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  1. Did anyone really think that on Day 1, that minds would be changed? This is a process not a TV show where you get the gotcha moment. This is building the case to remove the President of the United States. Its crazy to see Fox News and others say well there was nothing significant from the testimony so far. Is it impeachable or not, that is still coming, but it does layout the story from two creditable witnesses. The (Fox News, CNN MSNBC and others) are what is killing this story. Let the American public decide on if it was a big day or not. and let the story play out before you say it was a good or bad day.
  2. This is not going well for the GOP.. I don't know .. is not a answer they are looking for.
  3. Looks like the GOP led by Jim Jordan is starting the clown show with silly signs by the GOP.
  4. Look at the map.. its in Alabama and bingo thats where Roy Moore ran and was almost elected by the residents of Alabama. Where they also advised the students not to act up or they would lose their seats for future games. IF President Trump does not get cheered in Alabama .. then he is in more trouble than anyone thought.
  5. Sorry, but I vote for the best candidate. Will I most likely vote Dem in the next election most likely.. However, locally there are a lot of great Dems and Reps candidates that do what what's best for the local community. Personally I am against straight ticket voting, since I have yet to find an election where there is not one great candidate on the other side.
  6. Would love to see him back this up with any facts. If the GOP steals this election with funny games... man I don't know what will happen. People voted for who they wanted to win. You don't list a second place vote.
  7. I think the better question are: Disapprove of the policies of President Trump.. I actually think most would have a favorable view Disapprove of how President Trump acts (meaning how Presidential).. this is what kills his Presidency.
  8. And IF President Trump is impeached.. I do not think it will be for the call, but it will be for the Obstruction on Congress which we already have ton of evidence that he has done this. Just like with Clinton, if President Trump came out and said he did withhold the funds, I personally do not think we would be where we are today. Would the Dems be pissed sure, but the problem is at this time half the country wants President Trump removed, and that's before the details come out of how he tried to hide and obstruct the call.
  9. I love how we think its just the Dems that are on dangerous ground. IMO if the GOP Senate does not impeach (if the public is for it and that is 50/50 at this point) then you are going to see the Republicans voted out. The question to me is if Dems, Independent and Republicans voters all turn out in record numbers who does that help the most? Both sides have a lot at risk, no matter how this turns out.
  10. So the TGOP is saying that the government is the one that created jobs? Funny when Obama did it, the TGOP said it was not the government that created the jobs.. Interesting.
  11. You can call Hunter.. but he has nothing to do with the Presidents handling of this situation. Even if Biden is dirty (I bet he is as well).. that does not excuse the President for holding aid for political gain.
  12. I can see that since President Trump lives in his own world. And probably has not been told no very often and has zero political experience at all. However, that does not excuse what the GOP is doing. They know its wrong, and instead of helping and standing up to the President. They encourage him to continue down this path. Which is not good for the United States.
  13. Why does the GOP and Trump Supporters hate how the government is set up? You do know that Benghazi was done this same way with closed door meetings, then the open meetings, and guess what the President will have a chance to defend his self in the Senate where the trial will take place. For the GOP to say they support the Constitution, it sure seems like they don't and are showing that it is party over country.
  14. It goes both ways.. Put it to a vote to see where Republicans land as well. Its easy to say no comment or its not ok.. but.... Especially when more and more news is coming out negativly. You seem to think that the GOP is the only one who is paying attention to this, but you know who also is and thats the independents who voted for Trump the first time, but find his actions to be concerning.. at the very least