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  1. Team defensive points are still completely wrong given my rule settings. Beware taking any projections on MyFBG for TD at face value.
  2. PPR, 2 RB/1 Flex, 3-0 record with Miller, Bernard and Ware as other RBs.
  3. The fact that they locked the app related threads and require that you send questions in via email is one thing. But the fact that they haven't responded to a single email I've sent is another.
  4. Wait, so is the gist of this that we aren't supposed to be using the new my.footballguys? I didn't know about this thread and have been using it up until to today. I came in here because I was looking for some explanation for why week 2 wasn't getting any data. Are they abandoning it?
  5. They're probably not updating DD at this point, but you can go into the Settings/Projections and editing the weekly weights for a player. Just make them 1.0 for W1-4.
  6. VBD is only part of the story. DD uses DVBD which considers how much a position drops in value by the time your next pick rolls around, taking into account the starting lineup requirements. See the Best Value Pick window.
  7. You have to click "Set Custom" to save your settings.
  8. No, but it's fairly easy to set up the scoring. It starts out with settings that are close to most leagues. I don't know what Yahoo!'s scoring system is, but it should just take a little adjustment.
  9. I wouldn't do anything differently. Best Ball is nothing but the assumption that you always do the right thing, and DD makes suggestions based on the same assumption.
  10. No that's not what I see in either case. Perhaps you downloaded an old version or haven't updated the projections from last year.
  11. I tend to use FBG very mechanically, viz. I use the posted projections (Dodds, in particular), from draft to weekly lineups, as gospel. It works for me in terms of how much time I want to put into FF. I not interested in scouting players, though I'll occasionally go with my gut or based on something I've read if the data isn't enough to make a call. I've been a subscriber for a long time and this approach, while probably less optimal that one combined with additional research and judgement, has served me well. I don't think I've missed the playoffs once across multiple leagues in the decade or so I've been using it. However, something out of the ordinary happened this year in one of my leagues. Despite DD and LD consistently telling me my team outranks all 11 others, and predicting win after win, I'm only 1-4 to start the year (I've officially lost despite the fact that the Monday night game has yet to happen), in 10th place, and all four losses have been in the bottom 3 scores of the week. Just a brutal start to the year that will make me a long shot at best. That's despite not having any major injuries to key players. I've been able to start the "optimal" lineup for my team every time. Let me be clear: I'm not here to complain. I'm really just curious if anyone else is having or has had a similar experience with their team who follows a similar approach. Whenever there is a chance element, outliers happen, but does anyone think that this year has been particular hard for the FBGs to predict? If so, why do you think that is? I'm tempted to say "Probably not more than usual" since the same approach has me undefeated in another league. I really wish I had data for all FBG predictions going back, and could compare them to actual outcomes. Then it might be possible to pick up on any trends in predictive power and to quantify the probability of such outliers.
  12. The weekly points window doesn't consider the weights. It shows everything raw for all weeks. The weights come into play on the player pool list. I agree that it should work differently, but not by weights since it doesn't really make sense to show a weighted weekly point value. However, I personally set past game opponents to None in my setup, and I do think that should zero out the weekly scores for that week for all players in all views in LD. That would make ranking on Total in certain views line up better with forward expectations.
  13. The week's games have started, so if you're trying to update past week results now, you're going to get that message. You should still be able to update projections though (uncheck the box for past week results).
  14. Same here. They fixed the missing return stats but now defenses are 0 for week 2. Come on, FBG, get it together.