little different than I usually draft. Even though I think its well balanced, upside is limited to win it all. Thoughts? QB: Brady, Winston RB: Lynch, JStew, Martin, Joique, Artis-Payne WR: Cobb, Edelman, Fitz, Roddy, Coleman, Perriman, Aiken, Beasley TE: Kelce, Sefarian-Jenkins, Ebron D: Philly K: Scobee
  5. Here's my first drat of the year from the 11th spot. WR's are a definite weakness QB: Rodgers, Manziel RB: Murray, Stacy, Spiller, Miller, Jacquizz, Hillman WR:A. Brown, Watkins, Shorts, Streater, M. Williams, Britt, Hartline TE: Reed, Gates, Ebron Def: Cin K: Novak As well, I overlooked gates bye week when I hopefully Ebron is productive by week 10 or I will need some help. They will still give me another flex option if needed. Thoughts?