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  1. Ducks taking tanking to a whole new level by playing a guy who was scratched. He took a shift before being sent to the locker room. What if he would have scored?
  2. I think it’s pretty ####ty that Boston is ok with Backes changing his game to be a pest/fighter. He has a pretty nasty concussion history. He deserves better than that.
  3. Someone smarter than me please explain why the Blues seem to be handing the starting position back to Jake Allen again. How many times does this guy need to choke away his job mid season only to be rescued by his backup and then handed the job on a silver platter for merely having a few average/decent starts? Ive been way more forgiving of Allen than most of the fan base but this year was the final straw for me. I don’t care if they hold him and his contract that they’d have to pay someone to take on but he should be the backup until Binnington or whoever proves they are just as incapable and a few bad starts is not a good enough reason.
  4. Saw this comment and just wanted to add for anyone who might stumble on this conversation... i am touring the SW right now with little planning. I went to Zion on the 1st of March (Friday) and camped overnight at Watchman. There were plenty of campsites available and the buses are only running on the weekend so I was able to drive myself up the scenic road. I hiked Angels Landing and it was crowded but nothing like the horror stories I’ve since read about the place. It was covered in snow, though, and had me scared ####less going up and even more so going down. I slipped and slid down at one point but was able to hang on to the chain and catch my foot against a pole to stop myself. Zion is amazing. Favorite part of my trip. Judging by other comments I’ve read it might be best to try and get to the park in late Feb/early March. Sounds like a disaster during the busy season.
  5. It’s just about some guy who can’t remember a murder he investigated so you’ll probably be on the same page as him.
  6. Binnington stood on his head tonight. Might be his best game as an NHLer. 11 straight!
  7. Thanks for posting this. Angel From Montgomery is such a great song. Glad to see bands like TTB giving it some play. RIP Kofi
  8. Warms my heart to see Toronto get dominated by a team the Blues just wiped the ice with. Nashville is gonna start feeling the heat here soon. The owner of the Blues sat on the glass in Colorado today and went around exchanging high fives with Blues fans in Kroenke’s arena as the Blues won. Pretty ####in awesome move.