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  1. For all we know, Myles could have used a racial slur against Rudolph causing him to go off and start tearing at Garretts helmet. 100% equally likely and possibly even more so given Garretts post game MAGA cracker comments. The fact one guy tried to decapitate the other guy does not in any way implicate that the decapitee was rascist, and the decapitator has lots of reasons to make stories up to defend his indefensible actions.
  2. I like Bilal Nichols in CHI in deeper leagues. Leonard Williams may get more 4-3 snaps which could push his numbers up. Carl Lawson is still a favorite of mine and should draw single coverage opposite Dunlap
  3. The talk of the automated strike zone definitely continues and actually increases every season it becomes more feasible. Color me in the camp of doing what it takes to get the calls right. I dont enjoy the human element of reffing the game when it comes to black and white calls. Certain rulings lend themselves to subjectivity and human refs will always be necessary. Certain calls are yes/no and I hate it when they are missed and not corrected. Especially when those calls happen in game/season changing moments. Whatever it takes to get it right is what I am in favor of.
  4. Of course it does. The question is how does the league fix it so there isn't a next time.
  5. The Oak loss was maybe Tomlins single worst performance as a HC. That Dobbs INT was as bad a play call as it gets. My only further input was post game, Ben himself seemed to indicate he was ready to go. There was plenty of bad there on every level of the team to go around.
  6. I do. I also know I'm coming off as a Tomlin hater far more than I actually am in here. I just look at the sloppy, undisciplined effort they put out in CLE, coupled with giving up the lead late as the epitome of Tomlin road issues. Exactly how badly did the team have to perform to have that game end in a tie and how is a chunk of that not on the HC who's teams have done this many times before on the road? The specific game can be written off as players, but the performance pattern can't IMO.
  7. Is 6 TOs and 12 penalties at CLE really just on the players tho? Doesnt that speak to preparedness to a degree. Arent the DEN TOs, that happened at critical points, when simply not turning the ball over gets you points not indicative of lack of awareness? Was Ben really too hurt to play in OAK? Who keeps trotting out a Boswell that was obviously struggling from the get go to miss those critical later season kicks? Theres a chicken and egg here for sure when it comes to coach vs player responsibility. Its not the specific issues I hold Tomlin to blame for, its the season after season repetitive issues that I have begun pinning on him.
  8. I agree with this, but again that lends scrutiny to Tomlins role in the personnel process. There no two ways around the impact losing Shazier has had. Its been huge and obviously cant be laid at Tomlins feet. However, he's been pretty sketchy, especially for an ex DC that wants to rely on his D to win the "attrition" football style games his philosophy demands it to, at keeping this unit afloat. Maybe its simply organizational, but they just havent been able to hit with any of their picks in the secondary for a while. Id also suggest Tomlins road woes generally were simply highlighted this season. Road games are tough, but SB teams beat the teams they are supposed to even when they travel. The week 1 CLE tie, and the DEN and OAK losses were bad losses and in the context of both Tomlins past season road performance and the specifics of how they lost those games, they were symbolic of Tomlins repeated flaws. Play down on the road, get your team a second half lead and then go conservative and force your D to win a close game, and make bad situational mistakes that often times appear as not being prepared. Its been few and far beteeen that Ive watched a game and thought Tomlins Xs and Os involvement was responsible for a W, while it has seemed that his Xs and Os is directly involved in many of the bad losses they endure. There may be a lot of correlation vs causation with my sentiments. I get that. I see Tomlin lose the same type of games in the same type of ways over and over and I hang a chunk of the blame on him. I dont see anything changing there to think it wont be repeat performances in upcoming seasons either.
  9. Sadly, already proven correct. Apologies for even bothering.
  10. Your dont feed the troll post seemed applicable. Plus the damn editor wouldnt delete it once I accidentally included it. So I tried to make it work. Lol.
  11. At the risk of doing the first quoted, everyone can read what you write. You arent having independent conversations. We all see you like Tomlin. Cool. No need to keep repeating it over and over. That said, its reasonably obvious that as an apparent Lions/Niners fan you dont follow the Steelers closely. They, the Steelers, were 7-2-1 and in the drivers seat for a 1-2 seed at that point. Multiple brutal losses with the same tired tropes that are hallmarks of Tomlin teams left them watching rather than playing. It was indeed an epic collapse for a team with this much talent. As much as you want to say his record points to a good coach, there are legitimate reasons fans that follow the team closely arent convinced hes the right guy. He will be their coach for at least another season, and likely a couple, so I really hope you are more correct than not, but the guy's record belies fundamental issues that many believe are serious enough that a SB ring isnt happening with him in charge. I just dont wanna see you post, but hes a winner, in response to discussion of those issues every single time.
  12. Absolutely concur. This was not a "mistake". This does not "happen all the time". This does not "even out over time". I dont believe it was intentional, but the league can not allow obvious game and season altering misses like this. Regular season or playoffs. This one was as bad as it gets.
  13. I think youve made your opinion plenty clear man. Repeating the same thing ad nauseum doesn't make it any more correct.
  14. Thats fair. I get it. Hes been a good coach. I certainly cant say you are wrong here. Be interesting to watch how the Brown situation is handled. I wont belabor my take on Tomlins role there. I just fall in the camp that the rising tide of talent has floated Tomlins boat moreso than the other way around. In some ways I think Tomlin has been a direct impediment to the talents success as Ive laid out. . Just what I see, take it for what its worth.
  15. I think both Bell and AB are symptomatic of Tomlins enabling leadership stlye. They should have simply moved on from Bell not allowing the distraction and Brown never should have been catered to both on and off the field for them to be wherever they are at now. Happy campers would have been dynamic weapons this year, not an argument. Brown was still pretty damn good. The various unhappy tho has Tomlins fingerprints on it. To other points, again my response is because winning isnt the goal, winning the SB is and I dont think Tomlins now chronic flaws make that likely. And, yes, he would be in high demand if he left. Im not really calling for the guy to be fired, but if he was I would understand why and be more optimistic than not for whatever came next.
  16. Bell and AB are just the headlines today. Letting Ben skip time in OTAs, giving him vet days off, alienating Harrison, Santonio Holmes...the underlying lack of cohesion in the locker room has been an issue since the Hines Ward days. The "better" stuff gets pretty hypothetical but if you asked me how many coaches over the last 12 years could have replicated what Tomlin has done or bettered it with this same group of talent...there are enough names there that I know you would disagree. Relative to the talent hes been given I think Tomlin has underachieved. That doesn't mean hes not a good coach, it does mean I dont think its likely he is the guy to get this team back to the SB. I agree hiring new blood is a risk but at this point with Tomlin its the devil ya know vs the devil ya dont. If I believe hes not likely to get back to the SB not sure the risk isnt worth the possible reward.
  17. Wait, are we moving the goal posts from the "one game away" trope to the hes been a consistently good coach for a long time now position? Because if thats your take on Tomlin we agree. The question becomes tho, given that Tomlin led teams have the same flaws year in and year out is he the coach that gives them the best chance to win a SB? IMO, the flaws hes put on tape are appraching the level of fatal in that respect. Again, hes a good coach and if thats the Since Cowhers vet leadership has left the team, we've watched a constant litany of issues that speaks to a devolution of the locker room dynamic that is needed to win a SB. Its pretty evident that either thru inattention to detail, arrogance, or just really bad luck every dang time ­čśéthat his teams underperform on the road routinely. His propensity to go conservative with a lead puts huge pressure on his D to get stops late and the D he has built hasn't been able to do that regularly for a long time. Touching only on the major stuff, can a coach win a SB when he has an undisciplined locker room, plays down to road opponents, and puts his team in poor strategic positions by his very game philosophy? Every passing year, I believe he can win another SB less and less. Hes been a good coach with a great regular season record, I just think the stars would have to align ever so perfectly for the players to overcome Tomlins flaws and win another ring.
  18. No single play is ever the single reason a team wins or loses a football game. Everyone understands that, so really the semantics of "they had other chances" is a really pointless point. The Saints had other chances, they still could of won. People get it. This play was, however, the defining play of that game. Cavaletto made as poor of a judgment call as a professional ref can make. In other lines of work he be canned and possibly sued for a comparably negligent call. Using the word "mistake" to describe this play really minimizes what Cavaletto did there. Im really ambivalent about the Saints, but Im a huge fan of the sport. How can we not expect them to get it right at the biggest most impactful moments of a teams season? How much blood, sweat, and tears did Saints players sacrifice that were wasted when one ref goes rogue and swallows his whistle on a blatant call at a critical juncture? The standard has to be higher than, oh well they had other chances. I guarantee the NFL has its fingers on the pulse of the fan base. The more folks who just say, human element or shouldnt of ever needed the call, the easier it is for the NFL not to adapt. Its a low bar to clear to ask that the league have a process to get obvious calls with game changing impacts correct. *Steps off soap box. Steps out of thread.
  19. Just another in a litany of road games against subpar teams where Tomlin teams underperform. Dude is 6-5 against road teams when favored by 9 or more points. The rest of the league is 52-10. Small sample and all, at this point its unequivocal that his teams play down to the competition on the road. Laugh and roll at the doesn't get his team ready comment all ya like, but hes demonstrated the trait time and again. I think we saw with him sitting a BR who was ready to go in OAK and having that cost them a W shows he can be more than a little arrogant and casual when he thinks hes got an advantage. With the CLE game in particular, 6 TOs and 12 penalties for 116 yards dont really speak to me of a team thats is prepared and taking their opponent seriously. The game winning miss by Boz is just like the one game away line, if Tomlin does his job it doesn't come down to that. I dont know how either of those things happen if a team of this caliber is ready and focused on a subpar opponent. Hallmarks of the Tomlin era: lack of both situational awareness and discipline. Like I say, hes a good coach but its the same issues year in and year out and he doesn't self correct. I really didnt mean to dive into this quite this much, but the they were 1 game away thing just doesnt give credence to what an awful season Tomlin had and it was because of issues hes repeatedly put on tape since he got here.
  20. Kinda glossed over the whole point of my post, but OK. Tomlins a good coach, and I dont know that they can replace him with an upgrade that is more successful. Im not calling for his head yet. The issues that have kept him from being more successful, outside of the Patriots dynasty, are repetitive and limiting year after year. There are no signs he is self reflective and interested in improving as an on field coach. The issues of this team are chronic and it stems from Tomlin. His one near universally recognized attribute is being an excellent leader. If he's truly lost the locker room as all indications appear, then I dont know what else he offers that makes me think the team had a better chance next year than this year. There's a lot of Steelers spoiled fan in this, I get it, but if youd have told me in 2008 that by 2019 Ben wouldnt be back to the SB with the collection of talent around him hes had Id have bet against you. So, yea, Im disappointed in the last decade on Tomlins tenure. I do feel that in multiple seasons his decision making has been the limiting factor on the teams success. Hes better than most, but Im still not convinced hes good enough to get them back to a SB, which fair or not is how this fan base judges him.
  21. League needs to avoid even the appearance of illegitimacy. They either have to have better refs, which is tough to just do, or they need a better process to get it right. I don't think Cavaletto intentionally ate his whistle for the Rams benefit, he was just negligent or incompetent in doing the job he was there to do...which, understandably, leads to questions. I don't think they can just train guys up and call it better on the field. Really, these guys generally do about as good a job as humans can do. There's exceptions, this call in question being one of them, but overall they are amazing at what they do. The only way to ensure this call was made correctly is process based. Got to have a booth official, who has final say on a certain few types of calls, that can take a second look. PI, roughing the passer, and helmet penalties is what I would give him. Should be able to call or overturn at any point. Guy watches in real time and buzzes down if he wants another look. Minimally invasive and cleans up questions. Just get it right.
  22. Folks can say 1 play from the playoffs all they want, but the way they ended up in that position is a horrible indictment of the job Tomlin did this season. They should have walked into the playoffs with at least the 3 seed with even a minimally competent coaching job over the last 7 games. The game 1 loss to CLE, again looking past a lesser opponent. The debacle in Oak, sitting on his TOs. Handing the ball to Ridley in N.O. at a key point, followed by the fake punt to Nix. Just highlights of Tomlins direct impact on the 2018 epic choke job. His coaching failures loomed very large this season and there were no signs of correcting issues which have become endemic to this team, poor situational awareness, lack of communication and discipline, awful challenge flags, and going ultra conservative with even the slimmest second half leads. They have all been hallmarks of Tomlins tenure no matter what the record says. Now, with the curtain being drawn back and seeing the locker room dysfunction he has enabled....yea. I get the guy has a great record and won a SB (his team vs Cowhers team issues aside), but there is good reason the fan base isnt thrilled with the guy.
  23. I will give the league credit where due, I think the evolution of the catch rule has come to a point where they finally got it right this year. I understand every call can be game changing, but PI and helmet based penalties involve spot fouls and possible ejections. The subjectivity of them combined with the game altering consequences should have a second look to get it right. Every play should be watched by a booth official for those specific fouls, both called and not called, on field refs should be buzzed if they want to take a closer look and then the outcome can be quickly and correctly determined. Its really not that tough or time consuming IMO.
  24. Fans can ##### and moan mostly, short of boycotting. Don't know if it's effective at the NFL offices. That's about it tho. I did think the catch rule was much better this year, maybe the general grumbling about that influenced change. Really it's only a couple of types of penalties that are at issue. PI is such a game changing call, and so subjective in real time, that a second look via review makes sense to me. The only other thing I'd want to see available for a second look would be the helmet based stuff. Roughing the passer and "targeting" type fouls. I don't think they are really game changers time wise to games and the outcomes of those calls, spot fouls and possible ejections certainly warrant getting them right as much as possible. There will always be a human element to officiating, but I do expect them to get the big stuff right nearly 100% of the time.