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  1. Do they exist? Hit me up if you have a league spot for me.
  2. Well I was a supporter of Cousins and when he went on that run of putting up big numbers after week 4-5?, I thought THERE, that's the QB we paid for, but all he is, is an average QB. I don't want an average QB. I expect a QB to be drafted in one of the first three rounds this Spring. Burrow, Herbert and Tua will be out of reach for Vikings. Fromm I do not like, doesn't have an NFL arm, so after them it's a crap shoot. I do like a bit Eason from Washington but I'm not a scout
  3. Well, I've been fairly quiet this past year, but reading most of these posts. Zimmer and Spielman have a lot to do in the off-season. I can see Rhodes and Reiff and Joseph gone. Griffin wants to return but at a home town discount? I don't know. They have some promising prospects behind Hunter and Griffin but can you ever have enough pass rushers? Griffin will draw a big contract if cut so I don't see him returning. Rhodes got fat. He looks too big for me. I'm sure after Vikings let him go he'll drop some weight, get a huge contract and be good again, maybe even great but we have to move on from him. Waynes never made me happy so what they'll do with him and McKenzie who knows. Joseph seems injured and or lost his quickness and wasn't as effective as he was a few years ago. O-line, Reiff and Elfein are brutal. If we can't run/get the lead and offense has to play catch up, Vikings are screwed. I hope we can get a LT type with first pick. I'm glad we are making some coaching changes. I assume Kubiak will take over the offense and Zimmer's son the D, with help from dad. Wish the Vikings were coaching one of the college All-Star games. I always felt that those teams' coaches get a huge advantage which help the draft for the following year.
  4. Love this new twist, wish they keep it for every season or most of the future seasons... but how about this goes down as they merge??? Missy is so full of herself.. wonder why she didn't mention to Jeff that this must be the first time two African-American people got voted out? Krishna is useless which brings me to my next point of has a lawyer ever done well on Survivor? I recall some lawyer made it to the final 3 recently but didn't win. They just do not know when to shut up.
  5. VERY much interested in your league, but the draft time period might be an issue. 09-01 but what time would the draft be, ET??
  6. Surprised no one mentioned how rough looking Kat looks without make-up!! lol Sort of reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry dates a gal who looks great under a light but scary looking under a dim light
  7. Patterson from what I remember was a JC transfer who went to Tennessee wasn't it, and he was there for 1 year. Treadwell had 3 years in college and had impressive numbers. Seems to me Patterson was a specimen of an athlete but was very raw. Treadwell to me lacks confidence and unless Diggs or Thielen are injured and miss a lot of time, he'll never shine here, therefore a change of scenery for him is going to happen to him in 2020
  8. Good points. I read somewhere there's a Tackle who played in Atlanta? last year who is a free agent. We were interested in him before the draft and he's still free and apparently most likely a cheaper equal value move for us to potentially make, but who knows Apparently we have just Bradbury and our long-snapping 7th rounder to sign, which is always nice to see everyone (soon I HOPE) under contract.
  9. So if Vikings have to cut someone, I can only think of three guys who would be on the list...… LT Reiff (eek then who plays that position?), RDE Griffen? and TE Rudolph? I hope a few vets take on some cap relief deal so we can fit everyone in.
  10. Thoughts on the draft, in particular the late rounds, love Watts the big DT who can rush the passer inside and Boyd, who was great value later on. I just wonder about the log-jam of CBs we have now. The old saying is you can't have enough CB's. Seems we are setting ourselves up to move away from Rhodes or Waynes next off-season, if not sooner. I re-watched the NFL combine and didn't much out of the 2 WR's we took. Sad to see we didn't upgrade the 3rd WR position as well as upgrade at the Safety position. I guess/hope we'll be looking for players cut to fulfil those roles. I heard some names of the undrafted street free agents we signed, any good words on any of them?