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  1. So, compared to Donald Trump and the Russia investigation, they found a great big nothingburger.
  2. Yer Paul hating ways are well know in this region. Don't be pandering to us.
  3. The deficit boom is due to the tax reform that was passed entirely by the GOP. The investigations have not been useless. But keep trolling.
  4. Trump isn’t involved with this story, but I can’t think of a better thread to post it in: Republican lawmakers wear pearls to mock victims of gun violence. Disgusting behavior
  5. And to flesh this out a little further: Trump defenders keep pointing to the Dems paying Steele for the dossier as evidence that both sides are equally compromised. There are plenty of arguments to refute that position, but even if it is correct, we know exactly what the quid pro quo is in this case: $ for info. In Trumps case, what do you think the Russians wanted in return for info? Obviously they wanted something, or else they would have just passed the info along, no meetings needed. I'm going to guess that it wasn't $. And that folks, is what we call treason.
  6. Trolling you guys floats his boat, obviously. Pointless, yes, but he’s successful.
  7. There's a lot of people on the conservative side who idealize themselves as righteous victims, and the right wing media plays to that.
  8. I'm against cars/trucks/SUVs that don't deliver what I want. I emphasize gas mileage, reliability, and overall low operating costs per mile, while still allowing for something that's ready for a long drive up ####ty logging roads. Jeeps score poorly on the first half of that equation, mostly b/c they're overbuilt for the second half.
  9. You're the one who (skeptically) asked for the example. I would guess that you'd forgotten the mail bomb incident long ago, if it ever registered at all. That said, the leftie shooting GOPers on the ballfield was awful. But overall, righties account for about 90% of the leftie/rightie murders in the USA.