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  1. Heading out of country for 2 weeks. Hope to watch when I get back. Watched 1.0 and had a fantasy team.
  2. Some areas have such an official shortage that these could be 1st year officials. Guess what, they will be inconsistent.
  3. Maybe the officials learned from that play. Do we want consistency or improvement? Different officials have different lines for penalties to cross. We try thru film to be consistent but in our group meetings we could play some of these interference plays and half the room will have foul and half will have no foul.
  4. Absolutely, Just finished a 6 week workout plan before the holidays. Should be on it 4-5 days a week. Looking forward to Tour de Zwift coming up. I have 2 weeks of international travel in February that I will be upset that I won't be able to use it.
  5. 1989/1990 During school year Digital Underground - Sex Packets Janet Jackson - Rhythm Nation Rob Base - The Incredible Base Bell Biv Devoe - Poison Heavy D - Big Tyme
  6. Has anybody purchased a robot mower? Looking for one that is good for hill sides.
  7. Fed tax effective rate was 11% owed $1000 because of withholding changes. I think the previous year was 12%. The last 10 years has been in the 9-12% rate.
  8. Wow, I don't believe he has thought about how that would be officiated. Will he have 2 crews? Or is the crew going to have to run up and down the field?
  9. Would probably ask nicely. If told no, then put it in the neighbors.
  10. If I am on a run, then I look for a close can. If the owner complains, I would tell them that next time I will just leave it on the lawn. If I am on a walk, I will take it home. Both cases, if it is early in the walk and I will pass that spot again. I will leave it in the bag on the ground and pick it up when I return.
  11. Daughter in HS. She says that teachers sometimes ask kids to look things up on their phones. Dress code: not sure, have not had to worry about my prude daughter.
  12. Starting to try and ride a bunch of Zwift. I enjoy it. Did a race yesterday. Plan to do a few workouts the next couple of days. I also use Rouvy when I need to feel like I am on a real ride. I am a wimpy runner/rider. Temperature for running needs to be above 55 and sunny, riding probably above 70. Otherwise I am not going to enjoy it.
  13. I hope this is a joke on this website. How would violence to an official after the game help anything. Soon youth sports may disappear, because there will be no officials. High School JV games in some areas are being cancelled because of lack of officials. Officials are leaving the game because of the abuse from parents, coaches, and fans. I think the NFL/NBA/NCAA/MLB should not fine the coaches and players for their comments on the officiating. But should require them to take the classes and become an official in their local high school leagues. I work NCAA/HS football. Half the coaches do not know the rules of the game.
  14. I hope this is a joke, but unfortunately many parents of 10-12 year old kids are acting like this would be ok.