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  1. Maroon to Tampa is so diabolical I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first. You guys should be pretty happy about it and super worried. I have no idea the makeup of your team really other than it is otherworldly good and luckily the Blues didn’t have to take you out of the playoffs so I’m assuming Maroon is going to ride the press box bus most of the year which is perfect. The problem is if he starts cracking your speedy lineup because he will reverse that. In the playoffs he will bring needed experience and a certain attitude that maybe you guys didn’t have before. I’m assuming that’s what this signing really is for. The right spot start here and there in the playoffs. Don’t mistake me saying this for toughness. He is tough but he isn’t an enforcer and really isn’t that great a hitter or fighter. But he will try at that and whatever it is he does when trying at that can be good. He was important for us in the playoffs in a way I don’t think I can really sum up in words (I mean besides the obvious huge goals). It’s probably pretty simple and someone smarter will use way less words to explain it than whatever this weird word jumble is I have going on here Also, Andrew luck retired. Ha. This is the only thread I participate in at this dumb site so this message will have to do here. #### the nfl.
  2. I hope Guerin can turn around the Wild but that photo the Wild tweeted out to announce the hire is the ugliest picture I’ve ever seen of someone. My god.
  3. What about that was particularly harsh? There were rumors in Dec/Jan he was about to get cut. When Thomas started to emerge, his game turned around. In the cup finals when Thomas got hurt, his game fell off again. The guy will always be a legend around here, and deservedly so. He brings a certain tough element no one else on the team really has but the rest of his game is just too bad for me to want to give him a roster spot. If St. Louis wants to reward him then they should give him a nice FO position. Id be more than happy to watch him get a nice fat contract somewhere else and be a major contributor on another cup winner to eat some crow. Hopefully it’s a team that hasn’t won a cup in a long time or ever.
  4. I’m hoping Maroon doesn’t stick around here. He was great in the playoffs, but I’m not so sure he will be able to have a run like that again and otherwise he was pretty terrible. I think he should just leave St. Louis on top. I would guess at this point he’s hoping for a better offer than the bottom of the barrel offer Armstrong has given him. Most people in St. Louis feel like he’s probably gone.
  5. I think Binnington was probably the biggest reason for the turn around no doubt, but he also had it very easy compared to Allen. In January the team found its defensive structure and didn’t give up many high danger chances after that. Whether you want to attribute that to coaching or the skill players finding their game is up to you because I have no clue. Probably a combination of both. I think what Berube should get credit for is never letting the team break. There were so many moments this post season that blues teams of yore would have thrown in the towel and this team always bounced back (especially Binnington). And I doubted them every time because it’s been ingrained in my mind that the heart break was coming.
  6. All of your complaints seem petty. He was a warrior for us. I’m not going to judge him for a team of 24 player’s results. Hull never did it either. Nor did Pronger or MacInnis. The Blues threw a lot of cheap hits. I’m not going to apologize for it (see my last post) but I’m also not gonna get all bent out of shape when a spade is called a spade.
  7. I stayed away from most social media the past few months. Kinda getting sick of the Internet I think. Anyway, my quick thoughts now that I’m not so hungover and can put one or two together. I don’t know how the Blues did this. I honestly never really thought they were the best team in any series they were in. They scratched out their wins barely and got blown out in their losses. San Jose was beaten easily, sure, but I think we literally just beat them up. We finally got the goaltending we have been looking for and made fun of over and over for requesting on this board... and it wasn’t even that great stats-wise... but it was really great. Binnington always rebounded and made saves when they were needed most. This whole run just kind of felt like it being our time. We got the breaks we needed and unlike blues teams of old when things didn’t go our way the team didn’t implode. I’ve never seen any Blues team like it. I don’t think this team has a single HoFer. That seems weird to me but maybe it’s common to win without one. I know this franchise has definitely had some amazing HOF players that never sniffed this for us so it feels weird that this group did it. Phish was in town last night and opened their second set ~20 minutes after the cup was won. They played Gloria and it was streaming live for me to watch and I will never forget that moment. How cool is it that the team rallied around this stupid song and a band like them happened to be in town to join in on the celebration? Fans always get generalized on the internet and I hate it. I’m sure Boston has some really great hockey fans that just love the sport and love cheering for their team like 98% of every other fan base. While I wasn’t here all series the congratulations I received when logging in today was much appreciated. I’d wish you better luck next time but seriously you guys have won enough and now that I have my cup I can wish teams like the Wild or Sharks or Sabres would get theirs so that’s what I’m hoping for. Still, great series, I think you guys were the better team but you ran into some sort of thing that decided it was time for St. Louis. And you know what? I’m not gonna apologize for it because I’ve seen Marc Bergevin throw a puck in his own ####### goal. I’ve seen Dwight King (who?) board our rising star defenseman in game 1. I’ve seen my captain boarded into unconsciousness and mocked while he wiggled around on the ice. I’ve seen the picture of Bobby Orr flying through the crease 10000 times and the video of Yzerman blasting in a winner from the blue line even more. Before this year the greatest moment in franchise history was a game 6 comeback on a Monday night in which we lost game 7. ####### finally.
  8. Backes getting scratched had to be the ultimate torture for him. Either watching your former team win or watching your team beat your former team without you. He was great captain for us, and really just a great citizen. I hope he gets another chance but sadly his time is running thin.
  9. Ducks taking tanking to a whole new level by playing a guy who was scratched. He took a shift before being sent to the locker room. What if he would have scored?