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  1. I am not LHUCKS, what happened to that dude?
  2. 4:10 is what Trump did last night
  3. You could hear a girgling sound from Hillary in the back ground as Trump was giving it to her last night.
  4. wow. this guy just hit a grand slam. say goodnight Hillary Clinton.
  5. He cant handle the 8 carries a game the saints give him
  6. Jacobs is starting..Ingram is behind Sproles, Pierre and Jed Collins
  7. not even 3 yards and a cloud of dust Troy Hambrick is better
  8. but, but he looked so good getting that 1.4 ypc
  9. I bet this turd doesnt get 40 yds rushing, Ingram is RB56 on Dodds top 250 going forward, cant figure out why he has him so high
  10. Im guessing they lighten Ingrams load to 5-6 carriers since he couldnt handle 9-10
  11. I wish they would put him on IR is that a possibility at all?
  12. Instead of 3 carries per quarter they should really lower his load to 1 carry per quarter, or if thats too much of a load 0.5 carries per quarter, but certainly not at the stripe (they have Jed Collins for that) we dont want any further risk of injury any goal line work would be as dangerous as Metamucil to poor old Ingram.