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  1. Faust If the fantasy rookie draft were today, how do you think the 1st 12 picks would go?
  2. Not true at all. Look at Jordan Howard, Aaron Jones, Tarik Cohen - 4th rd/5th rd draft picks. They all played within the first 6 games of their rookie season. The 2019 RB class simply wasn't that good. I think Josh Jacobs, Miles Sanders, and Mattison will be the only ones to emerge from it, Darrell Henderson simply had a terrible preseason. His 2.5 ypc might have something to do with it.
  3. How would you rank the RBs in the draft right now? Are there really going to be 7-10 RBs drafted in the first 3 rounds?
  4. omg shhhhh......Kelly starts midseason and maybe next year also. I have him as a top 20 dynasty QB.
  5. Ertz is gone next year. There's no reason to pay him close to $8 million if Dallas Goedert is just as good if not better. (which I think he is also). I think that is the reason why they drafted Goedert last year. So Goedert could take a few years to learn the system and then just let Ertz go when his salary increases.
  6. No team spends 3 x 1/2/3 rd draft picks for a RB within 3 years. That's all.
  7. If Damarea Crockett/Higdon doesn't emerge next year, Duke Johnson is starting. Bank on it.
  8. There's absolutely no way Houston spends a 1st or 2nd rd pick on a RB next year. They just spent a 3rd on Foreman a couple of years ago. So they spent a 3rd on Foreman in 2017, gave up a 2020 3rd for Duke Johnson, and you think they're going to spend a 1st/2nd in 2020 on a RB? Not happening. Their DE and CBs are getting old with Watt at 30 yrs and J Joseph
  9. In the past when a marijuana company became profitable, it instantly became a $300+ million market cap company. CVSI and VFF are past examples.
  10. Quite possibly the starter next year. L Miller is a FA in 2020. You don't give a 4th that could be possibly be a 3rd rd pick for a backup. Could very well be the next Tiki Barber who's silent for 3-4 yrs and then blows up.
  11. Get ready Right now it is at $4.65. I think this is a $12 stock easy in 2 months.
  12. Watching GRWG closely. Already bought in at the $3 levels. This is going to move fast if it has a good earnings report in 2 days with positive net income. Still in the 100 million market cap range.