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  1. I’ve always assumed it’s due to political expediency.
  2. A Very Brady Sequel
  3. Do it, if the financials work out.
  4. without looking - wyoming?
  5. Awans
  6. other people click on his links, imo
  7. So my old man brought home an Apple 2e and said, "You kids should learn how to program. This is going to be big in the future." So I spent a couple of days programming, and managed to make a line move across the screen and back. And thought, "What a ####### waste of time."
  8. BTW, have been in the mountains on a hot day when the rocks are just rolling down, and it's ####ed up.
  9. alright, I'm going to bed soon, won't wait for the next couple of parts, but I'm in. Please quote this when you continue the story so I know to check in. Or just pm me.
  10. I've put a lot of libs on ignore for this very reason. Well, that, plus some of them are pretty annoying as well.
  11. That was exceptionally classless, even for this administration. I'd put that right up with the infamous "alternative facts" comment.
  12. Get a cat.
  13. Anyone else do scavenger hunts? There was one I participated in where the list included the flashing blue light at KMart, a McDonalds flag, and an airport windsock. And I was like, "Don't worry boys, I got that last one."
  14. We climbed the fence at the airport, laid in the grass at the end of the runway, and smoked pot and drank beer as the planes came in low over our heads. Wearing camis, of course. Jesus we'd get thrown in the clink if we tried that now, if we weren't just shot on sight.