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  1. Few spots open in Auction Fantasy baseball league. Most of the guys have been together for 12 years. PM or email at Entry fee is $150 - Online auction(CBS)$26030 players13 offensive players(C,1b,3b,CI,2b,SS,MI,OF,OF, OF, OF, UT, UT)9 pitchers,7 bench 1 Minor Leaguer- CONTRACT RULES: A player obtained at auction may be kept at the bid price for 2 seasons. Following the second season, the owner must decide whether to extend that player for 2 more seasons at a $5 increase, or option the player for one more season at the same price, after which time the player would go back into the player pool. If the player is extended, the owner may choose after the fourth season to keep the player for one more year at a $5 increase, or place the player back into the pool. No player will be kept longer than 5 years. - -*Please note Minor League Bench spot doesn’t count against cap until he is activated. Once activated the player will be hit with a $5 salary tag that goes against your cap.- FAAB waivers will run every Friday and Sunday night during the season at approximately midnight. Each owner will have a $100 free agent spending cap. - All players obtained via FAAB waivers in season, prior to 7/31, are contracted at the price for which they were obtained and subjected to the contract rules as outlined above. Players obtained after 7/31 may not be kept beyond that season. - Scoring is traditional 5X5: BA, HR, R, RBI, SB / ERA, K, S, W, WHIP - Daily lineups, there are no position games-played limits, scoring periods are Monday through Sunday. - As of 2017 season, there is a 1400 innings pitched limit. - Player position eligibility is 10 games during previous season or 5 games during current season. - Trade deadline is 07/31. - Teams will keep 9 players each season. For players that are eligible, owner will declare "option" or "extend," as per the contract rules. Keeper due date will be provided by the commissioner and is based on the date of the auction. - At auction and preseason, a salary cap of $260- will be enforced - In season, a salary cap of $300- will be enforced. The initial waiver run (the Friday before the season) is considered "in season" and has the extended cap.
  2. Sig, 12 team PPR Lg: Charles-Foster owner here but playoff bound. Would u drop one of Andrews-M.Jones-Bradshaw- for RB James White ROS-Playoffs? As far as week 12 goes which two would your start of those 4? West owner who doesn't have Ware? Thanks
  3. I have always liked this band. This song I just started hearing on the radio and has a very simple but unique Acoustic sound. I could see this being a staple for weddings
  4. Did you lose a bet? LOL actually, I really like them. Color me a wuss. Wife and I saw them 3 times this summer. I'm actually going to see them next Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing them as they are Co-Headlinging this summer with the Goo Goo Dolls. I know both of these bands are know for the sappy radio hits but I can speak for the GGD's that they put on a good show. One of the best summers show's I saw was back in 2004 and it involved the GGD's. They played in the worst rainstorm buffalo had in 50 years and never left the stage once even with lighting all around the steps of city hall. I was standing in knee deep of water because the sewer systems go clogged up with rain/trash. Unreal concert and was third row. Mad rain storm
  5. I was a huge Bo Jackson fan and told Santa I wanted Bo Jackson sneaks or Air Jordan's for Christmas. Being 8 or 9 years old couldn't wait to for christmas because Santa was pretty good to me previous years. So I go to open up my new sneaks to find out that Santa brought me something better thatn Bo Trainers or Air Jordan's. What could it be?How bout Jordache sneakers. My dad must of saw the sadness in my face and tried to sell me on the idea tha Michael Jordan owned Jordache sneakers. I bought the story and the next day a few kids were picking on me because I retold that same story. When I got home I did what any 9 year old kid would do by hiding the sneakers. My Mom and Dad looked everywhere for them and new that I did something with them but I never gave it up. The story ended with my dad coughing up the money and buying me the Bo Trainers. I was the cool kid at school the next day as I was the only 3rd grader that had them.Fast fwd to the following summer.....My Dad found those very same Jordace sneakers from K-Mart in the Barbecue Grill under charcoal.
  6. Philly got the better deal but Arizona did not bid against itself. Philly did not have to trade Kolb, they already paid him majority of his contract and they didn't have to trade him if they did not get the right deal. Odds are Vick does not play all 16 games and will get beat up at times this year. Eagles know that and will make sure they get a viable QB that will have to step in for a few games.
  7. Variety is reporting that Twentieth Century Fox Television has made syndication deals with local stations in several national markets. A separate deal for cable-exclusive rights will be decided in the coming months. Though Mother’s ratings have never been outstanding, the series is very attractive in the syndication market for a couple reasons. The audience typically skews younger and there aren’t too many sitcoms that will be offered in syndication in the near future. Though sitcoms aren’t in big demand in network primetime, they’re a big hit in syndication. Though it’s nice that fans will be able to see the show five days a week, the great news becomes apparent when you read the “fine print” of the syndication agreements. Mother’s four-year syndication contract stipulates that the studio will deliver 110 half-hour episodes in the year 2010. At the end of the fourth season (which kicks off on Monday), only 90 episodes will have been produced. That means that, under the syndication deal, the studio is obligated to deliver at least 20 more episodes, ensuring Mother will get a fifth season. The profitable syndication market has come into play several times over the past couple years. Though their ratings are good networks are looking for great. ABC’s Scrubs and According to Jim were both renewed because they’re big moneymakers in syndication. This scenario will push Mother past the fifth season. If the show goes for additional years, the local station contracts will be extended, ensuring the studio boatloads of more cash. CBS doesn’t own Mother so there’s no guarantee that the network will renew the series next Spring. However, since Twentieth Century Fox Television is committed to making more episodes, they may give CBS a good deal on season five. If CBS doesn’t want it, the show could switch networks and would likely move over to the FOX network, a corporate sister of Twentieth Century Fox Television. One way or the other, it looks like a sitcom that’s always been on the bubble is finally going to get a welcome bit of security. Stay tuned!
  8. I really starting watching this show from season 2 on and my wife and I are hooked. After doing some googling there seems to be sometype of "tracy theory" being the wife of Ted Mosby. I dont' recall her and tried doing some youtubing to find a clip but no luck. Any one aware of this theory? Sorry I didn't read the past 12 pages so if its in there I apologize. Episode was pretty good and the season finale next week is called "the leap" Trying to read between the lines but I know it has something to do with ted's 31st birthday.
  9. bump I curious for those that have this in 09 whats the pro's and con's. Thinking about getting this today so I can watch the games on my computer. Its half the price of MLB innings and being a Marlins fan in PA im considering this. any helf greatly appreciated....
  10. If she was mentioned I apologize, Laura Linney
  11. I went there about 3 years ago with my now wife. We spent 7 days at the all star movies resort in disney, airfare, and meal plan, plus unlimited use of all the parks it ran about 1400 dollors. You must be a big spender. I prb spent a few more hundred on a few resturants that wern't involved in the meal plan and gifts for family.