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  1. Perhaps you could elaborate on these vote harvesting schemes. Also, “surrogates”.
  2. To be fair, most of what she said wasn’t outright lies.
  3. This is dangerous, and the libs threatening to pack SCOTUS is dangerous, and it'd be great if you focused on the topic at hand rather than whataboutismed.
  4. "Hot for Teacher" is my favorite track, although that might be influenced by the video...
  5. No way in hell do I ever respond to any discussion about my neighbor’s kids’ birth control choices. But that’s just me...
  6. I hope this election is the consequence. That’s all I got.
  7. Look, I agree Obama and Garland were unfairly screwed, I despise McConnell for doing so, and I’m definitely voting for Biden. That said, Biden packs the court, and I’m out. That would be worse than Trump at his Trumpiest.
  8. Wait, you’re claiming that filling an empty seat on SCOTUS is a “naked power grab”, and that adding 4 additional justices to the court can be slid through under “judicial reform”? Wow.
  9. Sure. Any party that packs the Court is going to get roasted in the next election, so go ahead.