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  1. I dont' understand liberals. Let's vilify Bush I and Bush II for sending troops to the middle east and saying we shouldn't fight wars for oil etc etc, but lets demonize Trump for wanting to get us out of there and bring our boys home.
  2. Now this witch unt can maybe end. It's doing nothing but hurting the country and serves as a huge distraction. Not that Pelosi cares about anything except taking Trump down (and now Pence too... hmmmmm... wonder why she might want to take both of them down). Now lets demand transcripts of every call over the past month between Schiff, Pelosi and everyone else involved in the witch hunt. Will no doubt turn up some interesting things.
  3. If you believe people here, it's encrypted instructions to my Russian counterparts. Сделай Америку снова великой
  4. Fake news. Fake post. But why do you think he wants to build a wall? If anything he saw this was going to happen and is trying to plan for it but faces nothing but opposition from the Democrats.
  5. Pathetic but its best they keep beating this dead horse. The American people won't buy that crap anymore and it will show in 2020.
  6. Approve. Doing a fine job considering all the unnecessary crap he's had to deal with
  7. They're also confusing a difference of opinion on policy as personal disrespect. I disagreed with just about everything Obama did, but I was never personally disrespected by him.
  8. Well she is a criminal. Very different from making comments about appearance, calling him orange or fat, or commenting on his intelligence.
  9. This misses the point. The moderators of the board have asked us not to be disrespectful towards politicians being discussed, yet references to the "Orange" one and similar names are repeated endlessly.
  10. It wo̴uld go a long wa̷y for people to show our president some respect when r̴eferring to him. If I call Hillary a pantsuit wearing crook or some other name (which I've stopped doing) I'll get jumped on by the anti-Tr̴ump clique. Meanwhile references t̴o̶ the Ora̷nge one, or any number of other disr̴espectful references to the President get high fives.
  11. CBP apprehended 60k+ last month, and that's just at ports of entry. That equates to 720K per year, so millions will not take that long. The math is very simple. If it takes CBP XXX number of agents to patrol a completely open stretch of border, it goes without saying that having a huge wall to help prevent crossings should mean less of a need for that same number of agents. Same goes for drone sweeps, air sweeps, etc. All can be reduced in places where the wall is in place, and redirected to make the ports of entry even stronger.
  12. Somebody mark down the date and time, because this may be the only time sho nuff and I are in complete agreement on something. Just yesterday the wofe of a friend posted on FB that she was so upset her daughter didn't make the school basketball team. The comments were filled with things like "that's awful and mean" and "they should expand the team to include everyone". Made me want to vomit.
  13. I think it will. It’s common sense that the level of effort required to monitor an area with a wall would be less than the effort at an area without the wall.