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  1. Instead he closed borders, shut down the economy, increased production of PPE and ventilators, activated the military to assist with high risk states and fast tracked vaccine production so that we may have a vaccine for novel virus in record time. What an idiot.
  2. Trump is winning PA. I have no doubt. Biden needs to demolish Trump in Philadelphia and the suburbs to have any chance to carry this state. The Democratic leadership of both Gov. Wolf and Mayor Kenney (and also DA Krasner) have made a lot of life-long Democrats in the area flip red. Trump just needs to be within 500K votes and the middle of the state will be overwhelmingly red. I think he may be within 400K this election. I also think Trump may get 10%+ of the black vote which IMO would guarantee his re-election. On a funny note, I walked my dog the other day and every telephone poll had a Biden/Harris sign up. The next day when I walked my dog all the signs had been taken down except one, and that one had Trump spray painted on the Biden/Harris sign.
  3. That's not what it means. It means there are limitations to the base assumptions which could yield different results because the assumptions made were based on models that may have used different methodologies prior to COVID.
  4. Until you look at some of the limitations of the study: "Third, different methods or models for estimating the expected numbers of deaths might lead to different results. Estimates of the number or percentage of deaths above average levels by race/ethnicity and age reported here might not sum to the total numbers of excess deaths reported elsewhere, which might have been estimated using different methodologies. Fourth, using the average numbers of deaths from past years might underestimate the total expected numbers because of population growth or aging, or because of increasing trends in certain causes such as drug overdose mortality. Finally, estimates of excess deaths attributed to COVID-19 might underestimate the actual number directly attributable to COVID-19, because deaths from other causes might represent misclassified COVID-19–related deaths or deaths indirectly caused by the pandemic. Specifically, deaths from circulatory diseases, Alzheimer disease and dementia, and respiratory diseases have increased in 2020 relative to past years (7), and it is unclear to what extent these represent misclassified COVID-19 deaths or deaths indirectly related to the pandemic (e.g., because of disruptions in health care access or utilization)."
  5. The parties do their own polling based off of their registers which they say are more accurate historically than the phone polling done by some of these poll sites.
  6. Have to look at it by state to get any real sense of who this favors. If CA gets 10M more Democratic votes and FL and PA get 1M more Republican votes it's really not a boon for Democrats. TBH, swing state votes totals are really what matters.
  7. Except, if we are to believe that the information about the China emails is truthful and accurate, then it lends legitimacy that the rest of the information contained on the laptop is truthful and accurate and there are emails from when Biden was VP.
  8. The easy change is to split the Democratic party into the Democratic Party and the Progressive Party. It looks like it's starting to trend that way. When you see a centrist like Biden having to tiptoe from one platform landmine after another just within his own party I think the Democratic Party is at a crossroads. Moderates are soon going to be left behind. Unfortunately, the Republican party is mostly united behind Trump ideology so if the Dem party splits, they'll change the composition of the House, but the Senate and Executive will be Republican controlled for a long time.
  9. I didn't watch the debate (Eagles were on). I heard Biden said he was going to end or move away from oil. That's a pretty stupid statement, Texas is definitely red now. Colorado, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia. A lot of states have a lot of jobs in oil.
  10. We could really go down a huge rabbit hole here. Another issue is cost of labor. You want a living wage? $15/hr minimum. That would be a disaster. At $7.25/hr our companies are already at a competitive disadvantage to companies that pay their labor $3/hr. Example, Hershey Foods had their factory in Hershey, PA. Unions drove up labor costs and Hershey closed the factory and moved it to Mexico. Obama said in 2016, manufacturing jobs are gone. Why? Because we aren't going to lower the federal minimum wage to allow corporations to compete with other countries. What did Trump do? He lowered corporate taxes, re-negotiated NAFTA and put us closer to equal footing with our largest trade partners. What do you know, manufacturing jobs started coming back. It's not rocket science.
  11. You have been killing it here lately. Whenever I hear the argument Biden is only going to raise taxes on people earning $400K or more and corporations, I facepalm. First, his estimated tax receipts fall about $5T short of his new policy costs. Middle class workers will bear the brunt because that's where the majority of tax receipts come from. Second, 20% of corporate taxes is borne by labor. The Hoover Institute estimated that under the Biden tax plan household median income will DECREASE by $6500. GDP will DECREASE by $2T. Consumption will DECREASE by $1.5T. Third, as you mentioned, when corporations pay taxes, they try to find the country where they will get taxed the least. Countries who want to grow their international corporate presence lower their tax rates to get companies to headquarter in their country. It's what Ireland did for many years and companies did inversions to take advantage of the low tax rates. It's a huge competitive advantage for international companies. People who have a rudimentary understanding of taxes buy Biden's tax policy talking points that it will not affect them. It will.
  12. The best stimulus plan is to open the economy up again.
  13. The whole Russian investigation into collusion was a witch hunt.
  14. I say it's 50-50, maybe slightly less. Whatever the outcome, I hope we don't spend the next 4 years doing witch hunts again. Let's get behind whichever person wins. Probably be an easier task with a Biden win but I'm hopeful if Trump wins that both sides work with each other for the good of America.
  15. It's awful. You can't even get past the first couple of issues without seeing how off this guy is on the positions. Example: D's: Women should have the right to choose. R's: Dems want to kill babies. This isn't a Democrat or Republican issue, it's a moral issue. If abortion isn't the killing of a baby, what is it?