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  1. Thats not really a fair comparison. 2004 was Bollers 2nd season, he started 9 games in 2003. By the end of 2004 (with 25 starts), his career yards per attempt was a mere 5.6, 20 TDs, 20 Ints. In that case, the handwriting was on the wall. Flacco's stat line is much more impressive with a 6.9 YA and if you look at the splits you see marked improvement in the 2nd half of the season: - 1st half 6.5 YA, 5 TDs, 7 Ints - 2nd half 7.2 YA, 9 TDs, 5 IntsI think he's going to make it and be a solid top 10 QB in the NFL.
  2. When the trading gates opened, I had two offers (different owners) for Pierre Thomas within hours. They are lowballing but the offers are there.
  3. Downloaded & enjoying. A fantastic gift. Thank you!
  4. Hi Jeff, Below is one of my dynasty teams. It is a 14 team league, 24 man rosters. We are allowed to roster one college player, which we are allowed to pick as part of our rookie draft. Scoring is 6 pts all TDs, rush/rec = 1/10yd, passing = 1/25 yd, -3 int or FL. Lineup requirements are QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, PK & Def, Flex (RB, WR or TE). The league consists of all FBGs (its competitive). I've effectively managed this team into the ground. I'm likely heading to a bottom 3 finish this year and don't see a whole lot of upside for 2009. I'm thinking of doing a total rebuild. I've never done one. Do you think I should? If so, what advice would you give (trade timing, salvagable parts, etc)? Delhomme, Jake CAR QB Edwards, Trent BUF QB Garrard, David JAC QB Alexander, Shaun FA* RB Charles, Jamaal KCC RB ® Graham, Earnest TBB RB Hightower, Tim ARI RB ® Morris, Maurice SEA RB - Out Torain, Ryan DEN RB ® - Out Williams, Carnell TBB RB - Out Williams, Ricky MIA RB Breaston, Steve ARI WR Colston, Marques NOS WR - Out Driver, Donald GBP WR Henderson, Devery NOS WR Jackson, Chad FA* WR Robinson, Laurent ATL WR Thomas, Devin WAS WR ® Walker, Mike JAC WR Shockey, Jeremy NOS TE Akers, David PHI PK Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def College Player - Stafon Johnson 2009 Draft picks 1, 2, 3, 4 all intact. TIA!
  5. I'll throw in my two cents on VY. He certainly is a bi-polar topic, there is very little middle ground. This season was obviously disappointing. I remain on the optimistic side, here is why: 1) I watched him first hand, progress as a passer in college. I know college is an easier gig than the NFL, but my point is that by his last season at Texas, I was confident with Vince passing the ball. I couldn't say that about him prior to the 2005 season, in fact the opposite, I cringed everytime he dropped back and threw the ball. In 2005, he passed for 3000+ yards, 9.34 YPA, 26 TDs with only 10 Ints, in addition, he ran for 1000+ and 12 TDs. It took him 4 years to reach that point of dual threat mastery at the NCAA level (redshirt frosh plus 3 years). When he got there, when the light bulb turned on, he was a man amongst boys and it was obvious. Randall Cunningham (5 years as FF QB #1, 2 or 3) & Steve Young (4 years of FF QB #1) achieved that dual threat pinnacle in the NFL and I believe that VY has the atheletic ability to do the same. We saw more glimpses in his rookie year with Drew Bennett & Brandon Jones as the WRs (not great but better than this year), which leads to my next point. 2) I know it seems like a worn out excuse, but VY really didn't have any WR threats this year. Someone posted earlier about the dropped TD passes and that is very accurate. I watched every Titans game this year and it was heartbreaking to watch. The key to Vince Youngs value is his ability/threat to run. In order for the Titans to maximize that threat, they need a WR or two who can stretch the defense and open lanes. That doesn't mean VY has to run, but if defenses are going to dedicate an LB or safety to spy on Young, he has got to make them pay through the air. That didn't happen this year and hence the crux of most VY debates, is that failure on Young or is it the WRs? I'm betting that its not Young. TENN proved this year that without a WR threat, Vince Young is a below average QB. I sure would like to see TENN test the other side of the equation in 2008.
  6. I think he should be in your Top 120 Tier. I haven't seen Forte or Torain enough to compare, but I think I'd put him ahead of Choice and Hart right now.Do you guys see QBs Brohm, Woodson & Ryan as all 1st rounders?
  7. SSOG, I really like this "rule of thumb" strategy for QBs combined with some other statistics like YPA & TD:INT ratio. Do you have similar takes on evaluating RBs & WRs?
  8. There's been good talk on this thread about making quick judgments about talent and acting quickly. I am close to deciding that Jackson is going to fail. This largely based on the Lewin Forecast System in Football Prospectus/Football Outsiders. Jackson doesn't forecast well because of very poor completion percentage in college and very few starts. 61% in his senior year of college, and 58% in his first year starting (68% in the 2nd half after coming back from injuries).The reason I've been slightly higher on Tarvaris Jackson in the past is because of his running ability. If you can run, you don't have to be even an average NFL QB to gain fantasy value.The reason I've soured on him over the past couple of weeks is because it should be glaringly obvious to Brad Childress that he has a contending window provided by his defense and running game, and he can't afford to be wasting contending opportunities on a raw mistake-prone QB while guys like Pennington and McNabb may be available. Unless, of course, he wants to follow the Lovie Smith model of how to blow your window of opportunity by having your QB hold the team hostage.I think this is pretty accurate. The Vikings are alot further along than many thought at the beginning of the year. The time for them to capitalize is now. Their glaring weakness is QB. Unfortunately for TJ, the only thing he proved this year is that he needs a couple more years of development. Thats not saying he's a turd. He just isn't ready for prime time right now.
  9. This jives with the Florio report and BusMan's evaluation. It also backs up what I said leading up to the NFL draft: I don't if Troy Smith will make it in the NFL, but I do know he's up there with guys like Shane Battier and Byron Leftwich as the best leaders I've seen in college athletics over the past 10 seasons. It remains to be seen if his talent is NFL caliber, but it's nice to know his "intangibles" translate to the next level. Thanks for the talk and insight on Troy Smith. I grabbed him off waivers in week 10 or 11 to stash on my bench for next year. I watched him play in Austin last year and was very impressed, granted it was college, but he shredded a star studded Texas secondary. He has a very strong arm and he was elusive, not so much as a runner (he is a threat), but he moved well in the pocket. I also remember reading several articles (leading up to the OSU/TX game) about his leadership with a big emphasis on his competitive nature. Not that any of that will make him an NFL QB, but I think the fact he energized his team speaks volumes.
  10. I love that comparison. So, is Derek overated or is Jake underrated?
  11. OK, full disclosure time. Where did you have Moss at this time last season? I had him between 15-20, and I know I was higher on him than 95% of this board. Why do I get the feeling the "guys it's ok to have favorite players" line would have been used against me last year: i.e. he's a dog, he takes plays off, he's constantly bothered by nagging injuries, he's lost a step or three, he's not as explosive as he once was, he's a horrible teammate and a coach-killer, he's always a chance for suspension or arrest, etc. It's OK to have favorite players, but I'm sure I would have been out of my mind to rank Moss so highly. Value can change in a hurry. If he stays in New England, then of course he's the #1 dynasty WR. Still, I agree with EBF that it's a little silly to expect another 20 TD season even if does stay with the Pats. And you're severely undervaluing Larry Fitzgerald. If that trade would get vetoed in your league, it's time to find a new league.In my redraft league Randy went 16th WR, Fitz went 7th WR.
  12. In the end, it is the perceived value of the owner you are trading with that matters. I mentioned Roeth & Cutler because they seemed to fit the "upgrade" description based on the post. If Romo has the lowest percieved value, then by all means, I would go get Romo at a discount versus the other guys. Romo sure looks like a bonafide QB for the next several years.Lastly, I wouldn't worry about TO at all, of all WRs in the game, not many are in better shape than TO. He probably has at least 3 to 4 years of high production left in him. If he doesn't or gets injured, I don't think Jerry Jones will sit idle without acquiring a weapon.
  13. I think Roethlisberger and/or Cutler might fit this. Both have emerging #1 young WRs in Holmes & Marshall, both have good pedigree. I would say percieved value right now would be Romo > Big Ben > Cutler, this will widen if Romo leads Dallas to the superbowl. However, as we know that rank order could completely change next year. Some people didn't foresee Romo as top 10 this year, let alone top 5.
  14. Wow, its amazing the diversity of valuation, which is why it is percieved value that is so critical to understand in this crazy FF game. I would take Stanton or ASmith in a heartbeat over Grossman. I dropped Grossman from my dynasty team after week 3. He has zero dynasty value IMO.Stanton had injury issues in college, then went out and got injured and IR'd his first year. Not to mention the fact that frankly he wasn't a particularly good college QB. A very solid junior season followed by an awful senior campaign. There are plenty of examples of 2nd/3rd Round QBs that frankly never amount to anything. At this point, it's more likely than not (imho) that Stanton is one of those QBs.I like Alex Smith a good deal, but after making progress his 2nd year, injuries and poor play have clouded his value. I'd take him over Rex because he is still 23 and SF has a lot at stake with him. Grossman has ZERO dynasty value? Really? Did you not play fantasy football last year? For as bad as he was at times, he still had SEVEN games with 100+ QB rating in his first-year as starter. 23 TDs and qb13 in my league, and is still 27 and currently starting in the NFL. And frankly, his year last year was better than Smith and most likely better than any year Stanton will ever have. OK, zero might be a bit harsh, but lets just say I don't want Rex on my dynasty team. I'm guessing most of his 100+ passer rating games came in the first half of last year. That was before defenses figured out that you could blitz and watch him fade like a cheap shirt. Honestly, I chose to roster Troy Smith over Rex Grossman. I'll take my chances with a young project with the odds against him succeeding versus Grossman who looks too much like Tim Couch and Joey Harrington to me. In all of this, its interesting to see how percieved values differ.