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  1. Think Miami wants to get the ball in this guys hands? Wow.
  2. “if his ceiling is Henry, that’s not really good enough.”
  3. What round are you taking Fournette and Rojo now? Fournette is probably round 4-5 for me in PPR, and Jones 8-10.
  4. If a team claims him on waivers, they take on the existing contract. If he goes unclaimed, he can negotiate/ sign a new contact with another team. His contract was originally guaranteed, but the Jags voided his guarantee after his suspension. If he gets claimed, it won’t matter. But if he goes unclaimed, he’ll file a grievance to attempt to collect the $4 mil from the Jags.
  5. I’m suggesting that Vaughn is currently the 4th string RB in Tampa and will likely be inactive on game days, so it was a poor comparison.
  6. Right, because a 1st round pick that is going to be a workhorse back for a top offense, and catch a ton of passes, should be compared to a 4th string RB that will barely see the field.
  7. I just created a NL tourney starting in 10 min if anyone interested. FYI, not sure if same blind levels we normally use.