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  1. Lolz. This is how Bills fans act when their team is sitting at 5-7.
  2. Never thought of this. Kinda interesting idea.
  3. War and regime change often result in rapid promotions. I'm OK with it. Plus, Sam did far more than any Maester to help the winning side.
  4. I think you’ll be hearing about Biden/Ukraine for as long as Biden is a Democratic front runner. It’s going to be the new Uranium One.
  5. Well, that's because this board has a built in liberal bias.
  6. You're continuing to dodge the question. You kinda somewhat acknowledged that yes maybe the four celled embryo doesn't have self awareness, but for some reason you haven't outright stated it.
  7. No, it isn't rhetorical in the pro-life/pro-choice debate.
  8. Sorry, you're correct, that was fish. You did dodge the question though.