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  1. Now departing on platform 4, The Schadenfreude Express.
  2. Oh, guess I misunderstood the implication. Well, if she’s actually a guy in drag, that would explain the horrible makeup and awful fashion choices.
  3. And what, exactly, do you mean by that?
  4. Lolz. As the GOPers on the HSCI recommends making witchcraft legal.
  5. B/c students don’t price shop, as expensive colleges = prestige; colleges are money making machines, and they hide some of their vast profits in real estate acquisitions; and don’t even get me started on the text book scam.
  6. I wasn’t taking a decreased amount of $ for loans into the equation. I suspect tuition wouldn’t go down, although financial aid from schools might increase in order to maintain enrollment levels.
  7. Hmmm, I should have googled instead of posting that.
  8. I think this needs a time frame. I don’t there’s any chance of a hot war with China for several years, as there’s no way we get involved in a land war in Asia (I hope), and China’s navy is still a coastal force. Check back in on this once China has built up its blue water navy.
  9. I think if loans could be discharged, tuition would go up.
  10. Would anyone here lend money to a student if the debt could be discharged via bankruptcy?
  11. I thought medical debt can’t be discharged by bankruptcy.
  12. "Poor woman"? Not a chance. She'll walk away from this train wreck far better off, mentally and financially, than most of the other major players.