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  1. So yeah, I've been absent for a while, but it doesn't mean that I haven't been working. Oh, and I bring gifts! Seriously, I really, really want one of those.
  2. So Rachel Dolezal, Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Warren, and Eminem are all waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Who gets seated last?
  3. Johnny: I met a black woman today... Audience: How black was she!
  4. Cats are linked with schizophrenia Nothing we didn't already know.
  5. Does Tanner own any apartment buildings in the airport flight path into Milwaukee (where this was taken)?
  6. Tie it to your dog's collar Amateurs
  7. WTF? So you're a cop and you pull over a guy who is acting nervous and twitchy, giving you strange answers and you wouldn't think it's reasonable to search him? No. WTF? "Great police work, Det. Ford. The nervous guy you let go had just robbed a store, killed the owner, and now we can't find him." This is a super ######ed argument. The censored word there begins with an "r", ends with a "d" and has "etarde" in the middle. So in your opinion cops should never be able to search someone during a traffic stop? Not without a search warrant. *or other probable cause.
  8. Instead of equipping all police with body cams, we should equip all black people with them.
  9. I like my coffee like I like my women, white, bitter and getting chillier by the minute.
  10. Did you have a home inspection done? My brother discovered asbestos in his ceilings that his inspector had missed, and he got the inspector to contribute towards remediation costs. Yes but how could the inspector see inside the ceiling? Vaulted, no attic space.Possibly he couldn't, but in my brother's case he'd stuck his head up in the attic and marked that asbestos wasn't present when in fact it was in plain sight doing what he did. Just look at the report and see what it says.