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  1. Armstrong asked for Larkin from Detroit.
  2. Filled
  3. I like Yeo and am glad the Blues have hired him to be the next coach. Pretty important decisions coming for the Blues. I think they need to trade Shattenkirk for offense and hopefully for cap space if they can. The expansion draft might throw a wrench into these plans though. I don't expect Backes to be back, someone is going to get a very nice 2 way player.
  4. Bump
  5. Needing someone to take over a competitive roster. See links for roster/rules. Will be drafting in about a week, though this team is missing most of its picks. only has 5th rounders. Thanks for looking. PM me for me details/questions. Thanks Thanks
  6. Well, this is nice. Aside from that weird game in Minnesota last year the Blues haven't won a playoff game by more than a goal in like 32 years. Hope they can do it tonight.
  7. Parayko had a great period. He has been a godsend. You guys know who he is yet?
  8. Dallas looking damn tough other than the goaltending.
  9. Yes, that's the one thing the St. Louis media has been on top of. If it's SJ/Anaheim then obviously they get the late start but if Tuesday's game is in Nashville then St Louis gets the late start.
  10. So if a series shifts to Nashville they get early start priority over STL even though the tv market they are playing would be better served to have a late start? Doesn't make any sense.
  11. Shut up you. Sharks look scary good IMO Nevertheless, one series at a time. Keep the clubs polished.
  12. Blues have the golf clubs shined and the tee times set.
  13. Shaw was out of control and cost his team a chance to tie it. They sure were looking dangerous too.