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  1. We did this for the first time with our a golden retriever about a year ago. It was much better for everyone involved. The service also gave us some mementos like a paw print and a hair clipping. I forget the name of the organization, but I thought it was national. We had a sheltie that was deathly afraid of the vet. They gave us a sedative that knocked her out at home, then brought her in for the procedure. That also wasn't terrible for her, though wouldn't work for a large dog like our retriever.
  2. Doesn't Russia own a considerable amount of oil and gas resources in Venezuela? Would they benefit from a regime change, or no?
  3. I thought Amazon was doing this. I'm too lazy to look, but I thought they are investing heavily in their own delivery service. Which includes drones :). Where they'll never be able to match USPS is in rural America.
  4. Good read:
  5. Well, this wouldn't be good.
  6. I've not heard good things about Cornell's wife. The MIL seems a bit unhinged, too.
  7. There was also the whole Stoner Rock thing happening fronted by Kyuss. QOTSA came a bit later, but were also great. There was also some great stuff on the east coast in the early 90s by bands like Prong and Helmet. The Toadies. Local H in Chicago in the mid to late 90s. And then a lot of the metal stuff folks like Sepultura, Slayer and Pantera were doing. And lets not forget Tool. Aenema was a masterpiece. Really a great time to be discovering music.
  8. My favorite story: Courtney Love accused Candlebox of being from LA. She said they just came up to Seattle to get signed. Those guys were actually probably the most Seattle band of anyone. They all went to school in Seattle. Nirvana was from Aberdeen/DC, Screaming Trees from Ellenberg, Cornell was the only guy who grew up in Seattle from Soundgarden. Vedder was from San Diego via Chicago, I think. I think Cantrell was from Oklahoma.
  9. It was also after playing Unforgiven. So maybe he was just (stupidly) tying it to the song?
  10. Yeah. I watched a Hyde Park video a while back. I recall them closing with Slaves and Bulldozers and In My Time of Dying. I think that was from 2012. I think the lack of a suicide note (though I guess I don't know what he actually said to his wife on the phone, maybe that was it) the idea that Ativan led to this makes sense. It's pretty consistent with everything - being in a fog at the show, taking two more when he came back and killing himself pretty much immediately after that. By the way, I'm nearly done with this book: Just a phenomenal oral history of the Seattle scene by the people in it. Someone here needs to write one of these for @Evilgrin 72.
  11. Agreed. His story is just such a fascinating one. High school dropout starts a band that creates a movement that changes the face of rock music. And yet, somehow he's the same old rock cliche to a large degree. The capitalist machine chewed him up and spit him out.
  12. Some more detail from the police report.
  13. I'm not a big label guy, but I've always thought of Soundgarden as slowed down punk. At least the early stuff. Which I know is strange. You speed some of those songs up and they're punk, not metal. And they had more of an anti-metal worldview. What do you guys think of Cornell's career? He kind of became the guy that scene didn't like. The guy that was in it for the money. Became a fashion model. Lived in Paris, Miami, LA. Turned his back on Seattle, it seemed. Worked with Timbaland. My younger self would have called him a sellout. Old me thinks he was just a worker who loved creating music. I'm glad he went that route rather than the Layne Staley route of basically doing nothing for six years.
  14. I haven't seen anything. My impression is those two were close in the early years. I'm guessing it hit him pretty hard. Ament too. I remember Cornell said in an interview about how after Wood died, he and Ament would go biking in the dark together. Said it was one of the things he remembers fondly about that time. Interesting how a lot of that scene broke into cliques based on the Green River breakup. Cornell was closer to Ament and Gossard. Cobain to Mark Arm, which influenced his opinion of Pearl Jam. And then AIC. I've heard they weren't really a part of the scene. I've heard Cornell say they were doing their glam rock thing in the suburbs and saw what was going on and incorporated some of the scene's elements.
  15. My question is more around the mass marketing/distribution. That infrastructure is pretty much gone, isn't it? Like bands don't get signed to giant record deals and then get promoted like they did pre-internet. Fragmentation might play a role, too? It's easy to find music. So people are less likely to congregate around a few bands? My other theory (and I may also sound old) - kids have a lot more to do today. Like, when I was a kid in the 80s, I got like 3 tv channels. No Internet. No social media. Just seemed easier to devote hours to learning to play an instrument. So bands just aren't as good as a result.