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  1. No it was a legitimate question, here's the argument I got from USC fans: "Carson is 12th all time in pass completions 13th all time in yards, 13th all time in TDs. He’s a HOFer"
  2. I think no personally, not a good enough resume especially in the playoffs. And he's 7th all time in pick sixes.
  3. Drew Sample could have been had as an undrafted free agent, this is as bad of a pick as Jerome Simpson or Jeff Freaking Rowe
  4. I am not LHUCKS, what happened to that dude?
  5. 4:10 is what Trump did last night
  6. You could hear a girgling sound from Hillary in the back ground as Trump was giving it to her last night.
  7. wow. this guy just hit a grand slam. say goodnight Hillary Clinton.
  8. He cant handle the 8 carries a game the saints give him
  9. Jacobs is starting..Ingram is behind Sproles, Pierre and Jed Collins
  10. not even 3 yards and a cloud of dust Troy Hambrick is better