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  1. I hope he can turn it around for you guys. I don’t think he really got a fair shake to come back from injury here, but his defense was awful and that just doesn’t fly for our franchise. I thought he looked a lot like his old self this season, just wasn’t getting the results on the scoresheet. Gotta think that will come around for him.
  2. God, the Sharks suck. I’m sure Karlsson will not be this bad all year, but that contract is looking worse and worse. What an anchor. Couldn’t happen to a better franchise.
  3. Binnington went and skated into his corner tonight after a penalty had been called on Kyle Clifford. He just happened to bump into Clifford while doing so which caused a little skirmish and led to two quick Blues goals. He also tried, and failed miserably to score on an empty netter. I love this man.
  4. Usually you might try to build your team like the last one to win a championship but signing our spare parts and doing the losing thing seems a little excessive.
  5. I disagree. If Pietro moves on it will be because he wants to hit UFA and make as much money as he can. I think Army will offer him a fair contract with a very long term to keep the cap hit as low as possible. The Blues are gonna really suck in 4 years with all these contracts but for now it will be fun.
  6. I’m at the point where I like the studio music more than their long drawn out jams that go no where.
  8. Why is the captain announcement a storyline tonight? They should have just announced that in July like any normal person from earth would have done.
  9. You guys gonna get off your lazy asses and make a regular season thread already?