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  1. In Washington there is a place that is part of the North American mainland that is only accessible over land via Canada.
  2. One of my favorite geographical oddities, along with Ohio being considered part of the Midwest.
  3. 36.06 Night Time – Killing Joke (1985) Adding another Killing Joke album, this one features a couple of their best known and best songs. It is pretty straight-forward mid-80s post-punk, but with a rawer edge than a lot of other stuff in that category. Love Like Blood is a classic post-punk song and Eighties is a banger. Songs: Love Like Blood Eighties
  4. 35.35 Harvest Moon – Neil Young (1992) Going mellower here, both in term of my picks and in terms of Neil's catalog. Love the album. Hadn't listened to it in a long time since I associate it heavily with my ex-wife. But I listened to it this morning and it is still great, even if she isn't. Songs: Unknown Legend Harvest Moon
  5. The type of sword or the M18A1 anti-personnel mine? Though I suppose both could work. Both is good.
  6. Thanks. Like I said, my memory is failing. That was the video that made me take notice of U2.
  7. My memory is failing, was that the one with the live concert footage from Red Rocks? That video gave me chills as a 14 year old.
  8. INSANE value. The only reason I didn't take it many rounds ago is I already had another U2 album.
  9. Serious answer: A dog like our 90 pound German Shepherd. Ours is a sweet boy and might not even do anything to somebody who broke in when we weren't home, but I have zero doubt he would defend us if somebody tried to hurt somebody in the family. But given his bark and the way he looks staring out the window, nobody would.
  10. Was about to get argumentative about something and I quoted the wrong post. Now just not gonna do it.