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  1. Hate to see Fabbri go down. Blues are definitely too short up front now. Hopefully this turns them into sellers and they can pack it in for next year.
  2. "Damn, id really like to watch the NHL all star game, but the 5 hour pregame show for the pro bowl is on. Stupid NHL!" Without even looking I would guess the skills competition was on the same cable channel all the national games are on.
  3. Everyone in St. Louis knows the story. Keenan was an ####### and already was in the process of running Hull out of town. That's about it though. I mean, he met his wife here and still has a house in St. Louis. While I'm sure it's more than what I'm about to say, the Blues struggles basically boil down to their goaltending. It has been especially bad the last couple months. They also miss Backes and I would bet their possession numbers are down a little from last year. Hitchcock is a lame duck coach, he's been great in St. Louis and has a long history with Doug Armstrong so I'd be surprised if he got fired. Maybe in a desperate attempt the light a fire under the team. Looking back with the benefit of hindsight, it is probably Armstrong who needs to go. He has signed players to some pretty bad contracts. Lehtera, Allen, Bouwmeester and even the Steen extension is looking rough and it hasn't even kicked in yet. He's failed to get anything of value for Shattenkirk like a top 6 forward to slot in for Backes and at this point I'm just hoping he decides to throw in the towel and trade the guy for a first or something. Not sure the Blues are entirely dead for the future. Still have some good young pieces, but hitting on a top 10 pick and perhaps adding a couple other young talented players in the draft from trades would be a big help. Oh, a goalie is needed too... sigh. Hope they tank this year rather than try to squeeze in as a wild card because this team just doesn't have it.
  4. I'm mostly going to miss getting ousted in the first round.
  5. Blues are just not a good team this year, but go in to San Jose and get their first shut out since probably October. Weird. What does Joe Thornton have against us?
  6. Awful viewing angles in person, awful camera angles for tv. So dumb. Blues need to make that jersey their regular sweater.
  7. So, taking a penalty means you get to add extra time to the clock? Weird.
  8. Did the 'Ning insult these refs' wives and children or something?
  9. 6 of 9 games went to OT tonight. Only one game decided by more than 1 (2).
  10. The Blues are really bad at trying to score 1 on 0.
  11. The Blues will score again. It might be 2017, but they will score again. Probably just wore out. Been a long season.
  12. Blues are wore out. Those tough western Canada trips always get ya.
  13. Out of gas? It's the second week of the season.
  14. Nice little capper to the evening there.
  15. Guys, we are comparing head coaches here. No doubt Martz was a big part of getting the 99 Rams a ring and having them be really good on offense for a few years. As a head coach he tanked them. It's a moot discussion anyway and not worth the bandwidth we are spending on it since both coaches are very mediocre. I think we can agree on that Ironically enough since it pertains to the discussion, Martz only has himself to blame for that loss. Kept throwing the ball instead of using his hof running back.