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  1. So I can understand your positions. Who do you think is responsible for the current state of the economy?
  2. Snotbubbles

    How best to fight the opioid crisis?

    Weed, plain and simple. It's currently being used for pain and isn't addictive.
  3. Snotbubbles

    I’m with Pelosi

    It's good of her to try to take the high road, but I'm a firm believer in term limits. We need fresh blood and new ideas, not some career politician who has been part of the problem.
  4. Wait a minute. The current healthcare system is a product of the Democratic party. If the Democrats response to authoritarianism is socialism, you won't get much support from me on that front either.
  5. GDP growth up, unemployment down, home ownership up, household debt down, disposable income up. Things are better today than they were at the same time in 2016.
  6. Snotbubbles

    Voter Suppression

    I would just come up with some "disability" and vote by absentee ballot.
  7. Snotbubbles

    Voter Suppression

    As long as the law is neutral and non-discriminatory, I don't see a problem with it.
  8. Snotbubbles

    Voter Suppression

    They could have voted to hear the appeal and make it 4-4. Then the Circuit Court ruling would have still been affirmed but not considered precedent. When they voted to not hear the appeal, they made the Circuit Court ruling precedent. So by voting the way they did, they were voting to affirm the lower Court ruling.
  9. Snotbubbles

    Blacks Support Trump

    Who the Democrats vote on (or should I say, who the Super Delegates nominate) to run against Trump will be very important.
  10. Snotbubbles

    Blacks Support Trump

    I think by election night, the polls had Trump pretty close. Still probable to lose, but not by a substantial margin IIRC.
  11. Snotbubbles

    Blacks Support Trump

    In Michigan, Democrats needed to win the inner city black vote by substantial margins to carry the State. So when the returns came in Hillary didn't get the black turnout she need to get Michigan. In the metro areas of Wayne, Washtenaw, Genesse and Oakland (Detroit, Ann Arbor and Flint), Hillary got ~1,002,000 votes to Trumps 652,000. The previous election Obama got 1,193,000 to Romney's 636,000. Hillary lost Michigan by ~10,000 votes. In PA, Hillary lost Northeast counties (Luzerne and Northamption) that Obama had won in the previous elections and got totally obliterated in the middle part of the State where Obama had a least respectable numbers. She actually performed as well in Philadelphia (a notoriously pro-Democrat city) and Pittsburgh as Obama did. Don't feel like looking at Wisconsin. IMO, Democrats need to motivate black voters in urban areas to turnout in elections. If they don't, they will have a difficult time winning general elections. Economically, if things remain the same (strong economy, low black unemployment) I think it's going to be hard to motivate people to go out and vote against Trump and that doesn't mean they will vote for him, they will just not vote.
  12. Snotbubbles

    Blacks Support Trump

    So I understand your position, if you want people to listen and or respond to your policy views you need to run for office?
  13. If that happened, Dems would just be resigned to 4 more years of Trump and refocus on 2024.
  14. Snotbubbles

    Blacks Support Trump

    People are individuals. No person or group can speak for everybody.
  15. Snotbubbles

    Blacks Support Trump

    I was personally appalled at the way the Liberal media responded to the meeting. Kayne made multiple points (stop and frisk laws, prison reform, overseas labor issues, welfare) and instead of attacking the guys points, they attacked the guy personally. "This is what happens when negro's don't read", "token negro", etc. My personal takeaway from the issues I heard him discuss (admittedly I didn't hear all of them) were: 1. I can see why he thinks "stop and frisk" laws create tensions among police and blacks but I see the utility in continuing to have them. 2. I can buy his argument that the 13th Amendment should be abolished because it allows slavery for prisoners and the judicial system is inherently racist causing a large number of blacks to be subject to "legal slavery". 3. I'm so-so on his labor issues, but I see where he's coming from. Nike, a competitor of his is using cheap labor in China and Vietnam to produce low cost products and then sell them at high margins. He wants to produce his shoes in the US but he claims it costs him $300 to make them so he believes that US businesses need tax breaks so they can compete with cheap foreign labor. 4. The point I absolutely agree with is his position on welfare. He thinks that the welfare system is systemically keeping the blacks in poverty and because it's supported by Democrats, it's a way to enslave the black vote so they can continue to receive benefits. He's wrong about the household size requirements as that part was changed, but the whole welfare State that America has become really does help keep blacks impoverished. He's not very eloquent and his mind goes from place to place pretty easily, but rather than attack him personally, have a real legitimate debate of the issues instead of the name calling.