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  1. also just picked up Mostert, would he be an option?
  2. standard scoring non-ppr c carson j mixon s barkley m gordon t lockett d slayton
  3. standard scoring non-ppr Barkley Gordon Mixon
  4. Carson and Barkley at RB Thomas and Godwin at WR I was leaning towards Chark for the exact reason you stated Travdogg, but then i think, was it a 1 time thing
  5. standard scoring non-ppr chark - hamstring mixon lockett - shin
  6. standard scoring non-ppr WRs are M Thomas, C Godwin, DJ Chark, M Gallup, Thielen, Lockett
  7. I started Jacobs and Gordan Thursday night
  8. non-PPR standard scoring Barkley Carson
  9. I was wondering if anyone has purchased one of these pills from the internet and they actually worked. If so, can you tell me which one please? 52YO male, good health, just needs a little help in bedroom without wife finding out (kind of embarrassing)
  10. I agree, you need to stick with the lineup you have.
  11. standard scoring current QB's are Goff (on bye) and Murray (going against SF) Do I drop Murray and pick up Minshew for this week, or stick with Murray?
  12. non ppr standard scoring Was going to start J Jacobs, but he is questionable with a shoulder other options M Gordon, DJ Chark, C Davis. J Mixon thank you