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  1. Oh come on, the whole thread is a fishing trip.
  2. Probably true. I've disliked him since he first showed up in the media in the 80s. It had nothing to do with politics back then.
  3. “How can you tell when a woman has an orgasm?” “Who cares?” Well, it’s funnier in mixed company.
  4. I think it’s some sort of mental/verbal judo thing.
  5. That is sad. That said, in regards to the former, I think it’s unfortunate, and I hope no harm comes to those involved, but I reserve my sadness for others. Functioning capable adults who deliberately make choices that aren’t in their best financial interests might actually want those outcomes.
  6. When you make a case that Cable is responsible for those draft picks I'll allow the point. Until that time I'll assume the GM and head office bears that responsibility.
  7. Not Cable's fault.
  8. Your best case scenario is that Trump routinely mocks people by mocking a physical disability, and that this wasn’t done as a specific attack on a person suffering from that disability. Well done.
  9. Team B, but it's a reasonable trade. Reason:. Hopkins is more than a 1.01, and the rest of the trade isn't quite enough to make up for that gap.
  10. Can't believe they fired Cable. Would like to know what the full story was there.
  11. There’s 1.5 trillion in debt b/c a lot of people have taken out large loans that have long amortization’s with favorable interest rates and little financial incentive to pay the loan off early. It has nothing to do with the average income of the debtors. Happy to help.
  12. We're not socialistic. College educations pay far more than high school educations, on average. Basically nothing about that point is true. Other than that, it's a great point.
  13. And credit card debt, amirite?
  14. I’m just going to ignore the whole thing and hope it goes away.