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  1. Blues are wore out. Those tough western Canada trips always get ya.
  2. Out of gas? It's the second week of the season.
  3. Nice little capper to the evening there.
  4. Guys, we are comparing head coaches here. No doubt Martz was a big part of getting the 99 Rams a ring and having them be really good on offense for a few years. As a head coach he tanked them. It's a moot discussion anyway and not worth the bandwidth we are spending on it since both coaches are very mediocre. I think we can agree on that Ironically enough since it pertains to the discussion, Martz only has himself to blame for that loss. Kept throwing the ball instead of using his hof running back.
  5. I disagree. He was handed the keys to a Ferarri and ran it into a wall the Rams never recovered from.
  6. It's sad to say but Fisher is the best coach the Rams have had since 99. That isn't a compliment to Fisher as much as it is a knock on the organization from top to bottom. I really held no ill will towards the Rams for leaving. Pro sports are business and this is what businesses do. But seeing quotes from Demoff all offseason ####ting on our city has really changed my attitude and I couldn't be happier to see such a fail train. Don't see it changing any time soon either. Also, if there is one thing I have noticed consistently throughout his tenure in St. Louis it is that his teams are wildly inconsistent. Wouldn't be surprised to see them look like a playoff team next week and beat the Seahawks (something Fisher has done more than you'd think with the Rams).
  7. Terrible. Enjoy it LA. Ha
  8. Possibly I am blind, but I think you are missing Tyler Gaffney. Someone inexplicably dropped Blount in one of my leagues during final cuts, but still I am pretty sure I will be looking to add Gaffney over him during BB waivers.
  9. How long are we going to let Run it up hold up the draft?
  10. I'm not so sure TEs are that valuable. They are quite important, but the biggest mistake you can make in these leagues is to think any one position is way more valuable than another. Draft good players and hope for minimal injuries
  11. Didn't realize I won this league last year. That's 2 of 3 years, boys. No big deal.
  12. Already an expired timer..... sigh
  13. He's still under LA control. They didn't cut him.
  14. Sorry, I forgot about Bastard. You can give my spot away for that one.
  15. Itsonlytheriver in for league 4 and 6