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  1. I should probably just bookmark this ####### thread. Every once in a while I remember I haven’t been back here to visit you guys and I type in football guys or whatever and it brings me to a webpage in which I have to actually seek out and find a click to send me to the football guys “home page” so that I can then click into the ffa forum. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen on the internet that you have to actually find the link on the actual web page you are on to get to the actual web page you want. How meta. #### this place. Anyway I love that most of this thread is people dissecting a way for the rangers to get the 1st overall pick and also win the cup. There is no way I’m reading all that garbage. glad hockey might be back soonish. Seems like they chose Canadian cities. Smart for many obvious reasons. You all are gonna lose. The Blues are your new master. Suck it.
  2. Geez, I really had to dig for this thread. The Blues are going to lose one of their best seasons in their history. At least they won last year or I’d be pretty depressed about that. Still, this sucks and the off-season is starting to look pretty messy. We currently don’t have the cap space to resign Pietrangelo and also still need to sign Dunn. If we could move Jake Allen and Tyler Bozak we would probably be ok, but can those guys be moved? If any of your teams signed Pietrangelo or traded for Dunn you will be very happy.
  3. Well, building a dynasty tends to get you some time. He was a victim of the necessities of a salary cap. Blues are gonna be on the wrong end of it in a few years, too. Could be worse, at least you guys some Cups before it went bad. How do you think Toronto feels?
  4. This guy is really personable. He’s gonna get a couple weeks of fame out of this.
  5. This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Please let them pull this off.
  6. The Blues and Avs played one of the best games I’ve watched in a while tonight. The Avs are going to be so good for quite a few years. They forced the Blues to play much faster than normal and somehow they matched them for every step. The passing was on point all night. It’s weird to see the Blues on top of the standings because it just doesn’t feel like they’ve played consistently that great this season but they’ve kept games close and scratched out OT a lot. And it’s clear when they want to send a message, they can dial it up. Best two games of their season have been against the Avalanche.
  7. Good ol boy Jumbo Joe just punching goalies. Hope that fella can finally win lord stanley this year.
  8. Beating the Lightning has really jumped the shark.
  9. Kucherov got leveled last night.
  10. Teams only sweep a western Canada trip once, maybe twice in a lifetime.
  11. I hope he can turn it around for you guys. I don’t think he really got a fair shake to come back from injury here, but his defense was awful and that just doesn’t fly for our franchise. I thought he looked a lot like his old self this season, just wasn’t getting the results on the scoresheet. Gotta think that will come around for him.
  12. Sometimes OT is just weird. Blues won tonight on a 3 on 0 breakaway.
  13. God, the Sharks suck. I’m sure Karlsson will not be this bad all year, but that contract is looking worse and worse. What an anchor. Couldn’t happen to a better franchise.
  14. Binnington went and skated into his corner tonight after a penalty had been called on Kyle Clifford. He just happened to bump into Clifford while doing so which caused a little skirmish and led to two quick Blues goals. He also tried, and failed miserably to score on an empty netter. I love this man.