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  1. I agree this seems fishy. First off, they don't really say it was 200k in cash. I mean did this dude seriously walk into the bank and walk out with 200k in 100 dollar bills or something? Or was it a cashiers check? Banks don't have 200k in the vault. I remember last time I bought a used car with cash the bank told me I need to call in advance to withdraw anything over 5000 or they might not be able to do it. So I guess an unscrupulous teller could have tipped someone off. It's funny, walking around with just a few K is almost surreal. You get the feeling that everyone knows you are carrying a load of cash, it's really unsettling. I can't imagine what it would be like with 200k. Bottom line here is there are a lot of unanswered questions that make this seem like BS. Would like to know more details before I'd buy this story.
  2. Been a long time since I looked into this but I'm pretty sure they do not give you a full normal capacity cartridge with a new printer, IIRC they are 1/2 capacity.
  3. CDC is really using some out of the box thinking on that one. I thought it might be something like having a heat wave forces everyone inside, and no one can open the windows because it's so freaking hot out. Maybe that leads to higher ambient covid level indoors which would facilitate more virus spread. It never occurred to me that all these northern states, which are in greater control of the outbreak, are selectively having disease ridden vacationers strategically head south and infect those states instead. damn yankees
  4. It's really cool to hear the different parts isolated like that. That part where Delp harmonizes a high note (she slipped away) with the guitar, part of me always heard that and just thought wtf his voice turned into a guitar at the end...
  5. Even if we accept this scenario on face value, that doctor has made all kinds of ridiculous leaps with virtually no evidence. Kiss herd immunity goodbye, vaccines will be useless, oh and this thing is like dengue fever it's going to be worse the second time you get it. Sample size of one. Very scary if true, but I'm going to want a little more evidence before I buy into this one.
  6. I agree that in most cases it's likely debt spending. All these things can be financed. But I've also been surprised by the number of people I've met who had some sort of financial windfall - be it inheritance, injury settlement, sold a business, stocks, real estate. The most frequent is inheritance. For example, I have a brother in law who is slated to inherit something like a million dollars and when that happens he'll be buying a boat and a place on a lake. He's a windows installer. You just never know.
  7. New form of coronavirus spreads faster, but doesn't make people sicker, new study says From CNN’s Maggie Fox
  8. On wiki is said there was an unusual reason the more deadly version became more prevalent. There was a war going on and when soldiers got sick in the trenches, the ones who were only a little sick stayed in the trenches. The ones who were very ill went to the hospitals and then spread that form of the virus on a wide scale. Who knows what a second wave of this will be like, but at least we don't have that going on.
  9. Took some profit on LUV. Feeling really arrogant now. Thanks footballguys.
  10. On youtube I saw a giraffe survive an attack by 5 lions. One of the lions was on the giraffe's back and gnawing on the back of it's neck. There was also a lion on each of it's back legs. It still got away. In all likelihood the biggest injury a person could inflict is a minor flesh wound that gets an infection a few days later, or maybe the giraffe pulls a leg muscle as it kicks your face off. Still taking my chances with the giraffe over a gorilla.
  11. I recall you posting about the inconclusive test. That is pretty nuts and again shows how hard it is to get a handle on the actual numbers. Hope your wife doesn't have any long lasting impacts from it and that it's all just good news having it in the rear view mirror.
  12. Anyone using the neti pot, you are definitely supposed to use distilled water or boil the water first. If you google neti pot boiled water you can find an article on a brain eating amoeba that killed a woman. As if this thread weren't frightening enough. She was using regular (non-boiled) tap water in her neti pot.
  13. Went to Fleet Farm yesterday. About 30% of folks were wearing masks. As I was leaving there was a dude going in wearing a cloak and a full Kylo Ren mask. What was he thinking? Yesterday was just May the 3rd.
  14. I hear what your saying and I think that's a good take, CM. People say stuff like that but then everyone losses their minds when their team ignores need and drafts the BPA. It's practically impossible to know who the true BPA is once you get out of the top few picks, it takes a while before you can look back and determine that. It takes no time at all to line up your teams needs and note that they've been ignored. I hope your right. On the face of it, this one looks bad, but this is pretty much what a BPA draft should look like. I don't like how this draft turned out so far, but I'm not starting up the fire Gutekunst website either.
  15. I am pretty sure this is right. The Packers were definitely not the caliber a 13-3 team by most measures. What they did successfully was win all the close games. It was really amazing how at the end of the game they were able to make make a stop or run out the clock every single time. Great teams dominate. The Packers dominated, what, one team last year? I think most every Packer fan intuitively knew this team was much worse than their record. I recall ZERO coworkers, friends or relatives thinking the Packers were going to go the the Championship game, that's because it was obvious to even casual fans that they weren't a great team. Surprising how 4-5 months later everyone acts like these guys were one piece away from a title.