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  1. Hey. Malcom Jenkins, Rhys Hoskins and Snotbubbles all live in Fishtown.
  2. Here is what Aiden Gillen had to say about the encounter.
  3. If Catelyn knew about Jon, Jon would have stayed at Winterfell instead of going to the Wall. 1. He would have been with Robb at the Red Wedding and probably would have been killed. 2. He would never have traveled North of the Wall and gotten in good with the wildlings who are basically his army in the Battle of the Bastards. 3. The army of the dead would have just been an unbelievable story and none of the remaining characters would have been prepared to fight them when the time comes. Jon had to go to the Wall to develop into the character he became. He had to learn to put duty before love. He had to see with his own eyes what terrors awaited men if they didn't come together.
  4. Daughter played in the Memorial Day Madness Tournament in Carlisle, PA. Went 4-2 in pool play and made it to the Gold Bracket. Lost the first game in bracket play then made it all the way to the championship game in "losers" bracket until we blew a 4 run lead in the last inning. Daughter was a beast all weekend at the plate. Anytime she came up with runners in scoring position she got the job done and brought them home.
  5. King Robert dies and the "game" begins. At this point, everyone but Ned Stark knew how to play the game.
  6. Some interesting things I picked up on second listening of the audiobooks that I didn't remember. 1. As it turns out, the Mountain has a temper. It is hinted that he probably killed his first two wives and his father. He was basically just a murdering lunatic. Throughout his life, the Mountain has gotten away with everything. The Hound tells the true story of how he got his burns to Sansa but tells her if she tells anybody he'll kill her. 2. Robert Baratheon married Cersei at the suggestion of Robert Arryn. He did so to ensure that should Viserys (or any other Targaryen) return to try and reclaim the throne that Tywin would have no choice but to back Robert. This political marriage was doomed from the start.
  7. My top 5 are: 5. 'Salems Lot 4. The Long Walk 3. The Stand 2. The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass 1. 11/22/63
  8. The was a real deer he was skinning. He had someone show him how to do it.
  9. Listening to the audiobooks as I type this. Interesting, after the Prologue, the very first chapter is Bran. Listening to the history of what went on during Robert's rebellion gives me a renewed appreciation for Tywin Lannister. He was masterful at playing the game and knew, that being King wasn't where the real power was. Sucks he was killed off.
  10. Night's Watch will never be obsolete. At the beginning of the series, White Walkers were just a myth. No one had seen them for a 1000 years. The Nights Watch had evolved from protecting the realm from White Walkers to protecting the realm from Wildlings. Sure there's a truce now, but anything can happen. There is always something to protect the realm from. It's main purpose was more like a halfway house for people to regain their honor and become productive members of society.
  11. She always believed she was the rightful heir to the throne, the last Targaryen. When she found out that not only was she not the last Targaryen, but she also wasn't the rightful heir and that the true heir had the backing of the people she meant to rule, the Daenerys as we knew her was finished. She now had a threat to what she spent her entire life believing was hers. Not only was Jon a threat, but the people of Westeros loved Jon, not her. Without love, the only thing she had left was fear. Once people knew who Jon really was, she had to either relinquish her claim to Jon or go totally ballistic so that no one would ever challenge her. If Jon Snow was just a bastard Stark, he wouldn't have been a threat, the most he could have been was a usurper like Robert Baratheon.
  12. To me, Brienne becoming a knight, then Head of the Kings Guard and finally writing the deeds of Ser Jaime Lannister who's pages were previously blank was the only part of the ending that gave me any emotions at all. The rest of the episode, I was like, "is this over yet?"
  13. Partially agree. Being King or Queen is unimportant. That has been the case since Season 1 when Robert was King and Ned's first council meeting where he was so surprised at just how much of a mess things were. Where I disagree is that Bran is literally the most powerful of all the characters because he is immune from "the game". He can't be lied to and he is also unconcerned with power both keeping it and obtaining more of it. It wasn't a coincidence that the council didn't have a Master of Whisperers and a Master of War. It was symbolism that those things were no longer needed. The small council is now forced to do things differently because they have to answer to someone who already knows what they are going to do and say. If Tyrion was really looking for someone to easily manipulate, he would have literally chosen anyone other than Bran. If Tyrion wanted an unimpressive nobody that he could control, he would have chosen Gendry, who was the last remaining Baratheon.