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  1. I can't believe there's a thread on this guy. I wouldn't even give a 4th rd rookie draft pick on this guy. You do know he's going on his 6th yr, and he's never topped 50 carries, right? KC is definitely drafting a RB in the 1st 4 rds and maybe they'll draft a "steal" RB in the 5th who I like.
  2. I wonder why they didn't ship him with Ogbah to KC. KC not interested?
  3. No one has mentioned Jax as a prime destination..... Fournette is having a Trent Richardson - like career so far.
  4. hmm.. Smart move by the Bears. Howard's YPC dipped to 3.7 last year. He was never going to be a long term back.
  5. Probably would've been had Driver and Jennings not been there for his early part of the career.
  6. Crazy.... Best Dalvin Cook will ever be is Gerald Riggs/Neal Anderson..if Dalvin Cook didn't break out his 2nd yr. I give Cook 3 yrs of production. The fact that Dalvin Cook's Attempts per game dropped from 18 to 12 from yr 1 to yr 2 is a major red flag.
  7. Darrell Henderson needs to be drafted in the 1st 3 rds in the NFL draft in order for me to consider him in the 1st rd of the fantasy rookie draft. Much safer to draft a RB/WR/TE or even elite QB that was drafted in these rds in the 1st rd of your fantasy rookie draft. I would draft Kyler Murray before Darrell Henderson (if he's a 4th/5th rd nfl draft pick). I think draft capital matters the most for the RB position. Reason being, the most likely chance for their contract to be extended happens in these rounds. Look at most recent cases (latavius murray - drafted in the 5th rd), (arian foster - fantasy career lasted 5 yrs), (Jordan Howard- I don't see him staying in CHI- his value will drop once he lands on a new team)
  8. Went to that site before. Thought it was BS. I think is a lot better.
  9. I'm in cannabis (CVSI/SPLIF). $50k invested in this. There seems to be a pattern growing for the past year or so for 100 mil market cap stocks in the marijuana industry. Looking for growing revenue + $1 million+ gross profit revenue quarter, and positive net income for that quarter. It happened with CVSI last year (increased 15x) , VFF early this year (increased 5x as of this posting), and I think SPLIF is next if their earnings report is positive in the next few days.
  10. Yeah. You're right. There's never been a WR/TE. I was thinking Chris Cooley, who played FB/TE.
  11. Before my time... But, if you google "Dwight Clark Tight End", you'll see search results. So, maybe he played WR/TE role.