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  1. Sorry, but I think this is going to come back on Trump. Think about a sitting President telling another country to not to allow a sitting Congresswoman/man into the country. If President Obama had done this.. all hell would be breaking on the GOP SM.
  2. Wow this got me my first warning? I am still trying to figure out why it did. It was not a personal attack and nothing rude about it. snowflakes is a bad word I guess.
  3. Or another way to look at it.. is the Dems are fighting the way President Trump fights. Look no matter what happens this election. Everyone is going to lose. President Trump has already shown he is going to stay low, so you have a choice.. try to stay above it and get eaten alive or you fight dirty like President Trump does and will.
  4. I agree its a crap move... but it does not deserve the reaction that the snowflakes are having on this. And it is not a "hit list" at all.
  5. Its not wrong. There is a reason why it public information, why not have it discloused? What is the harm? hint there is no harm by it at all. I personally think that if you are elected on your website you should have a list of who contributed to you. That way you know who is funding the canidate. Will I stop eating Bill Miller because they donated to President Trump? No Would I care if they donated to Hillary.. No.. But it is great information to have when say Bill Miller is given some sort of tax benefit. Thats why its important.
  6. Its public informtion.. so you cannot remain anonymous ... So it cannot be doxxing.. This is nothing but fake outrage by Trumper's. You want to talk about snowflakes here is a prime example of it. This is just silly how the Trumpers are saying this going to create violence. When you have the President of the United States doing worse things. ITs time to stop crying and just move on.
  7. Try again.. So if America is great why do we need to make it great again? If it is already great This is how silly your alias trolling comment is. I have been on this board since 2003! Just like you.. Just sometimes, you have to put a foot down and say when its wrong its wrong. Racism is not something that I accept from the President of the United States.. No matter the politics. Maybe you can, but I cannot.
  8. Maybe you should leave if you dont think America is already Great and has been Great.. Even before President Trump. If you hate it so much
  9. How do you know that AOC is making up stories. You think when the cameras are on, they are seeing the bad stuff.. Get real, they are seeing the good conditions. Which are still really bad. The point is it was racist and everyone knows it. The problem is how to spin it, and thats why it took the GOP two days to figure out how to spin this. And thats to try to avoid talking about the racist comments and say that the 4 US Congresswoman are pushing Socialism. And that its politics. Guess what President Trump said racist things, and instead of the GOP saying it was wrong they are agreeing with the behavior. Guess whats going to happen, President Trump is going to say even more racist things, because the GOP and his base let him get away with it.
  10. Heres the problem with Mueller just reading the report. Is that reading the report is bad for the President. You think the average person has read the report no.. But Mueller will be all over TV, and if he says under oath, that President Trump is not innocent and he was no in a position to even bring charges because he is the President. Not sure you can spin that even at Fox News.
  11. It is closer to Concentration Camps than summer camps.. And not something that I ever thought we would see in the United States.. If the border is under attack then how can you say this is not a Concentration Camp. If you want to use fear language for one side, its only fair that the other side is also able to use that same fear language.
  12. Do we really? Or are these made up issues by the President? There are tons of stuff we should be focusing on I agree, but if the President did commit a crime don't you think that should matter? The President does a great job of trying to move the goal posts.. but the smoke is still there and needs to be looked at.
  13. I don't think the public at the start will ever want to see impeachment against the President of the United States. HOWEVER, it is Congress job to show the American public on why they have to do it. And I know the Senate GOP has said it will stop it, but lets be honest, if the President did commit a crime and its able to be proved in the House.. then the pressure on the Senate GOP would be to much to just ignore.. And that will be what turns the tide..IMO
  14. I dont understand this. One baby out of say 10 is successful, what about the other 9? that is the point of the OP? If honest the GOP is looking to take down social benefits as well. How many unwanted kids do we want to have in the system? Look I dont think anyone is promoting late term abortions or used as a form of birth control.
  15. Not sure I agree with you on this. Obama and Hillary had lots of opposition. But the main difference is that President Trump feeds off the opposition and IMO encourages it by his actions. No way would President Trump last a week on this board. he trolls so often it is being accepted as normal.