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  1. I’ve recently lost 165 pounds. My 3 year old son just told me, “If you grow any smaller, I’m going to be YOUR daddy”. 😂
  2. What’s more annoying than the fees is the retailers with minimum purchase amounts for credit cards. I never carry cash, and there’s a few places near me (gas stations and such) that have $8 minimums for credit card transactions.
  3. I’ve had multiple gout flare ups over the past month. Have her go see a foot dr, and they’ll put her on Allopurinol. Unfortunately, she can’t take it in the middle of a flare up, but they can give her a cortisone shot in the meantime.
  4. Heading to Nashville next month for the NFL draft. What are some of the best restaurants I should try while there? Preferably downtown, but doesn’t have to be. I don’t drink, and I’m not into country music, so any suggestions on anything else I should do while there? We did Top Golf when we were in Dallas for the draft last year, so we’ll probably do that again.
  5. So do I. And I don’t like mayo on anything else. But I get ketchup, mayo, fried onions, and mushrooms on cheesesteaks.
  6. I haven’t tried on my new ones yet, but the R4’s are probably my favorite sneaker of all time. I’ve probably owned 8-10 pairs in various colors over the years. Extremely comfortable.
  7. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza. Ron and Paul with sweet peppers (I think they just call it “the Paulie” now. Sausage, meatballs, ricotta, sweet peppers. Link
  8. Went a little overboard the past couple weeks. Bought the Jordan 6 Tinkers that were released in October (Finishline has them on sale for $150), Shox R4 triple black, and yesterday got 3 pairs of the infrared 6’s. I think I’m done buying sneakers for a while.
  9. “Ok, well just to warn you, I had Mexican for lunch. So if you don’t move, you’ll be smelling my taco farts for the next several hours”.
  10. I’m already a few episodes into season 5. Fantastic show.
  11. The other thread reminded me about an experience I had at Acme a couple months ago. The clerk at the register never said anything to me, never made eye contact. While he was ringing up my groceries, he was mumbling things under his breath. I couldn’t catch everything he said, but some of the things I definitely heard him say were, “blood”, “torture”, “I’ve done a lot of bad things”, and “I’ve done some things I shouldn’t have done”. The guy clearly wasn’t all there, but I still felt I needed to say something to the manager. I normally have my son with me, and that’s not something I’d want him to hear. So I went to customer service, asked for a manager, and explained what he was saying. I told the manager that I wasn’t looking to get in him in trouble, but maybe they should take him off the register and have him work in the stock room. I didn’t catch his name, but said told her it was the guy on register 6. Her response, “Oh, that’s Steve. He probably just didn’t take his medication today”. She clearly wasn’t surprised at all. He still often is working the register when I’m in there, but I make it a point avoid him and have someone else check me out.
  12. I much prefer the PDF menus compared to the websites that make you click on every section separately (click appetizers to see the apps, click seafood to see seafood, etc).
  13. Another Disney hack I took advantage of on this trip: I booked a 8:30am reservation for Be our Guest, so we were able to get in MK at 8am. We went to Be our Guest and let them know we wouldn’t be dining with them after all (they don’t charge you if you cancel in person). It wasn’t a Magic Hours day, so we pretty much had the park to ourselves. The Carousel opened at 8:30am, so my son rode that about 5 times (they didn’t even make him get off/on), and then we were the very first ones in line for Peter Pan. Here’s a short video I took of MK about 45 minutes before they opened. Still weird seeing it that empty.
  14. Disney (and other theme parks) are free for kids 2 and under. Kids 3 and up are almost the same price as adults. I’m just curious at what point do most parents stop trying to pass their kids as 3 for the free admission. We took my son to Disney for his 3rd birthday (so he’d been 3 for a few days when we were there), and didn’t pay for admission. But he’s big for his age, so that’ll be the last time we try getting him in for free.
  15. I used this loophole for my November trip and it worked out great. I was actually able to book my fast passes about 85 days ahead of time, so I was able to get every fast pass we wanted at any time we wanted. Didn’t even stay on site. I know it was cheating the system, but disappointed they are fixing this.