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  1. I believe the distribution plan will be up to each state. WI published a list similar to the list Leroy Jenkins posted above That article also says the CDC has slated 47k vaccines for Wisconsin the first week. I don't know why, but I thought it would be more. Seems paltry for a state that is blowing the freak up right now.
  2. Good point. Early on my sister was convinced she had covid last year after she returned from San Francisco in late October. I told her that really didn't line up with the timing, but I wasn't totally dismissive because who the heck knows anyway. Even with this news, I find it incredibly unlikely that she got it last year. She ended up getting a confirmed case last month, so for the sake of argument, I wouldn't think anything you had last year gives you a free pass now, because it probably wasn't covid, and if it was we don't know if the immunity lasts over a year in most people
  3. Info on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine Interesting that the half dose + full dose 4 weeks later was better than two full doses. The half dose/full dose was 90% effective, compared to 62% of two full doses. Also, this one needs no special treatment as far as refrigeration and is supposed to be a cheap price per dose. This one looks like a good one for world wide distribution without the logistics difficulties of the other two vaccine candidates.