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  1. Good catch. He falls into the same technicalities that Eli Manning does. I think I would lean towards putting those guys in the drafted category since they never suited up for their drafting team, but I'm indifferent however one would want to categorize them. Guess it depends on which side of the argument you are on.
  2. Going back to 1980 here are the QBs were won and weren't drafted by the winning team: Foles, Manning (Denver), Dilfer, Brees, Warner, Favre, Young, Doug Williams and Plunkett. Technically, Eli Manning was drafted by the Chargers. Here is who was drafted by the winning team: Brady, Wilson, Flacco, Rodgers, Big Ben, Manning (Indy), Elway, Aikman, Rypien, Montana, Simms and Hostetler. Caveat, might have missed a guy or two.
  3. So you need good players to win? Novel concept. Guess Bill Belichick is a crappy coach. Look at his record with Cleveland and New England before he had an elite qb.
  4. Check out the opponents last month and half of the season. They are going on a serious winning streak.
  5. Riddick Bowe, Shane Moseley and Evander Holyfield are three that come to mind. They call it "punch drunk".
  6. The league shouldn't have overreacted to the PI in last years playoff game and just left things the way they were. Now, it's a complete mess.
  7. If the GM of Jacksonville was watching that game last night, he has to be licking his chops waiting for a desperate Howie to call.
  8. Carson Wentz splits Home Record: 16-6 Pass Yds: 5,648 Comp%: 66.31 Pass TDs: 42 Ints: 11 Rate: 100.9 Road Record: 8-13 Pass Yds: 5307 Comp%: 60.94 Pass TDs: 34 Ints: 19 Rate: 84.4 Hoping for the best, but...
  9. Tough comparison since at the time Wentz was an unknown quantity. Ramsey is arguably the best corner in the league.
  10. Hoping this is the last year we have to see Seumalo and Vaitai. Vaitai has played 20 snaps this season, he has 3 holding calls. That's almost 1 a drive. At this point, anything is better than he is. I don't understand why they would bring him in as a 6th OL guy instead of Dillard. Seumalo isn't far behind Vaitai. The dude just flat out sucks.
  11. And yet the Eagles after using it in the Superbowl, ran the exact same play against Atlanta in Week 1 the next season and it worked.
  12. Report was that Chris Long has already dropped significant weight. He's staying retired.
  13. Using the Eagles (since I know them so well) for example, they always use DE-by-committee. It lessens the impact of injury, keeps the players fresh for the long haul and allows you to use your cap space for other areas. Sure the Texans are weaker for this season, it would have made more sense to have him play on the tag and just let him walk. But long-term, it's the smart play.
  14. This point is a major stretch. If Clowney was either a cancer or beloved by his teammates, internally, the coaching staff would know. More plausible scenario was, the Texans didn't want to pay Clowney long-term, especially when you see what good edge rushers are getting Khalil Mack (23.5M per), DeMarcus Lawrence (21M per), Frank Clark (20.8M per). It makes smart fiscal sense to go with second and third tier guys and have a rotation.