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  1. Yeah..Happens to the Musa Smith's, Glen Coffee's, Eddie Lacy's, and Trent Richardson's.
  2. um, how about another RB that blocked another from starting until the Jr yr? Brosette isn't exactly Saquon. There's gotta be a reason, right? Nick Brosette avg'd 20 carries/yr during his freshman thru Jr yr. and then all of a sudden starts over Clyde. I do not think star College football really develop. You either have it or you don't.
  3. Most overrated prospect on this board. MJD II? Not even close. MJD was the starter on his team from freshman yr and on. Clyde Edwards Helaire? It took him until the Jr. yr to start for his team and he couldn't even beat out Nick Brossette his sophomore yr. Their #'s? Almost identical. How much was Edwards-Helaire's improvement during his Jr yr was dependent on Burrow? Did they drop back and let him run the ball because of Burrow's passing skills? Can someone name a RB drafted in the 1st 3 rds in the NFL draft that took him until the JR yr to start for his team and ended up being productive in the NFL? I can't think of one.
  4. Was Cam Akers' offensive line really that bad compared to what Dalvin Cook had at Florida State? Dalvin Cook avg'd 6.0 ypc in 2016. I do not think Akers is that good. The ones that averaged close to 5.0 ypc did not make it in the NFL. The ones that averaged 5.5+ ypc did. Devonta Freeman is borderline starter level and he avaraged 5.6.
  5. 2018-2019 season. My point is no one on that season drafted in the 1st 3 rds ranked 60th+ in their 2nd season appeared on that list. You can't compare Dalvin Cook to Derrius Guice.
  6. He broke out his 2nd yr in the league with the 1000 yd season.
  7. I'm assuming you're referring to Dalvin Cook. His 1st 2 yrs? He was ranked #31 last year. Just look at So, yes, Dalvin Cook HAS a chance to have a career similar to Gerald Riggs.
  8. Seems like another Ben Tate to me. Once a RB is injured in the NFL in their early career, they'll always be in a RBBC. And another future RB has a chance to take over. Very rarely do you see a RB injured in their first 2 years become a stud. I don't think it's ever happened EVER. Only time I can remember something SIMILAR happening is Fred Taylor, who was injured his 4th year. But, he had an amazing rookie year and 3rd year.
  9. How many QBs drafted in the 1st rd have had season ending injuries the year prior and how did they fare in the NFL?
  10. That doesn't have the career production number rankings.
  11. Can you do this for RBs also? Just trying to see if there are any possible Phillip Lindsay's/Jordan Howards in the draft.
  12. Undervalued compared to Trulieve by 3x. In the cannabis industry. They're #2 in Florida. Profitable in Oct 2019. and expected to going forward. owns 387 acres of land for cultivation. 250,000 square feet greenhouse is cultivating and producing all the cannabis brands for their own 22 dispensaries in Florida. 10 new dispensaries are coming in 2020. From Motley Fools news "The 6 Best MJ Stocks in November", Liberty ranks No. 2. On the daily timeframe, the 50 MA is about to cross the 200 MA - golden cross
  13. Going with the homerun pick LHSIF sp500 3630
  14. Has there ever been an unproductive 3rd rd RB draft pick in its rookie year that has ended up being productive? They usually are busts, no? - like Dri Archer/Alex Green/Tony Hunt? Most 3rd rd RBs receive at least 60+ carries. I would take a 2020 3rd rd rookie pick if I were you.
  15. always fades the last 6 games of the season. Check his past seasons. I have to decide between him and Duke Johnson for next week. Bleh.