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  1. DeFilippo was awesome here in Philly.
  2. Snotbubbles

    Amy Klobuchar for President 2020

    You want to beat Trump, just have Michelle Obama run against him. I don't think the current crop of Democrats in Washington are going to be able to do it.
  3. Snotbubbles

    Just who are the Facsist?

    Her testimony and identity should have been kept confidential. Unfortunately, that wouldn't have helped anybody politically. As Pelosi said, "if there is some collateral be it."
  4. Snotbubbles

    Just who are the Facsist?

    Just curious, how many of those 14 characteristics are needed? Would say 7 of the 14 qualify you?
  5. Snotbubbles

    USA Shootings

    That's not a very thought out position because you then have to apply it to other Amendments, say for example, free speech. Could you imagine the government prohibiting CNN from broadcasting on television because TV's weren't around at the time, or banning Footballguys because the internet wasn't around when the Constitution was written. The whole purpose of the Legislative branch is to legislate based on the changes in society. If society feels there is a need to ban certain arms, then they should legislate. Unfortunately, there is too much money to be made by politicians from gun rights activists. Disclaimer: I don't own any guns, never had and couldn't care less if we banned all guns.
  6. Snotbubbles

    Sessions ......he gone

  7. Snotbubbles

    Sessions ......he gone

    Which is pointless because the Repulicans control the Senate.
  8. Snotbubbles

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    The Republican lost so many seats because 36 incumbent Republicans did not seek re-election in the House. Incumbents have an extremely high re-election percentage, something like 94-95%. Politically, the House flipping is a good thing for Trump. He now has House Democrats to blame for anything that goes wrong. If they decide to spend the next two years investigating him and his administration, I think it will blow up in their faces.
  9. Snotbubbles

    ******Official SCOTUS Thread*****

    Can't see her making it to 2024 if Trump wins in 2020.
  10. Snotbubbles

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    Sorry I didn't answer this yesterday. Midterm elections are different beasts than Presidential year elections. So when I viewed what happened on Tuesday, I looked at it from a historical perspective. In midterms, the party that won the Presidential, and especially first term Presidents, have a difficult time motivating their voter base (the exception to this was Bush 2 who had absurdly high approval ratings after 9/11). I know in Pennsylvania, in 2016 65% of registered voters voted, in 2018 that number dropped to 45%. I don't see the need to go through the numbers but elected Presidents almost always take it on the chin in both the House and Senate midterms elections. Just because Reps and Senate hopefuls didn't win certain States isn't indicative of that same result playing out in 2020 (because again the midterms are different than the general). So when I look historically, every first term President who gained Senate seats and then ran for re-election, got re-elected.
  11. Snotbubbles

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    Trump will be fine for 2020. The Senate races showed that.
  12. Snotbubbles

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    So they didn't vote for Bill Clinton?
  13. Snotbubbles

    marijuana winning big at the polls. CO/MASS/wash pass

    Hoping for 420M. LOL.
  14. Snotbubbles

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    Don't be surprised if Trump dumps Pence in 2020 for Nikki Haley. That will totally confuse white suburbanite women.
  15. Snotbubbles

    marijuana winning big at the polls. CO/MASS/wash pass

    My pot stocks are up today. ?