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  1. I'm 4.1 points away from winning my semi-final game, and I have my flex position left, with Kelley or Crowder for options (PPR scoring). With the exception of Dodds, FBG has Kelley with the higher projection (same if I average the three forecasts). At the same time, Crowder has clearly averaged more PPG than Kelley. Given that, FBG commentary seems to contradict the forecasts (I could go on a rant about these kinds of systematic inconsistencies) in that the RB matchup is "Tough" and the WR matchup is "Great". How does a player with a lower average and and a tough matchup get a higher projection...bah. I got this far by rarely second-guessing FBG forecasts, and I'm likely to get the 4.1 points I need either way, but everything seems to point to Crowder being the better bet here, forecasts be damned. Who is the best bet to get me over the line?
  2. Welp, that worked out well.
  3. Bennett if you think you can get him back.
  4. Thanks for chiming in. Hmm, I wasn't even considering dropping Howard, but now that I think about it... This is what frustrates me about FBG sometimes. If you look at the 200 forward, Howard is ranked as my #2 RB, with 11.5 PPG expected. But if you read the FBG commentary, they say "will probably bench him indefinitely." There's often blatant contradictions between the projections and the subjective commentary, and if you aren't paying attention to both, you get a skewed view.
  5. I have Lewis now, but I'm tempted to drop him for Asiata (who I'd start this week ahead of Bernard). Should I? Current team: Cam Newton Lamar Miller Giovani Bernard A.J. Green T.Y. Hilton Travis Kelce Michael Crabtree Patriots Mason Crosby Jarvis Landry, Michael Thomas Tyrell Williams Jordan Howard Dion Lewis Jack Doyle Russell Wilson
  6. Team defensive points are still completely wrong given my rule settings. Beware taking any projections on MyFBG for TD at face value.
  7. PPR, 2 RB/1 Flex, 3-0 record with Miller, Bernard and Ware as other RBs.
  8. The fact that they locked the app related threads and require that you send questions in via email is one thing. But the fact that they haven't responded to a single email I've sent is another.
  9. Wait, so is the gist of this that we aren't supposed to be using the new my.footballguys? I didn't know about this thread and have been using it up until to today. I came in here because I was looking for some explanation for why week 2 wasn't getting any data. Are they abandoning it?
  10. They're probably not updating DD at this point, but you can go into the Settings/Projections and editing the weekly weights for a player. Just make them 1.0 for W1-4.
  11. VBD is only part of the story. DD uses DVBD which considers how much a position drops in value by the time your next pick rolls around, taking into account the starting lineup requirements. See the Best Value Pick window.
  12. You have to click "Set Custom" to save your settings.
  13. No, but it's fairly easy to set up the scoring. It starts out with settings that are close to most leagues. I don't know what Yahoo!'s scoring system is, but it should just take a little adjustment.
  14. I wouldn't do anything differently. Best Ball is nothing but the assumption that you always do the right thing, and DD makes suggestions based on the same assumption.
  15. No that's not what I see in either case. Perhaps you downloaded an old version or haven't updated the projections from last year.