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  1. Remember when you guys got all outraged about tan suits, mustard, and BENGHAZI??!!?! Yeah, just add this to that list.
  2. I’m voting Biden, and I already think the Democrats should rethink the direction of their party. Consider that, from their perspective, they’re up against the worst POTUS in modern history, in the midst of national crisis and looming economic depression, exacerbated by an almost comic ineptitude from said POTUS; yet still, their candidate, deliberately chosen for his electability, could lose the election. Dems should kick the identity politics and cancel culture to the curb. It’s almost as toxic as the white nationalism.
  3. If Trump goes down in flames Nov. 3rd, will you learn anything? MAGAers have loved him for being an antagonistic #######, whilst simultaneously bemoaning the fact that a majority of Americans despise him. Ya, Biden is an empty vessel of a politician, but he’s crushing this election.
  4. I think it’s great that MAGAers are getting ready for 8 years of outrage over Biden.
  5. I’m not paying jack for Bell, unless I’m in a win now window. He’s 28, has had a poisonous relationship with his only two teams, and looked mediocre with the Jets. That said, he could pay off this year.
  6. This is where I am right now. I’ve got JJefferson, Hardman, and shenault to pick between for that 3rd WR slot, and I’m heavily favored in this weeks matchup. I’ll play it safe this time. Otherwise, very optimistic on long term prospects.
  7. Anyways, my original reply was poorly thought out. Your points are valid. :signed: thatguythatwasneveraBellfan:
  8. The name of professional sports is "Profit", and different franchises choose different paths to the promised land.
  9. Bell knew in advance he was signing with a ####show of a franchise, and he did it anyways, b/c he wanted the best possible $ contract to show the Steelers off. Why would anyone give a #### about him?
  10. He can't eradicate coronavirus, but he can lie and promise that he will. He doesn't give a #### about not following up on his promises post election.
  11. Thought about this some more. How about coming up with a predetermined score for each starting position, based on the median average seen so far this year, and then (maybe) devaluing the score slightly? Owners automatically get the points if they leave a starting spot open. The goal is to keep owners from getting totally screwed, while at the same time keeping working the WW as an integral part of the game.
  12. Check your weekly scoring histories; it’s possible that the waiver pool is the best play for several positions. With 12 teams/17 total players I’d expect a lot of kickers, D/STs, and QBs on the WW, and probably a lot of mediocre starting TEs. I’d take the best ball results from that group any day. In short, your solution might be too generous.
  13. And that someone would be named "Donald", yes?
  14. Not quite as outrageous as Obama putting mustard on a hamburger.
  15. This raises the possibility that players could score twice in the same week. Oof.
  16. Diontae instead of Freeman would be a significant upgrade, and yes, Ertz still has some value, and I do think this is his last year in Philly.
  17. Ertz and Freeman for a 1st is a bull#### offer. Give Queen plenty of time to figure it out. Maybe the time is spent on your bench, but nevertheless...
  18. Perhaps you could elaborate on these vote harvesting schemes. Also, “surrogates”.