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  1. He does like to hear himself speak. But he's actually a really great listener. If I was going to have a conversation about my issues with a Senator, he'd be high on my list of Senators to talk to.
  2. Starbucks getting some great product placement. Whitehouse should investigate.
  3. How is this relevant? She was exposed to multiple positive people, no? Doesn't that require quarantine regardless of test results? I hate to keep bringing up New Zealand, but that exposure would mean a quarantine in New Zealand. The exposure is the event. Not the positive test.
  4. New Zealand disagrees with your assessment. I live in a state roughly with the same population as NZ. My state has had more deaths than NZ has had infections. But I do agree with you. If he did what NZ did, he would be called names. Mostly by his own party.
  5. I found this article enlightening re: Mark Meadows and his off the record comments.
  6. Sounds like the reply to my contact tracing in NZ is yes, they've got a plan: "First, it's now mandatory for any business or service to prominently display a QR code for the country's NZ Covid Tracer smartphone app at all entry points. That will enable Kiwis to use the app to scan the QR code and log the businesses they visit, making it easy for contact tracers to notify people of any possible exposures. "The ability to contact trace is one of the key tools we have to find new cases and get them in isolation to avoid future lockdowns," Ardern said. "Using the app is a big investment in keeping our businesses and economy open." The prime minister said that more than 100,000 people had download the app the previous night." Also interesting - one theory on how it got back in to NZ: "More than 200 contacts of the new cases had been identified, mostly at two workplaces where the individuals who tested positive are employed. One is Americold, a cool storage facility in Auckland. That facility has been swabbed for the virus to investigate the possibility that the virus could have arrived in New Zealand via refrigerated freight." Ah, the irony: Americold.
  7. I know this is probably tiring for you, but I just need to point out one more thing: 1. New Zealand shut down a lot more drastically than we did. At least where I am. 2. They eradicated community spread for three months. 3. Their economy seems much better off than ours long-term judging by unemployment numbers, because they've had no restrictions for three months. Like, right now, my child will be going to school 4 hours a day, two days a week when school returns. There's a mask mandate. New Zealand had none of that. And it was because they eradicated community spread before opening up again. And because they shutdown early. And they're lucky, quite honestly, to be a relatively small island nation. That's where you and I differ. I think New Zealand's plan has been a huge success. You keep saying it hasn't "fixed" anything. Fine, but it fixed it for 3 months. Much longer than any place here has. Where you and I (I assume) agree - I don't think we can do that in the US. For lots and lots of reasons. But none of them are because what New Zealand did won't work if applied to the US. And FYI - you may be proven right on New Zealand not being a fix. Sounds like they've had someone in a school test positive. So I'd expect they're probably dealing with up to three digits of cases right now and may not even know it. The question: Did they use their time to build great contact tracing to limit the lockdown to only affected people? Or are they going to have to go back to another longer national lockdown?
  8. Not to pile on, but I'm piling on. New Zealand did go on lockdown earlier. I believe it started in late March. That was a level 4 lockdown - see my link above as to what that meant. It was draconian - and effective. They eradicated community spread. For three months. This recent lockdown will last a couple days (story I saw yesterday said the end of the week) in Auckland (although potentially more wide ranging - I saw one of the infected visited tourist sites in Rotorua). It's level 3, which is less draconian than the initial one and obviously shorter. I guess we could argue whether the US could be as effective. That's valid and based more on leadership and values (NZ as a whole cares more about society as a whole than individual freedom). But I don't get how you can argue that what NZ did and is doing can't work. It's been proven to work.
  9. I was curious about the business impact. Sounds like their unemployment in the second quarter actually DROPPED. It's at 4%. Now some of that is based on the way the survey is performed. Their underutilization rate went up by 1.2% to 12% and hours worked were down 9ish% year over year, so there is pain in the economy. But the scale seems less than here. Crazy: very few infections, relatively smaller economic impact.
  10. Also, my understanding is level 3 in Auckland is only for a couple days... So they can do contact tracing on the positives. Overall, just a great, coordinated response once again by a country that's knocking this out of the park. I bet their businesses haven't suffered nearly as much damage as ours because they aggressively locked down, bent the curve and then opened up. Now it's just a matter of isolated cases that are easier to track and slow the spread. I think twenty people have died there. They have roughly the same population as the state I'm in. We've had 1200ish deaths. Disclosure: My wife is a Kiwi. I'm biased.
  11. They didn't lockdown the country. Auckland is level 3. The country is level 2. Here's what that means: I don't think level 2 even requires masks.
  12. Let the man have a break!!!!
  13. "Rudeness? Rudeness is on the other side."
  14. Barr blaming Obama for testing failures?