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  1. They’ve really screwed this whole challenging system for the worse. So you can challenge offside whenever now because you don’t lose a timeout if you lose, you just get penalized. What really shouldn’t have happened is the Blues shouldn’t have been able to challenge offside because he took the puck out and back in. That said, considering how the Blues got screwed on goalie interference against Chicago, I think that was goalie interference last night and that offsides was so blatant the defense stopped playing so I guess all’s well that ends well. The hockey gods really seemed to be against the Blues last night, that bounce off the boards was ridiculous for Colorado’s 3rd goal. Glad they escaped with a victory.
  2. Agreed. Then again, the Blues are still getting penalized for getting pushed into Crawford. At least he didn’t take any cheap shots afterward this time.
  3. IN - League 4 IN - League 6 Thanks
  4. Quite pleased with the Blues offseason. I'm a lot more confident in their future than I have been the last couple of years.
  5. Offers evidence he is in the know because he's from St. Louis. Proceeds to talk about a basketball team that was gone before he was born. This is the most generic, boring and wrong hot take.
  6. Really enjoying the Wild/Hawks series. I think your boys are finally gonna get over the hump!
  7. Not sure why everyone is acting like this series is over. They're perfectly capable of winning 2 games on the road. Also, I guess only Blues fans are not surprised about Shattenkirk having games like that. He was one of my favorite Blues, but getting exposed on the d side and especially in the playoffs is nothing new for him.