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  1. standard scoring non-ppr thielen Godwin De Robinson Lockett thank you
  2. Non-PPR standard scoring M Gallup D Westbrook C Godwin
  3. Yes, vet reported back, all healthy
  4. WE feed her 3 cups of Blue Buffalo grain free every day and she loves it, not a picky eater at all no, i add a 1/2 a sweet potato to her meal she appears healthy and has a ton of energy, but she just looks thin will try adding peanut butter
  5. thank you, will try peanutbutter
  6. I have a 1 YO pit mix and she seems to be underweight, her vet also agrees. They suggested a higher carbohydrate food, do you have any suggestions on one? I also read that sweet potatoes help, so I am giving her 1/2 potato 4 days a week, are there any other suggestions? thank you
  7. need to start 2, standard scoring, non-ppr M Thomas B Cooks S Diggs A Jeffery thank you
  8. now Michel is a gametime decision so I am leaning towards putting Johnson back in, thinking the Pats will use short passes with White as their running game
  9. thank you I have tried for a WR trade, but no luck yet I have Thomas, Cooks, Evans, Diggs, Ridley, Jeffery
  10. standard scoring non-ppr Da Johnson K Hunt J Mixon s Michel
  11. standard scoring non-ppr S Diggs J Mixon thank you
  12. mkripke


    standard scoring non-ppr Da Johnson K Hunt thank you