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  1. The Future Champs

    What will current Trump supporters think about him in 20 years?

    Bathrooms everywhere. "Trump Tower" going to have a whole new meaning in a few years.
  2. Good point. Done and done. We made plastic grocery bags illegal years ago. Zing!
  3. The Future Champs

    Jamal Khashoggi - Disappearance/Possible Murder

    1. Quit making excuses for the Saudis? Just spitballing here.
  4. The Future Champs


    not a bad year for me. three days/ two nights on the Olympic coast past Rialto ‘three days/two nights in the south fork of the hoh went up colonel bob on the west side of the olympics ozette loop three days/two nights cascade pass to stehekin and back carbon glacier day hike -meant to go to Yellowstone cliffs, but got started late (this is an ongoing problem) baker river/sulphide creek day hike necklace valley day hike five days in glacier peak wilderness- with a loop in on PCT, followed by a traverse of lime ridge. Last day/night were unplanned, due to route finding complications. day drip to orcas with tromp around Moran park- great one for out of town guests who aren’t up for big mts loop hike around skyline mt at Stevens pass quick day hike to swim at lake lichtenwasser
  5. The Future Champs

    Jamal Khashoggi - Disappearance/Possible Murder

    Need I remind you that Obama liked his hamburgers with Dijon mustard?
  6. 10/3/18 Goalposts dismantled and put in long term storage. Trumpkins proclaim victory.
  7. The Future Champs

    Houston at Indianapolis

    What a disaster
  8. The Future Champs

    Let's Talk Penn State Football

    I’ve always kinda hated Ohio State. I think it’s the “The” that really pisses me off.
  9. The Future Champs

    Talking points are out: credibly accused

    I’ve had squis on “ignore” for years. Try it sometime. It’s very refreshing.
  10. The Future Champs


    : gb
  11. The Future Champs


    This stuff is like crack for #######.
  12. The Future Champs

    Hurricane Flo....TRUMP DID IT!

    So, if you're walking down the street, and there's a person on the corner holding up a sign and yelling about some political/religious BS, do you stop to argue with him? Of course not. And if you pass by that person without comment, why do you feel the need to debate the same type of person in this forum?
  13. The Future Champs

    The Republican party is in a death spiral...

    Ever wonder why your boy keeps claiming to have won the popular vote, while his supporters in here have made the same claim repeatedly?
  14. The Future Champs

    The Trump Years

    $28 per head, Trump fans representing!
  15. Now if we could only get rid of his alias'.