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  1. Go Breckenridge, Vail or Copper. All fit what you are looking to accomplish.
  2. You could be right about this. Brady with one for the ages yesterday. Firing on all cylinders now.
  3. Okay they absolutely destroyed Buffalo. Brady had a huge day. Gronk is rolling along. What can go wrong now?
  4. Bovada
  5. Big fan actually.
  6. Well that didn't work out so good. Went in and they asked me for my SD license. Said I surrendered a CO license for a SD license. Thinking maybe I surrender my SD license and they issue me a CO one?
  7. I would think that losing the last two Superbowls...both to Eli Manning and the Giants...would rank ahead of losing a random regular season non-divisional game in week 4. Or any of the multiple recent playoff losses, perhaps. Yeah I agree but what does that have to do with 2014?
  8. Really? For what? Aiding enemies of the state
  9. The point of that post was not to argue removing 1st Amendment rights for Muslims. It was to show reason why I do not think Islam is really just a religion, and it's not. It goes way beyond religion. It's a guide for world domination.
  10. Trying in vain to re-direct this trainwreck back to the original video (that Tim still hasn't watched I'm assuming?). HOW can any "liberal" support any "religion" that does this? How? And if you're not "condeming" it you are supporting it. Because most of you #### all over Christianity for something as innocuous as anti-abortion rhetoric. Disclaimer: I am not a Christian and think religion is a bunch of crap. Its worth pointing out that liberals dont like conservative Christians efforts to save life (abortion) while seeming not too upset by Islams approach towards women as property, death to homosexuals and death to those that leave Islam. Thank you. That is my point. Liberals can ##### about women's rights and abortions and gay rights and "Christian extremists" yet defend a religion who's laws say they must kill homosexuals, kill non-believers, kill women who marry outside of their family's plan. A lifestyle and religion that gives women no rights whatsoever. How do you make sense of this? They can't Tommy boy. The crickets are chirping. No more straw men to march out. There's really nothing left.
  11. I'd say after drubbing the best team in the NFL - The Drive is alive. After the despair they felt last Monday I don't think Brady ever wants to lose a game again.
  12. I expected the OL to get abused vs a good D. So who knows. I still think they are a 9-7 team. They'll get handled easily in Denver or Indy. ? I mean they've been getting abused but what would you consider Cincinatti? USA Today and ESPN just both recently called Cincinatti the best team in the NFL.