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  1. Well I have a good enough team to beat @BassNBrew so I should be in a good spot going forward
  2. I feel fortunate that Im probably going to survive this week.
  3. Thanks for explaining bass. Real close game elimination this week. 5 teams separated by 10 points.
  4. What did you like about his team?
  5. He had the lowest average pf in the league. Pathetic WRs and TEs, and I told him that Haskins pick was a complete hold your nose selection. What do you like about his roster?
  6. Eagles just didn't have the OL today. They'll be tougher in the rematch.
  7. Honestly this Football Team reminds me a lot of that 2000 Baltimore Ravens. Good mistake free offense and a good defense that brings the Payne.
  8. I picked 30-13 Football Team, looks like it's gonna end 30-17, Eagles did a little better than a thought.
  9. It's over man, Eagles are getting so beat up they're like Conor McGregor against Mayweather, they don't punch in them anymore.
  10. Man I'm so happy we're punching them in the mouth and taking their lunch money.
  11. Come on River Boat kick the field goal Eagles have nothing on offense
  12. they said brandon graham is out for the game