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  1. For the RB, I don't think I'd drop a guy who could develop into a productive starter for someone who may only offer two serviceable fantasy weeks. Desean is more attractive, but your WRs already look ok. DJax always seems to torch his former Eagles, and he's also boom/bust. I'd rather stick with Cobb or Watkins. Can you help in return?
  2. I would've declined too. Mahomes looks great, but Cam could very well finish as the higher ranked fantasy QB this year when all is said and done. Even if he doesn't, I think the loss of Hilton hurts your starting WRs more (especially with Fitz hobbled and having an awful QB). Can you have a look at mine?
  3. I have James Conner and I'm looking at the Bell owner as a possible trade target. I'm 2-0, getting high score in the first weeks. He's 0-2 (losing by 60 to me this past weekend). Only 4 teams make the playoffs, so he needs to start winning now. And with my start and roster, I feel pretty good about just making the playoffs... and if Conner's not going to help me in the playoffs (if Bell comes back), I'd just as soon flip him for assets who will. The Bell owner is hurting for RBs he can start now. And I've done deals with him in past seasons, so I know at least he's someone open to trading. This is non-PPR (standard 10-team ESPN league). Start QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, TE, R/W/T flex, K, D. You can use your first 2 rounds of the draft for 2 keepers (which is how I ended up with Johnson and Zeke). My team is: QB: Luck, Mahomes RB: D Johnson, Zeke, Miller, Conner, Barber, Breida WR: T Hill, M Jones Jr, E Sanders, C Davis TE: Kelce K: Tucker D: Broncos He has: QB: Watson RB: Bell, Henry, Ingram, Crowell, Lindsay WR: OBJ, D Adams, Baldwin, R Anderson, K Benjamin, P Richardson TE: Doyle K: Bryant D: Chargers Maybe Conner for Ingram, straight-up (or if that's not enough include another lower-end RB from my roster)? Bell owner who needs a win might go for it (with the bye Ingram is still out 3 of the next 4 weeks). Or target a WR (OBJ or Adams) by packaging Conner with someone else (like Sanders, Jones, or Breida)? Do they sound insulting, or at least would be a place to start? Or maybe just ride Conner as long as I can. Leave a link and I'll answer any posts of yours!
  4. My team is weak at RB but I have 4 strong WRs. I like Kareem Hunt for somewhat of a bounce back after KC's bye, and the Hunt owner is weak at WR. I'd like to make a trade offer centered around my strong WR for his Hunt. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. This is a 10-team PPR ESPN league (where you start 2 WRs, 2 RBs, and 1 W/R/T flex). I'm in the playoff hunt at 5-4. This is my team: QB: Ryan (I drafted Aaron Rodgers ) RB: Ajayi, CJA, Tevin Coleman, James White, Kenyan Drake, Darkwa WR: Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Thielen, Shepherd TE: Kelce, Brate K: Lutz DST: Rams Since after this week I'm done for byes with my WRs, I'm good with rolling with the remaining 4 WRs if I trade one for Hunt. Is Evans or Thomas straight up for Hunt too much, or is that a reasonable offer (despite Hunt's recent struggles)? Or maybe Hill would be the best to offer (he's the highest scoring)? If needed, I'd be fine with including any RB besides Ajayi. If you have your own question, leave a link and I'll try to help. Thanks
  5. Just had this offer come through to me very early in the morning. This is a 10-team PPR redraft ESPN league. I receive Ajayi and I give Bilal Powell - straight up trade. On the surface, it certainly looks appealing. A buy low on Ajayi for a sell high on Powell. I have Ajayi on another team and know he's been frustrating so far. But Powell's only had the one good game himself (with a couple of other Jets RBs who could compete for touches on a bad team). Due to injury my RB corps is decidedly mediocre. Feels like I have a bunch of RB2s and RB3s, without any RB1s. Maybe Ajayi can be that guy? My RBs are: CJ Anderson, Bilal Powell, Tarik Cohen, Latavius Murray, Tevin Coleman, James White, and David Johnson () The other team doesn't have much that interests me besides Ajayi. Only AJ Green would be good enough to crack my starting lineup ( I already have Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, and Adam Thielen and you only have to start 2 WRs). He has Forte. What do you think? I'm very tempted to accept, since I have depth for mid-level RBs and taking a chance on getting an RB1 seems like it's worth it. Team is doing ok so far (3-1 record). If you leave a link I'll try to answer yours in return. Thanks
  6. I'm doing my best with this awful team that got autodrafted. In particular, I got shafted at RB where Jordan Howard and Frank Gore were drafted to be my starters Trying to do what I can with the waiver wire. Theo Riddick just got dropped, and FBGs ranks him rest-of-season ahead of all of my RBs. Do I drop a RB to pick him up? [Dropping another position is not an option] My RBs are: Jordan Howard, Frank Gore, Mike Gillislee, James White, Darren Sproles, Tarik Cohen, and Buck Allen. Also, I have Jordan Reed and no other TE on the roster. Who is the drop to cover myself for TE?
  7. If I was you, I'd pick up Cohen. Like you said, you need RB more than you need WR. I had the same RB pickup choices, and went for Cohen. He looks even better in 0.5 PPR (where the Bears need bodies to catch passes). Help with mine?
  8. I think I would do it. I'd like to have a more secure RB2 than the guys you're forced to start every week. I think the improvement there is worth the downgrade from Kelce to Clay. Depending on roster bench space (and if he's free), if the trade happens you can take a look at Breida to cover yourself for injury. Have a look at mine?
  9. In shallower leagues (like a 10 teamer) I like trades that give me a stronger starting lineup over depth. So while Gronk's injury history is scary, you're trading bench players for the most dominant player at his position. I'd go for it! Since the players involved are unbalanced, the other guy would have to drop 2 guys (unless his roster is already short). If the players on the other guy's team who would be dropped are better than what you'd get on the waiver wire, maybe he can just include them? That's not a biggie though. Help with mine?
  10. This is a trade offer, right? [If so and if you can, you probably want to change that "or" to "for" in the thread title] Hard to judge with seeing who your other WRs are (and knowing how many teams and how many WRs you have to start each week). Without knowing that ... it feels like you're buying high and selling low. Barring injury, Allen should have some big weeks (and he didn't do that badly considering the team he was playing). A trade of a WR for a RB seems good, but if Allen is the guy you're shipping wait a little until he's coming off a better week (or the RB you're targeting is coming off a worse week). Have a look at mine?
  11. David Johnson was dropped in my 10 team PPR ESPN league. Internet connection issues resulted in autodraft somewhat botching the first third of my draft, leaving me really poor RBs. Consequently, I tried to load on handcuffs and guys who might be underrated in the PPR format. I did get off to a win (albeit an unimpressive one) in week 1. Here's the team (starting spots are QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, R/W/T flex, K, DST with 7 bench spots): QB: Rodgers RB: Powell, CJ Anderson, T Coleman, D Henry, James White, Tarik Cohen WR: Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Thielen, John Brown, Zay Jones TE: Kelce K: Hopkins DST: Ravens If I dropped anyone it would be Brown or Jones. By week 8 I'll need a roster spot to cover Rodgers' bye, but that's a while off.
  12. Had a 44 point lead for the championship heading into the night game, with me done and my opponent having Stafford, Jordy, and Zenner left. And won by 1 point!!! My heart stopped when that Hail Mary at the end connected (after the Stafford INT, I was picking out victory team avatars). But, barring stat correction, I just held on. Very sweet victory. Lost in the title game last season after being #1 seed (and the previous year lost in first round of playoffs after being league high scorer). This year I was #1 seed but brought it home. I was really upset with this league for vetoing an attempted trade where I would get Antonio Brown a few weeks ago (a very fair deal where I gave up Luck and Hilton). As it turns out, if that trade went through I lose in round one. Doesn't justify the veto ... but I like to think there was some fantasy football karma going around here.
  13. David Johnson owner facing Leveon Bell. So much for a dominant regular season and #1 seed (only 4 teams make playoffs, so no bye for me). I really hate this game sometimes
  14. Such a depressing game. Did he really have much of a shot tonight? Or was the blocking just so bad?
  15. Did Billy McCaffrey even play football? I just remember the basketball. I was in the same high school class as Ed McCaffrey. Even had a few Phys Ed classes together (and believe me ... when choosing up sides, you wanted to be on Ed's team). Oddly we thought of him as a basketball player first (the school won a couple of state championships with him starting at center). Maybe baseball second. The football team was pretty bad, though obviously Ed got the attention of top scouts and physically was best suited for the next levels in football.