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  1. Change is risky. Big, sweeping changes are riskier still. I get that. I think most people grasp that, instinctively. What a lot of people don’t grasp are the risks (and known harms) of inaction. And then there is the issue of the people who most benefit from the system, as it currently is structured, having a vested interest in exaggerating the risks of potential changes.
  2. That specific proposal is DOA, even in a Democratically controlled Congress, IMO. The real question, to me, is do we want a President whose inclination is to have his thumb on the scales in favor of corporations (which is the status quo—Corporatism) or in favor of actual people? At this stage, I believe the latter is overdue and would immensely benefit our society.
  3. It isn’t remotely true. If Michael Tracey doesn’t have zero credibility it’s because his coefficient has actually somehow taken on a sharply negative value.
  4. You strongly implied that non-Europeans are both more inherently criminal and less hard working. That’s textbook racism. goodbye
  5. Any questions?
  6. Any non-authoritarian who respects the rule of law and democratic norms and institutions would do. No political litmus test necessary.
  7. Put another way: I worshipped at the altar of shareholder value absolutism for a long time. Eventually I saw enough both up close and taking a macro view of the broader economic trends to realize that I was wrong and that it is fundamentally corrosive to our society in a myriad of ways.
  8. That’s a very long non-answer. i followed the link you provided and read it. I see mostly a whole bunch of proposals which represent a real departure from the way things are now in the US, but not things that were unheard of here in the past or haven’t been tried (some with success) in the Nordic countries and elsewhere. i worked on Wall Street. I worked at a number of hedge funds. I am a free market guy at heart. And I don’t see the proposals, as written, as terrible things for American productivity or the American economy. On the contrary, in fact. The fact they seem SO radical right now is really an indication of how completely out of whack things have gotten over the last few decades. The reality is that the current state of affairs in the US is really the radical thing, relative to both our own history and how things are in our peer countries. Stepping out of the world of hypotheticals, many of these proposals are currently DOA as written. But having a President who isn’t totally beholden to corporations or invested in seeing them continue to consolidate their influence on our economy and political system is worthwhile in itself.
  9. Simple question: Hypothetically Sanders gets the nomination, wins, and gets a Congress that fully implements his vision, with minimal compromise. Does the end state resemble Denmark/Norway, or Cuba/Venezuela?
  10. So you believe your read on his intentions rather than the platform, which are things he has been consistently talking about wanting to do for DECADES. That’s odd and colossally arrogant, but you do you.
  11. Oh. That’s not a rational view that is supportable.
  12. If we were talking about actual Socialism...I’d agree with you. But we aren’t talking about that. And no matter how weird Sanders is about using the word or how steadfast the GOP is in trying to use it against him, wanting to be like Denmark isn’t wanting to be like Cuba, or Venezuela, or the USSR. Nor is it radical.
  13. I am enforcing my own personal spotlighting ban. But the song has real claws, if you know what I mean.
  14. Wow. Planet Claire is great and there is another song on that album that is essential, IMO.