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  1. No way we get another Supreme Court Justice nominee till after the election. We are 6 months away from a election in the middle of Covid19.
  2. Its more likely that the opposite is true. No Governor or President wants to have a high death count. ITs why we are not testing. If you have your head in the sand... you cannot know the real truth.
  3. Its not just young people. Its people of all ages.. I dislike how we say its young people yet ignore the fact that the majority of people that are causing the issues are people in their 30-50's.
  4. President Trump is not winning.. His base will vote for him... but instead of Never Hillary.. it will be the Never Trump that the indie voters will lean..
  5. I am no fan of President Trump. But you can say most Americans cost lives by not taking this seriously enough.. even to this day.. But yes the leadership of this country did not get a common message out of how serious it was.. But once it was out.. many just choose to ignore it!! even to this day!!
  6. Disagree it will not cost him votes. The higher the death toll is the more it will cost him. (I hate saying that) Will he lose his base, no but he needs the indie voters and the worse this gets the lower number of votes he gets from the indie voters.. Which that is where the election is won!!!
  7. So by that logic if the market is down it has lost confidence in Trump?
  8. So I guess the trolling is back. There is nothing productive about moving the conversation with this post.
  9. I thought it was supposed to tank if President Trump did not win? I am so confused.. Just like we were supposed to be in a war with Iran if President Trump won.. or we would be in a war with North Korea if President Trump lost... .. Who to believe?
  10. Here is your problem. You say the Dems screwed up the impeachment. But what were they supposed to do? President Trump prevented anything and outside of going to courts which would of been years to get a result. Are you ok with a President blocking and preventing a equal part of the government from doing its job? Because your post says you are ok with the President being a king and having all the power. There has to be checks and balances that the President has to follow. Even Republicans say the President did things that were wrong. (You have even said that). Yet you like other that follow Trump, just give President Trump a pass. You say you love this country, but if you do, then how can you approve of how President Trump has acted. You should ask yourself this question why does Trump just have "Acting __________" and not confirmed by Congress on his staff. President Trump demands loyalty to him.. not to the United States . If you really think about it America is a lot weaker today than when President Trump took office. We have lost a lot of great service men and woman in both the private and military, which is not a good thing. How do you explain that he is going after Hunter Biden, when his children are just as guilty of doing the same thing if not worse. But the economy is going great, except its really not... for the majority of Americans. Yes more Americans are working, but are they working at jobs that have the same benefits that were offered even 10 years ago... The answer is mostly likely NO!!!
  11. No thats you being called to show your work... and you have no work to show to back up your statements. based on your response!
  12. Yea.. I think you are reading this wrong.. take todays "victory" speech.. Trump is showing his true colors.. and that is not a good thing. Especially for the Senate.. You know the truth is going to come out. And when it does.. it is going to take down the Rep Senate that did not allow the truth to come out. You have Republicans saying what Trump did was wrong... that will be in election adds going forward.
  13. Love or hate it... Nancy Pelosi got what she wanted.. and that is the attention away from President Trumps speech. So despite that many say President Trump speech was one of his best, the talking point is not the speech, but the tearing up of the speech. Which will be forgotten when the next big news story breaks. Looks like the Dems may be playing on the same field as the GOP.. which means we all lose.. Look at the this board.. its all about Pelosi and not Trump. Thats a win for the Dems
  14. Trolling.. Ds do not hate the 2nd amendment, but they do want common sense laws..
  15. This, I think the Senate races are going to be the fall out of the Impeachment. The question is which side is going to be hurt more. For President Trump, his base is what his base is. The problem is can President Trump pull enough independent voters to his side. Last election, he was the unknown.. this election he has lots of baggage. Plus if we are honest, its is really 3-4 states that will control on if President Trump wins..