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  1. Before my time... But, if you google "Dwight Clark Tight End", you'll see search results. So, maybe he played WR/TE role.
  2. Still a 3rd rd pick imo. Garroppolo's value never decreased sitting behind Tom Brady.
  3. Anyone remember Ricky Watters? He ran a 4.71. And also wasn't a productive back in college. How is Josh Jacobs as a receiving back compared to him? Are the RBs now required to be .2 faster in the 40 in order to be productive compared to back then?
  4. Jaylen Samuels as a Kamara type RB Courtland Sutton Baker Mayfield
  5. Think the 4.37 was hand timed. 4.49 is more accurate (electronically)
  6. Which 200+ pound RB runs the fastest 40 in the draft? Are there any clear favorites?
  7. I think the Cardinals should draft Kyler Murray. But, what could they get for Rosen?
  8. No way. He's definitely playing football. He batted .300 in college and the pitching quality is only going to get tougher in the minors/majors. I think if he stayed in baseball, he would bat .230-.250. As for football, I think he could be just as good as Baker Mayfield.
  9. Who is more valuable in a startup dynasty league? Andrew Luck or TY Hilton?
  10. WTF? Are we even watching the same players? Riley Ridley from Georgia? If you want safe, it's AJ Brown and Marquise Brown.
  11. Same Big red flag for me that he stayed all 4 yrs and never topped 150 att/yr.
  12. All Goff.. Boom just because he scored 2 TD's? He doesn't replace Cooks/Kupp in the offense for 4+ years - maybe Woods