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  1. With today’s environment, the minimum I’d tip for delivery is $10. But probably $20. I might need to have groceries delivered from instacart in another week or two. If I do, I’ll be tipping $50. I think that’s appropriate to have someone risk going into a store, buy your groceries and bring them to your house.
  2. “The following are considered “life-sustaining” businesses and will stay open, according to WPXI in Pittsburgh: Grocery stores Pharmacies Gas stations Beer distributors Transit and transportation systems Taxi services” 🍺🍺🍺
  3. Got the clear to close yesterday, but closing isn’t until the 31st. Asked if we could close earlier, but no luck. Hoping no shut downs or anything else messes this up.
  4. This is what I’m worried about. I’m buying a house, and scheduled to close on 3/31. Appraisal came in last week, and is currently being reviewed by PNC’s collateral underwriters, and then will be sent to underwriting review for the clear to close. Almost at the finish line, but I’m very nervous.
  5. I was multi tasking when it was on, but I thought they said 100.4.
  6. Great episode this week, but thought the gang not jumping Mike seemed strange. I doubt they’d really be afraid of one old white guy when there was 5 or 6 of them.
  7. I used to love the McDonalds chicken fajitas back in the 90s.
  8. Houston had a 15 yard penalty after a TD for a player removing his helmet. They tried a 1 point conversion from the 17. I think they should change the rule so penalties are applied to the kickoff and not the conversion.
  9. Most health insurance plans should cover it, assuming you follow certain steps. I had to go to nutrition classes for 6 months, do a mental health evaluation, etc. The surgery cost about $35k. My out of pocket cost was $1,800, and my insurance covered the rest.
  10. I haven’t had any issues. I think acid reflux is common with the sleeve surgery, but not so much was gastric bypass. I do get an appetite, and eat throughout the day, just in small amounts. I take a vitamin daily that’s made specially for Bariatric surgery patients to avoid any deficiencies And I don’t have any sleeping issues, especially since I went from having very extreme sleep apnea to being completely off my cpap machine.
  11. Here’s a pic someone posted of it on twitter
  12. Besides Kobe tribute/ Alicia Keyes, I think my favorite part so far is the dude that brought his Nintendo Switch on stage when his friend was accepting an award. Are you that bored?
  13. I’m lucky. I have really don’t have any. Very, very little anyway.
  14. Thanks! I honestly feel 20 years younger (I’m 34).