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  1. This feels like kind of a low key dig, considering how Arnold looks these days. Fair.
  2. Since I have been dropping in intermittently, I figure I might as well do the quick dump of all of the great news I have: My 89 year old dad is in the hospital with an infection. He has advanced prostate cancer and needs to start chemo, but can't until they make sure the infection is gone for good. They are going to internalize the tubes that he had put in following his bladder rupture (apparently having tubes leading to bags with urine in them coming out of holes in your body can lead to infections, who knew?) and then he will need daily infusions of IV antibiotics for a few weeks to make sure the infection is completely beaten back. Then, he can start getting chemical poison infused directly into his blood stream to try and arrest the spread of the cancer. My dad has certainly not thrown in the towel and would like to stick around for as long as he can if he has a decent quality of life, but he also mentioned to me that he believes the massive monetary expenditures that are happening to try to extend his life for another couple years are "borderline immoral". I love him so much. I am closing in on 18 months since I have had a full time job. I did some contract work in there for a former boss and I have been a little distracted from full-time job searching by caring for my dad, but this isn't a lot of fun. I can't even get a nibble on lots of jobs I would seem to be very qualified for, yet I see the ads for those positions continue for weeks and months after I receive a rejection email (it is never a call, and the emails are actually fairly rare. More often...***crickets***). To call that frustrating would be an understatement. I am pretty much fully estranged from my two eldest children. It is heart-breaking, but for any of you that have followed the saga on here, my ex-wife did a very thorough job of sabotaging my relationship with them by absolutely poisoning their view of my wife. It sucks, but I am actually (sadly) getting kind of used to it. Things are better, though far from perfect, with my youngest. He has told his step-brother that he knows his mom is a crazy #####. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about that. Since I am struggling to find a job in the Seattle area, with its heavy technology presence, and I can't move due to family constraints, I am seriously considering enrolling in an intensive three month program to become a qualified data scientist. The program is intense, it effectively packs a year of grad-school level material into three months, and it isn't cheap, but it would likely make me far more employable. One rub is that with my dad's health in a precarious situation, I don't really know whether I will be able to make it through the program. Or whether I will feel guilty for doing so if my dad dies before it is complete, or shortly thereafter. I know what he would say, but that doesn't necessarily help. And I will say that spending time with him and helping him out is one of the few things that gives my life meaning right now. But I also have a wife, step-kids, and my own kids to think about. And I need to get back to work. Also, the opportunity to become even more of a NERD is hard to pass up.
  3. I grew up with a sheltie. She was lovable, but 100% neurotic. She was also a rescue and I never knew if her weirdness was due to something that happened to her before we got her or whether it was just the way shelties are. My guess is some of both.
  4. One of our corgis has an insane level of herding drive. Any time any of our other dogs start to get rambunctious she flies into action, chasing them around and getting all bite-y. She is also a grumpy old b*tch that we got as a rescue, though.
  5. That's the way it looked to me. Just be aware that with cattle dog and corgi in it, your new family member is likely to have a pretty strong herding instinct. It doesn't have to be a problem, but it is a good thing to be aware of.
  6. I am a fan of Aussies and we also have two corgis, among our massive pack of dogs. From the pic, it looks more like a Corgi-Australian Cattle Dog mix than a Corgi-Australian Shepherd mix though. I could certainly be wrong, but that's what it looks like to me. Corgi-Cattle Dog mixes are known as "Cowboy Corgis" in some circles, if you care about extremely useless dog breed trivia.
  7. ####. When I started reading I figured it was going to be a funny follow up about his girlfriend, etc.. That's horrible. It seems like sadness and tragedy is everywhere lately.
  8. I just saw that Bob Einstein (aka Super Dave Osborne, Marty Funkhouser) died the other day. I was so bummed. The guy was an underrated comedy genius.
  9. #### dude, that sucks. I hope she gets better soon. And Tanner is right, you are a great dad.
  10. That is true. There are some good things there, but they are surrounded by so much absolute garbage that it is not a good place to spend time. Like, even if Breitbart published the occasional piece of Putlitzer-worthy journalism, it would still be a terrible idea to spend time on that site.
  11. I pop in and out, but generally have only been posting in reply to specific notifications. I am a lot less close to the data than I have been in the past, but I don't think you really need data to understand what is going on. -The long economic expansion of the last ten years has been fueled by excess liquidity/low interest rates/cheap debt. Some might even say that artificially low rates were the main underpinning of the economy for much of that time. -The Fed maintained very accommodative policy (low rates, huge Fed balance sheet of purchased securities) for a lot longer than it might have, out of a fear of deflation. I would also say a (perhaps subconscious) fear of volatility in financial assets prevented previous Fed chairs from embarking on a move towards "normalization" when they might have. -Powell is a more hawkish Fed chair than Bernanke or Yellin. He also is perhaps more realistic and, maybe most importantly, facing a different set of facts than either of the previous Fed chairs were. The problem was that with rates near zero, the Fed was left without critical policy tools that it needs on hand during the next downturn. Put simply: you can't lower rates much when they are starting near zero. The argument behind the inaction was that the inflation rate wasn't high enough to justify raising rates. I understand that argument, I just never accepted it as sufficient to justify what they ended up doing (or not doing). -The decisions by Bernanke and Yellin to keep rates so low while the economy was doing well means that Powell inherited a Fed that was way behind the curve. He is trying to catch up, but with the prior expansion so long in the tooth he is literally racing to raise rates before the next recession, while also dealing with the challenge that raising rates too quickly could push the economy into recession. It is a tough hand he has been dealt.
  12. Belle Glade may be the worst place in the US. In the non-Youngstown category, anyway.