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  1. Thanks @gianmarco a few updates since then. I was laid off a couple of weeks ago due to Covid 19. Was not a total surprise. May be the very best thing for me. Within a few days my chest pain disappeared. Don’t know if I will just retire or try to get a less stressful job even at a reduced salary. For now enjoying a lot more time with my dogs. Working on getting my mileage back up. Hoping to get my most weekly miles ever this week. Been enjoying watching all of the back and forth on the 5k and 10k races. Can’t wait to see the mile results 😀
  2. Sorry I am not up to this challenge you are planning. A year ago I would have been all over it but a lot has happened in the meantime. First I hurt myself moving some furniture in June which sidelined me for two months. Unfortunately during that time work started stressing me out big time with a number of episodes of chest pain. Finally in December with it not going away finally decided to see the doctor but they wanted me to go straight to the ER. I thought that was overkill but went as they suggested. After a ton of tests they all came back fine. Expectation is it is just work stress. They wanted me to take some pills which I don’t want to do. I have tried to handle things better but still have chest issues I can’t explain. I am not convinced it is all work stress. While all of this was going on I gained back all the weight I had lost when I started running again a few years ago and most of my fitness. I would be scared to try and push myself right now. I was actually a few weeks from retiring a year early to focus on my health when the stock market tanked. May still be able to do so when we finally find out what is the bottom. I’m the meantime I started running outside again instead of at my gym and working from home is allowing me to run at lunch or after work in nicer weather so loving that. I am hoping that by fall I can get back some semblance of fitness. At least I am out there again. For awhile I could just not get motivated. So good luck with the challenge. I will be watching from afar. Looking forward to when things get back to normal for all of us and we can be participating in some real races again and hopefully come thru all of this healthy for ourselves, family, and friends.
  3. I am curious as well. Would Peterson be covering him all the time? If not I’d like to play him but if he is I’ll probably stay away.
  4. Hey Sig, going forward in a .5 PPR league I have Brieda and E Sanders but could drop one for Ross. Which two would you take? thanks in advance
  5. Congratulations @BassNBrew. Amazing job. You did in a little over a day what would be my best month ever. Mad props to you!
  6. Well my 10K was a mixed bag. I did run slightly faster than last year but expected to do much better. I could not keep my pace steady to save my life. I really need to get in some fast running outside rather than just the treadmill so I will look to change things up starting this week. I will get my mileage back to about 24 miles a week which is good for me. It was a fun day. Glad I did it and good to know where I stand. Just have to keep pressing onward. Congrats Juxtarot to both you and your mom 😀
  7. Well the 10k I have been targeting for a year is this Saturday. I had hoped to be in slightly better condition but all in all I think about as good as I could have done. Have been very lucky not to get sick nor have any major ailments to slow down training. My lower back started bothering me last week after my 8 mile run so I had to change my plan this week but you do what you can. Seeing all of your efforts listed both here and on strava help with motivation. A whole lot of mornings I did not want to get up at 4:00 and go for a run but made myself do it. I can’t even imagine running in the conditions so many of you do. Keep up the awesome work everyone 😀
  8. If you could have pulled that off it would surely have put you into the BMF Hall of Fame 😀
  9. Thanks. Feel like I have a good base now with every week 20 - 25 miles except the week I did my 5k race. Had my most ever miles in a week two weeks ago and should beat that this week.
  10. Two months into the year I feel like I am on track so far. Have increased my mileage by 37% over this time last year. Also feels like I am finally making some progress on bringing down my times. I think last year I overdid it either trying to increase mileage and speed at the same time or trying to increase speed too fast. The 10k I have been aiming for is two weeks out so will find out soon. Whatever happens I have to keep up the running. I think I got disillusioned after a race in April last year and let my mileage suffer for 2.5 months. Not gonna let that happen again
  11. I use one of Emeril’s chicken and sausage gumbo recipes. Use peanut oil at 1 to 1 ratio with flour. Have never heard of cooking roux for 2 hours. Miner is done in less than 20 minutes stirring like crazy to keep from burning it. Always like it better the next day when the flavor deepens.
  12. Okay I said I would get in here more as part of my yearly goals so let's do it! Gianmarco I see you are having second thoughts about signing up for that HM which is coming up. I can only add for myself that doing some races between my target races is what is helping get me out there and running as consistently as I have the past five weeks. Last year I had 5 months between my last fall race and the one in the spring and I let my conditioning go because too many mornings I just did not want to exercise and it was easy to push it off. This year I potentially have 1.5 months between races so it has been easier to get myself going. That being said, I am hoping to do this race next Sunday. It is only a 5K but I wanted something to keep me motivated, measure where I am at, but not be too hard on my conditioning as it is six weeks before my 10K race. I have not signed up yet as have been waiting to get an idea what the weather will be like. I have never had to run in the rain before and 45% and rainy is not my idea of fun (plus I don't want to get sick and derail my March race). I did go out and buy myself a throwaway light poncho today. I have a feeling I will sign up in the next few days and do the race unless it is raining cats and dogs. As to my results so far in what I want to accomplish I really have no clue where I am at. I have been stuck at a certain pace so I was trying something different to get my speed up. Instead of doing true intervals I started doing half mile at a faster speed and a half mile slower, increased speed over a couple of weeks and then started trying to do more distances (.6 mile then .7 mile) at the faster speed while doing less on the slower (.4 and .3) with the plan to work it done to 100% faster. Couple weeks ago feels like I hit a brick wall and my legs just don't want to go fast for much of any distance. I backed off a little on speed and going to try backing off just a little more this week as maybe I just pushed too far. So we will see how it goes. That is partly why I want to do this race as I need to see what I can do in competition. Then next week figure out my plan for those last weeks heading into my 10K. Lastly, thanks everyone for contributing so much to this thread. It helps keep me motivated seeing all of the efforts each of you are putting into it and all of your support for each other.
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I agree totally. I work too hard to give it away with the extra drinking. Just signed up for that race again in March and found a few others in the spring that I am most likely doing as well. Weather permitting doing a 5K on Super Bowl Sunday morning which will be six weeks out from my 10K. Should be a good measure of how I am doing and help keep me motivated as well.