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  1. 40yo Album I was now starting to investigate scandanavian music more and more. This band first impressed me with their debut album Melody AM. A wonderful piece of work that was part genius, part experimental and all class. The follow up “The Understanding” had more vocals than its predecessor and was more traditional in its format. It was good, but missing something. The third studio album was a good mix of the two. With the band coming to London for a venue coinciding with me being there i had to go. It was one of favourite concerts ever. Robyn joined the band on stage for several tracks and the crowd loved every minute. The highlight was the whole crowd singing the opening track here. 40yo Album - Royksopp - Junior Happy Up Here The girl and the robot featuring Robyn This must be it feat Karin Dreijer Royksopp Forever You dont have a clue
  2. 40 yo song I so loved the first album by this band, but couldnt pick that over Interpols. Second album was good, but by the time the third one came around I was looking for more and different things. This song however was what you call a grower. Nice and a little strange at first, but the more i heard it the better it got. Once you get the weird Hunter S Thompson tributed lyric out of your mind its a much better track. Still gets better each time to this day. 40yo song - The Killers - Human
  3. 35yo Album After the Strokes turned the light on I was looking for new artists. By this stage i was posting here and participating in music threads. I cant remember who mention this band, but something about it made me curious. Proceeded to give it a whirl and wow, it knocked me out. Something that is now safely ensconced in my top 10 albums. The mood is dark, the songs atmospheric and its an album without a weak track. A joy from start to finish. 35yo Album - Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights NYC Roland Obstacle 1 Stella was a diver and she was always down
  4. 35yo Song 3 kids in four years and i was a zombie. Looking for an escape i couldnt help but recall a buzz band of the previous year and their song Last Nite. Thought it was good, but then i heard this song. I was back in love with music. Got the album and was glad 80s new wave was back in vogue. This is a well constructed song and Julian Casablancas is such an odd character. Could listen to this all day 35yo song - The Strokes - The Modern Age
  5. 30yo Album This was an interesting period of my life. I was getting over the malaise of my 20s, accepting who i was, falling in love with Mrs JML and moving continents. I didnt have that much time for music. One of the magazines in my rotation at the time had a free cd sampler of the latest comedy albums. One artist stuck out like a sore thumb. His timing, anger and material were like an atom bomb. I found out that this release was him knowing he was dying of pancreatic cancer at the time. The release of the album was held up for several years with all kinds of issues. By the time i could get hold of it I had turned 30 and it was breathtaking. Some of it doesnt hold up well, but the work was of a man in a hurry to say something. His evisceration of Rush Limbaugh was particularly brutal. 30yo Album - Bill Hicks - Rant in E Minor
  6. 30yo song. i was really torn here. I so wanted to pick the amazing Da Funk by Daft Funk, but the other choice is simply generational. The artist is iconic, the song is a masterclass of pop writing full of hooks, key changes and performed to perfection. The wonderful Robyn had a very similar song written by Max Martin as well called Show me Love the year before and this follows on a very similar path. Its just better. Pop simply doesnt get better than this. 30yo song - Britney Spears - (Hit me) Baby one more time
  7. Age 25 Album Funny how Eephus picked the Oasis album for his pick in this decade. I clearly fell on the main rival to that band. I was struggling to find an artist to latch onto during this time and this was like a gift from the gods. Cheeky, wildly different musical styles and truly capturing the zietgeist of london at the time. Oasis were northern yobs who listened to Beatles albums one too many times before writing their own stuff. Liam Gallagher was particularly odious. Anyway, this album is like a greatest hits compilation. A couple of duds that dont hold up, but ambition needs to fail occasionally Age 25 Album - Blur - Parklife Girls and Boys Parklife To the End Bank Holiday
  8. You should read an interview with Billy Idol where he talks about this song. He loathes it. After declining another Keith Forsey song, “Dont you forget about me” which became a number one smash (funnily enough Simple Minds hate that song too ), he felt he had to do Cradle of Love, but all his grunts and wooos are his rebellion at having to do the song.
  9. Yep. Robbie Williams was huge, especially in the UK. He was in the equally huge boyband Take That before being kicked out. He struggled as a solo artist until the song Angels went massive. I always struggled with why he was so successful. The production was average and the songwriting bland, but he was lapped up like a god. I always think of him and Alan Parsons Project when i think of artists who should have been massive, but there was just something missing.
  10. 25yo JML was a bit of an angry young man. The optimism of early life soon was blinkered by the reality of a ####ty job, parental failures and generally whining at anyone and everyone who had failed me. Of course reality would eventually tell me soon enough that im an adult and responsible for my own choices, but for now...#### you, feck you and pharque you. At first I heard this song without the refrain on the chart shows. Wondered what all the fuss was about. As soon as i heard the full version, I understood. Perfect song for me to unleash my fury on 25yo song - Rage against the Machine - Killing in the name
  11. 20yo me was an explorer. I used to travel to Sydney every second weekend, 3 hours away by train. Most of the time to hit the record shops, see concerts and watch some indie movies. Occasionally to see the seedier sites lol. Most of the time by myself, but occasionally with company. Sydney had two major import record shops. Metropolis, which was mainly importing from the UK and Red Eye Records which imported from the USA. There were others, but these were the big ones. Ed at Metropolis would have stuff for me all the time. Id give him a list of artists id want the newest releases from and he would get em. One day when strolling into Red Eye i heard this amazing sound. The intro to Love and Rockets song It Could be Sunshine blasted into the opening riff and i thought what the #### is this? I stayed and listened to the whole album mesmerized. Bought a vinyl version on import straight away. Express was a dazzling album that i wouldnt stop playing. When i heard a new one was coming i got pretty revved up. Got it as soon as i could get my hands on a copy. Shared it with all liked minded people who to a person loved this band. Of course they didnt chart in Australia until So Alive in the next year or 2. At the time this album was fantastic. I still play Express all the time as it holds up well. This one not so much. I gave it a spin in the last day or two and was heavily disappointed, but at age 20 it was the best 20yo Album - Love and Rockets - Earth, Sun, Moon Mirror People No New Tale to Tell The Light Everybody wants to go to Heaven
  12. Who gives a #### about an oxford comma? I love this album. So strange, quirky and catchy. Guess my 40 year old album has one less option.
  13. It seems like Neil Finn can write songs like this in his sleep. An amazing songwriter.
  14. This is such a beautiful album and a complete surprise. I was a fan of Michaels songwriting chops and his ability to do different genres, but this blew me away. Cowboys and Angels is such a lovely song