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  1. There is also a universe where you are president and Trump is posting on a fantasy football message board saying he can't imagine any version of him liking you.
  2. I was assuming you had settings for yardage too. If the only defensive settings you have are those in the image for points allowed the defense would start with 5 fantasy points. The number in the box is the points the defense gets for that many points given up during the game. If the first time the defense is on the field the other team gets a field goal the defense has now given up 3 points and will have 4 fantasy points. If on the next drive they give up a touchdown and an extra point they would have given up 10 points and will now have 3 fantasy points. If at the end of the game the defense had given up 29 points they would have -1 points.
  3. Given those settings you probably also would have 5 points for 0 yards given up. At the start of the game the defense has given up 0 yards and 0 points so they would have 10 points. As the game goes on the defense gives up yards and points decreasing the fantasy points they have (assuming they haven't gotten sacks, interception etc.) So, yes those settings look good.
  4. Had two drafts so far. One this past Sunday and one this past Monday. Both 12 team ppr. First is 6 points for passing TD second is 4. Sunday draft Zeke went 8th and Gordon went 7.5. Monday Zeke went 2nd and Gordon went 2.7 😲 Don't know the guys who made the picks in the Monday draft but the Sunday Zeke drafter probably went straight by cbs rankings and Gordon drafter is usually good but after the draft said he hated his whole team.
  5. Looking at a current adp list I saw Mixon 18 and Cook 19 giving each probably close to a 50% chance of sliding to 20 or close enough to keep this fairly simple. Taking actual names out of it. If I am picking 5th and my top 4 are off the board but my 5th has about a 50% chance of being there with my next pick. I'm probably taking my 6th player (assuming his adp is more in line with where I have him ranked). This will give me about a 50% chance of having my 5 and 6 after two rounds with about a 50% chance of having my 6 and say 15. If I take my 5 I almost certainly end up with my 5 and 15. Thinking of it this way. If you had your 5 and 15 and someone offered you a trade. He is willing to trade you your 6. You flip a coin if it's heads you give up your 5. If it's tails you give up your 16. I'm taking that chance any time. However if my number 1 or 2 player fell to 5 I would grab him there. That's not a risk I would take.
  6. Charlemagne Hans Christian Andersen Sir Alec Guinness Marvin Gaye Several TV detectives Roselyn Sanchez Christopher Meloni Adam Rodriguez
  7. Listening to Help! again and this would be in contention for my favorite. It has been in my head the last few days following this thread. Honestly my number 1 could change weekly among several songs. Can't imagine doing what Krista has done but glad she did because it has made me revisit lots of great songs.
  8. Limited practice is good enough for me to start him.
  9. I use the average of the two positions as a guideline. Assuming I had the player ranked 66 and his ADP is 150 averages to 108 so I would target him in the 10th or maybe late 9th depending on my draft spot. I understand waiting for value but don't ever want to wait too long and miss out on a player I like by picking players I value less just because they have higher ADPs and I get too greedy trying to get both. It depends somewhat on who else is available too. If my next few players available are say my 66, 72 and 80 and 72 and 80 are about to go according to ADP I would probably grab 72 and hope 66 lasts but if it was just 66 and 80 I might jump on 66 just to be sure. The 14 spots is usually more than I'd be willing to gamble by waiting.
  10. Could be but it looks like it might be Predator to me.
  11. I'm taking the chance with Siemian and added Bortles to pair with him. Only other real option was Dalton and his playoff schedule sucks. I keep telling myself that Rodgers always disappointed in the playoffs anyway so if I can just make it I'll be fine. Can't believe I went from one qb to three. Hoping they IR Rodgers so I can free up a roster spot.
  12. I'm starting him and Cohen right now. I, like many seem to, also have Mixon. Might change my mind before kickoff but oh well thrive or die with the Bears running game.
  13. Looking at this they seem to be more or less in the middle for this year.
  14. Oline should be fine if Long can be out there. If not the pass protection looks to be a weakness. Running game should be very good which could help Mitch a lot.